Lunchtime babble (and lunch)

I’d just like to share with you this little bit of awesomeness. It is… our breadmaker! Also, if you’re on a budget like us it provides a very cheap alternative to buying bread or prepackaged sandwiches. It tastes great too! The bread, that is, not the breadmaker.


Home Made Bread

This is just a regular ol’ white loaf, but you can pretty much make anything. Fruit bread (my favourite), milk, wholemeal, cheese & onion, olive etc. We haven’t tried it yet but it can also make pizza dough which saves getting your hands dirty.

Oh and lunch:


If you’re wondering what’s on the right one, that’s strawberry jam and mild cheddar. The standard reaction I have got for that for years has been ‘ewww’ but try it, because you’ll get hooked just like all the others =p

In other news, I’m relaxing on my lunchbreak by watching some Buffy the Vampire Slayer and going out later to view a flat.

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