IKEA & a Kitten

Time for an update about My Life™

Yesterday was an exciting yet frustrating day. We had taken the day off work to go IKEA shopping to get some bits and pieces for our new flat. Oh yeah, forgot to mention (although I’ve Twittered about it), we moved to a new flat! It’s gorgeous and spacious and it’s soooo nice to not be sharing anymore (our flatmates were nice, but when you’re married it should really be time to think about your own place, right?!).

Anyway, like I mentioned a while back, money has been tight and obviously there are costs involved with moving too, so we are trying to budget a lot and trying to be really careful with what we spend money on. Sooo we went to IKEA to buy some stuff, arrived back in the car park afterwards and noticed someone had tried to break into our hired van. NOT NICE. They didn’t manage to get into the van (even if they did, it was completely empty anyway) but they broke the lock, for which the rental company is now trying to charge us an exorbitant sum.

I’m feeling quite angry and sad about it. Obviously glad we had nothing in the van that could’ve been stolen, but I’m just so angry that the illegal actions of some thoughtless individual(s) can really impact our financial situation like that. Especially seeing as we’ve been agonising over every single purchase we make (from what groceries we buy to putting stuff back at IKEA because we didn’t really need them) and really cutting back on a lot of little luxuries you might usually take for granted (like having an occasional coffee at Starbucks, getting a take-away, buying books or DVDs). And then just BOOM, through something not our fault all that care we took is just obliterated by a several hundred pound bill.

Anyway, having got that off my chest, right now we’re just focussing on work a lot, as complaining about the situation isn’t going to make it better; making money is. Although I find that a bit saddening too. I don’t want my life to revolve around money, but sadly that’s how it is at the moment.

The much more exciting part about yesterday was that we went to look at some kittens! I’ve literally wanted a cat since I was about 4 years old, so now, approx 20 years later it is finally going to happen! We picked out an adorable little female kitten and she will be ready for us to pick up in about a month’s time. I’m incredibly excited!!! I’ll hopefully get some pictures from the breeder soon, so I’ll be able to post those.

We moved about 1.5 weeks ago now, but stuff is still in boxes. However, now that we’ve sorted out the final pieces of furniture we can finally unpack all the rest of our stuff (mainly books & DVDs) and really finish everything off. It’ll be nice to have our whole home ‘completed’. Especially since lots of our stuff has been in storage for about a year (due to the tiny size of our previous flat/room), so I’m really excited about putting the bookcases together and putting my books on the shelves. Once that’s all been done I’ll do a picture or video update of the flat!

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  1. yay for a kitten! 🙂 great to read an update on your life. very annoying indeed how people can just impact your life in such ways! :S luckily nothing was stolen!! good luck with getting the house together! 🙂 x

  2. aw, I got a kitten when I moved into my own place and she keeps me company since I live alone. That’s great that nothing was in the van at the time, sucks that some people ruin stuff for others tho.

  3. I think a lot of us are budgeting as tightly as you guys are, AND having unexpected things happen. At least we have a place to live and some food — and a kitten! YAY!

  4. I’m definitely grateful for my place to live. Especially having just moved and now experiencing the joys of having our own place. It’s very positive and uplifting!

  5. Hi, I am Pedro and I used to visit your previous sites some time ago. Now I have some more free time I am recovering the habbit of taking a glance to interesting people, I hope that will help me in opening my own site. Would it disturb you if I left some comments here when I got something interesting to share?. Related to the van “affair”, in past times, when people were caught red handed trying to steal something they used to cut them off the hands. We were much wiser before. Thank you from reading. Ciao.

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