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Hey there! So you’re new to my website and would like to know a bit more and where to start digging into the content I’ve created?

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Who Am I?

IirsI’m Iris, a mixed media artist, art journaler and general creative type! I live in London (UK) with my husband, 2 lovely boys and my crazy cat.

What Is This Site About?

I love to make art, especially art journaling. I often have lots of thinkie thoughts around being blocked, what makes you an artist, how can I keep creating etc, and sharing those thoughts with the world is what underpins this website. My site is a mix of inspirational articles, content to help you get past your blocks, photos of completed and in-progress artwork, tutorials, techniques & videos. I also like teaching art so you will find links here to classes I teach and my own art course website.

I invite you to pick & choose what helps you the most!

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Most Popular & Helpful Articles

Am I An Artist?
Read this article if like me you suffer from ‘not good enough-itis’ or if you worry that ‘artist’ is a title reserved for other people

Stop Calling Me Talented
Read this article if you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t do something because you ‘weren’t talented’.

Deserving To Do Art
Read this article if you find it hard to do art because you feel you’re not very ‘good’ yet.

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