My son Jupiter was born on 8 May 2011! I was induced 2 weeks early due to a pregnancy related medical condition. Apart from the induction I had a natural labour & birth which lasted all of 1.5 hours (I know you’re jealous. Or if you’ve never given birth you probably have no idea what this means).

He is absolutely amazing and I am loving it! I know you’re kind of supposed to say that, and sure there are things that aren’t easy (breastfeeding for one) but overall it’s just so enjoyable. I really feel very fulfilled and like I have a new purpose.

Between taking care of Jupiter and working part time and THE LAUNDRY I have very little time, so rather than writing more I will just say it with pictures!

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  1. Congratulations!!!!!!

  2. He’s beautiful love! 😀

  3. Congratulations Iris! Lovely to see the photos. And thanks for finding a moment to stop by my blog and leave a comment – I’m sure you don’t have heaps of spare time! 🙂

  4. He is positively adorable!!

  5. Congratulations. Beautiful baby xx

  6. OMG he is absolutely adorable! I came upon your website from youtube. I love your videos and art work.

  7. Sweet boy, sweet mama. Congratulations!!

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