Iris Impressions

I bought this domain about a year ago (on 26 March 2007). It was supposed to house my photography initiative (where I would take pictures and try to build up a portfolio or something) but then it just sat here because I got busy with stuff like work.

Now I will try to use this as my creative outlet. Anything and everything will go here. Sketches, photos, writing, thoughts, anger, happiness.

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  1. Yay, it’s here! =D

    Iris: Indeed it is!! WOOHOO!!

  2. Oh… Your blog used to be nice, but now it’s spoiled. Stop posting trash like that or stop posting at all.

    Iris: You could do with a bit more acceptance and a little bit less hate. Why post nasty comments if you could choose not to post at all?

  3. potential blogger says:

    Hahahaha..’observations & creations but never clarifications’

    Me like.

    Can I use this expression for my future website please? It’s so me. I have so many opinions and ideas, but when someone challenges I have no way to defend them or back them up. But (uniquely to me on this Planet), I just reaffirm them even more. Proudly.

    Maybe I’m stubborn or worse still, narcissistic. Actually I know I am. But I’ll live with it.

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