NaNoJouMo – The 15 Mins Edition

You’ve all heard of NaNoWriMo right? It’s where you challenge yourself to write a certain amount of words every day for the month of November with the objective of having a rough draft of a novel written. Doneski. In the bag.

Some people grow a moustache for November, but I thought it’d be much more fun to grow a journal! Cue NaNoJouMo! Journaling every day for 30 days during November.

I’ve been wanting to set myself an art challenge recently. A challenge with the objectives of: creating more art, developing my style and loosening up. So let me present to you my NaNoJouMo twist: The 15 Mins Edition.

NaNoJouMo The 15 Mins Edition | iris-impressions.com

Every day I’m going to be taking 15 minutes out of my schedule (I’m a mum of 2 boys and I have a full-time job – but I think even I can do 15 minutes!) to art journal. But I’m not just going to journal randomly, I’m going to FINISH a page/spread in that time.

No sitting around trying to achieve perfection, no leeway for creating a certain outcome. Just me, my journal, my art supplies, a 15 minute timer and my creativity on speed! WOOHOO!!

So who’s with me? I’ll be posting my finished art every day on Instagram and Facebook using hashtag #15minsnanojoumo. You can join the Facebook group here to post your art.

I’m hoping to kick start my own creativity (and hopefully yours!), get out of perfection & overthinking mode, work quickly & intuitively and basically have LOTS OF FUN! Yay! Can’t wait till 1 November 2015!

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8 thoughts on “NaNoJouMo – The 15 Mins Edition”

  1. Hi Iris! I support you all the way. As you may know I am on a similar -though slightly longer – journey. It’s great to give yourself a challenge like that. And finish within a short period of time. Good for you! And if anything it will set you new challenges around finishing, pushing through when you don’t feel like it and so on. But you’ll always know: tomorrow there’s another day! I will be following your progress! xoxo

  2. Aha! This sounds interesting, challenging and scary for me, all at the same time! Making an art journal page in 15 minutes???!! It sounds impossible for me! I rarely to never make a complete art journal page in one day! I usually start with the background, that’s the easy part, maybe add a little something on it and then….BANG! I don’t know what else to add so I leave it waiting and waiting until I find something else to add, and this goes on for even months! And I hate that but I haven’t found an other way…I’m also quite miserable with my art-supplies, meaning that I have to carefully clean everything to not destroy it! Ok, I have to take care of them as I can’t afford buying them everyday but this takes time. Maybe I should take this challenge. I have to get rid of all these obstacles and create as free as it can be. Well, I’m going to prepare a journal, I’ll try this one! I’m with you, Iris!

  3. Sounds very do-able Iris, so I’m in. One of the biggest obstacles I have is thinking I need to spend hours and hours on one page (no perfection expectations here, lol!), and because of that I often never even start. That leads to so much frustration. I think this challenge will help me a lot. Thanks – see you on Nov. 1st!

  4. […] 15minsNanoJouMo is officially over! I did pretty well – I wrote 23 days out of 30, and 4 of the days I skipped were the long Thanksgiving weekend. I could not seem to find a quiet moment to myself. I did write on the last day – Monday, November 30th – and during that writing segment, I found my 2016 Word of the Year. Or, I should say, it found me. […]

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