Pirate Girl

Pirate Girl, originally uploaded by rrreow.

ARRRRRR!! I am quite pleased with this one, apart from of course the mandatory acerbic self criticism and doubt that plagues me. *sigh*

No I actually like this piece, I just feel a bit crappy (and that taints my whole view of the world and everything in it) because I was sketching some faces and they didn’t come out very well.

I’m pleased with the way the skin turned out (this was done pre Suzi Blu’s class, so I feel quite proud) and the parrot. And I love the colour of the background. I feel like I could’ve improved on the layering on the background though, it all looks rather flat.

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  1. i think shes cute and the background makes me ~dream~ of the sea… hmmmmm lovely X:-)

  2. Hi Iris!

    I am starting a blog-wide candle vigil for Vicki from Nolly Posh blog in honor of her and in support of her surgery this 9-11. Please come to my blog and click on the candle and add one to your blog too.

    Peace & Love.

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