Hope & Joy WIP

Hope & Joy WIP, originally uploaded by rrreow.

Painting this for my aunt. She has two cats called Hope & Joy. Her birthday was earlier this week so I’m a bit behind schedule but I’m hoping she’ll like it enough to see past that =p

I’m really enjoying working on this so far. Working bigger than usual, which is actually a lot easier (I know Tam, you told me that!)! Working bigger I’m not so frustrated with my brushes not doing what I want because the margin of error is much bigger and I’m finally getting to grips with mixing acrylic paints and glaze to get a nice texture that I like working with.

The right cat looks a bit messy and I wish I’d done better on that, but I really struggled with the pattern of its coat (based on what the cat looks like in real life). However I’m VERY pleased with how the one on the left turned out. Also pleased with the girl’s face and her hair. All in all having a very good feeling about this and that’s quite rare for me to feel about my art!

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  1. i looooove this painting! 😀 makes me happy to think you’re doing a painting you like, yay! hey, you gotta upload it to ning yes? :)) xoxo

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