Hope & Joy Finished Painting

It’s been sitting on my desk for a few days, awaiting beeswax and I still need to paint the sides.

I scanned it this time, rather than taking a picture of it and the colours are soooo much better this way. The only thing is, that scanning it in three parts and putting it back together in Photoshop is worse than having your foot run over by a truck.

Painting is kind of like knitting (ya, rly). The actual process is fun, but then afterwards there are certain things you need to do to ‘finish’ it (like getting rid of yarn ends *shudders*) and those are just demotivating and result in having your painting sit on your desk for a week or your knitting forgotten in a bag somewhere.

Anyway, I’m totally babbling because I was waiting for the photos to upload.

Hope & Joy

Hope & Joy - close-up of face

Hope & Joy - detail of cat

Hope & Joy - detail of cat

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  1. very super awesome i! i love the colour scheme and all the details and the cats and yay! 🙂 (post to ning!!!) x

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