Iris Impressions

22 Oct 2015

NaNoJouMo – The 15 Mins Edition

You’ve all heard of NaNoWriMo right? It’s where you challenge yourself to write a certain amount of words every day for the month of November with the objective of having a rough draft of a novel written. Doneski. In the bag. Some people grow a moustache for November, but I thought it’d be much more fun to grow a journal! Cue NaNoJouMo! Journaling every day for 30 days during November. I’ve been wanting to set myself an art challenge recently. […]

19 Oct 2015
Start To Finish Blog Series

Start To Finish – Rabbit Wants To Be A Cat – Art Journal Page Walkthrough

Start To Finish is an ongoing series in which I share the progress on a painting from start to finish and I tell you what I did in each step. Please drop me a line or a comment if you decide to follow along and don’t mind sharing, as I’d love to see! Click here to view all posts in this series. I haven’t done one of these in a while, as usually I forget to take pictures while I’m […]

15 Oct 2015

I Fell Into The Moon – Art Journal Video

I made a new art tutorial video for you! Watch me create an art journal spread from start to finish including building up the background, sketching & painting a face and finishing it all up with interesting elements and doodles. Scroll down for a full supply list. If you enjoyed this video please feel free to share it with your creative friends! Supplies Used Craft paints (various pinks, blue, turquoise & black) Ranger Archival stamp pad in black Music stamp […]

08 Oct 2015

5 Tips To Develop Your Unique Art Style

Ask any starting artist and this is pretty much the holy grail, the thing they’re looking for, the elusive concept, the thing that excites them and the thing that makes them despair….: Developing your own style I’ve been doing this art thing fairly seriously now for 2 years, and I still struggle with this on a daily basis. I can see glimpses sometimes and other times I’m like an impatient child stomping their feet: WHEN is it FINALLY going to […]

04 Oct 2015

Let’s Face It Giveaway!

Hello my lovely blog readers! Do you want to draw and paint faces? (But maybe feel a bit intimidated??)….. keep reading! I am so excited to announce that I am going to be a part of a brand new, awesome online course titled “Let’s Face It”. LET’S FACE IT is a course created and hosted by Kara Bullock from Kara Bullock Art. This course is for anyone that wants to practice creating faces and portraits, but is especially designed for […]

01 Oct 2015

Seawhite of Brighton Journals – Art Journal Reviews

It is not a secret that I love art journals and can never have enough. So in this series I am reviewing all the art journals that I have used over the years. Some are firm favourites that I buy again and again, some have their quirks and some are straight up don’t-buys. Keep reading to find out more about: Seawhite of Brighton Sketchbooks & Journals Seawhite of Brighton is a brand that encapsulates a range of art supplies. They […]

28 Sep 2015

Radiant Lesson Sneak Peek

T minus 3 days until we start with Radiant Art Journals! I’m joining a team of such amazing artists (seriously, I’m pinching myself!) to bring you an online course that will help you explore the yumminess that is art journaling. You’re going to learn tons of techniques, be inspired by a host of different teachers and styles and get oodles of encouragement! I’ve put together a short video in which you can see what to expect from my lesson: I’m […]

24 Sep 2015

5 Reasons You’re Not Happy With Your Art Journal Pages

photo credit: Broken Flowers via photopin (license) I know very well what it’s like to want to do art, but every time you sit down and do it, you’re feeling crappy about the result. It’s really inhibiting and it might even stop you from creating next time. I don’t want that for you (or for myself)! So here are some insights that might help you understand why this happens and what you can do to change it. 1. You need […]

21 Sep 2015

Interview with Effy Wild – Radiant Art Journals Teacher Interviews

This blog post concludes the series of Radiant Interviews and what an awesome interview to end on: with Effy Wild the organiser and host of Radiant Art Journals! Tell us in one sentence what it is you do? I champion the Inner Artist. What is your favourite colour palette? Cobalt Teal, Green Gold, Quinacrodone Magenta. What is your (current) favourite art supply? Acrylics paint! When I think of you, the word authentic immediately comes to mind. What does authenticity mean […]

14 Sep 2015

Interview with Jeanette Montero – Radiant Art Journals Teacher Interviews

Let me present to you an interview with the wonderful Jeanette Montero! Tell us in one sentence what it is you do? I am a mixed media artist and art supply junkie. What is your favourite colour palette? Warm colors – red-orange-yellow What is your (current) favourite art supply? That’s a tough question for an art supply junkie but overall I’d have to say the one art supply I can’t give up is gesso. It’s a base coat, a glue, […]