Radiant Art Journals eCourse Giveaway!

I love giving stuff away! It’s such an awesome perk of teaching art online!

On 1 October Radiant II: Art Journals launches. This course will give you a mixed media buffet of lessons by 15 awesome teachers plus Effy Wild’s take on each lesson.

This course is for you if:

  • you want to learn more about art journaling
  • you are ready to dig deeper
  • you want to develop yourself and your art in a safe place
  • you’re looking for a warm and supportive art tribe

The course will be totally beginner friendly with super in-depth video tutorials, PDF walkthroughs and Effy working alongside you going through the lessons.

I’m sooooo excited! I hope you are too!

Expression Over Perfection

I can’t wait to share my lesson with you. My lesson consists of three short warmup exercises and a long in-depth lesson. I’m sharing all my thoughts, techniques and tips with you to help you create freely.

I’m going to show you how to create from the point of view of pure expression and joy of the process. We’re going to leave behind perfectionism and really connect with that which is within ourselves that needs to come out.

There’ll be lots of smooshing, brayering, grunge, neon, letting go, digging in, trusting yourself, oh and of course: yummy art supplies!

You can register your place here

Expression Over Perfection | Radiant Art Journals Lesson | http://tinyurl.com/irisradiant2

Filming some warmup lessons for Radiant II!!! http://tinyurl.com/irisradiant2 We're going to access our true selves through messy intuitive art! Can't wait! #mixedmedia #intuitiveart #radiant2 #irisimpressionsart


I can’t wait to share this journey with you and I’m thrilled to be able to give away a free spot on the course! To enter please:

1. Make sure you’re signed up to my mailing list
2. Leave a comment below letting me know what art journaling means to you

Giveaway closes on 21 September. Giveaway winner will be contacted by email, so please make sure you check your email address.

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  1. Hi Iris!

    Art is so therapeutic for me!! It is one of the only things in my life that really helps me to destress. Art allows me a chance to share all of the emotions I am feeling. It helps me to let go and just be. I need art and art needs me. Would love to win a spot in Radiant!!

  2. I have just started art journaling. I like it because it’s a safe place to work and play without any judgement.

  3. Rosalind Whitesides says:

    Journally has “allowed” me to try new things and to step outside my comfort zone. I am learning so much about art techniques and myself.

  4. Susanne Schlichting says:

    Hi Iris,
    I need to play in my journal like I need to eat and to drink…. There I can really be “me”, I ´m a little bit shy and so I can create and try to become the artist I wish to be without the pressure to be judged by anyone.

  5. Art journaling has been helping me work through grief after losing one of my adult children in December. I especially need the layers…it seems that with every layer, i can leave a little thought or memory, a feeling that i need to work through….i started art journaling in January at the urging of a friend. Without it, i would be a mess right now. I would love to win a seat in Effy’s Radiant Class, her classes have been among my favourites so far. My husband has been out of work since March and there just isn’t extra for classes right now. (so hoping this changes soon LOL)

  6. My art journal is a space to play freely, to try out things, mess it up, gesso over and try again. Occasionally it’s great to work through some emotions – both happy and unhappy. I love to work on more than one at a time. So you can imagine that art journal class will be inspiring. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. Art journaling has been my saviour in the last few years. When I started art journaling I found I could pour my heart out on the page both in words and in colour. I feel so much joy and happiness in creating whether I like the end product or not. I am really wanting to take my art journaling to the next level and would love the opportunity to learn from so many talented, inspiring and amazing artists. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us all <3

  8. Art journaling has been a safe place for me to just experiment and express myself without thinking too much of what works and what doesn’t. Through art journaling, I discovered that I can do more and that paved the way to license some of my pages to make into handmade paper products. I cannot be thankful enough for all the benefits of art journaling. ? Thanks for the opportunity to join your class.

  9. Art in general has saved me! I started out with Zentangle and I totally love it. But recently I found art journaling and I feel like a different person! I can express myself they art! Whatever goes and considering I do not like rules- seems perfect! I left my corporate job two years ago because they were killing me with stress and thru art journaling I am recovering! I love drawing / painting faces too! I would totally be honored to win a spot for radiant !!!!

  10. Emma Woods says:

    Art Journalling helps me express both inward and outward emotions felt during both the good and bad days of my life, I would like to win so I can develop my ability to let a page be its organic self and not try to over think or over work it.

    Kind regards
    Emma Woods

  11. Victoria teasdale says:

    Art journaling for me is an out pouring of feelings and expressions. Without art journaling I would not be here today. I literally owe it my life. Take care x

  12. wauw iris what a generous giveaway!
    What does art journaling journaling to me? I use my journal to express my emotions, keep memories, to try new materials, to practice new techniques and just play. So basicly it means a lot to me, cant emagine life without it ?
    I even tot my Son (6) a journal
    Love Annemiek

  13. Hi iris, what a lovely giveaway. For me artjournaling is very new. I started just this summer. I think i can learn lots and lots. I made art sinds i was little (and that is quité a long time now) but i think artjournaling is like coming home. I love to do it and i love all people who are giving nice comment to each other. It is all so positive.
    Thanks all of you out there

  14. Meagan Ramaekers says:

    Hiya Iris!

    I would LOVE to participate in Radiant 2!

    Art journaling to me is a way to get out of my head, if you know what I mean.
    Sometimes I get really frustrated with life etc, depressed even. Art journaling helps me get everything, i cant say out loud, on paper and reflect on things.

    Thank you so much for the oppertunity to win a spot on the e-course, Id be sooo happy and grateful if id win!

    Love, Meagan

  15. I really hope I win because I have been eyeing this course for awhile now! Not sure what is holding me back right now lol. Good luck to everyone who has entered!

  16. Sheila Roos says:

    Early this year discovered mixed media, this summer Art Journaling, and to myself the passion for painting and drawing.
    I would love to get a spot in Radiant II?

  17. Since I was a lite girl Art has always spoke to me. I remember when I looked at different paintings and drawings I always admire them in a way that totally awe me and at the same time I would look at all the colors and lines and I would say in my head “I could do that!”
    I’ve never taken any art classes so when I was refered to to this website yesterday I looked around and signed up right away for the “Get Inspired” Ebook because I felt a deep deep calling in my soul. I found what I always wanted to learn and it’s liberating! Hope I could also participate in this Radiant Art Journal eCourse to truly explore my deepest desire to art. I’m completely over the hill excited for this journey. Thank you! ?

  18. Art journalling is so important to me! It is a way of experimenting without the fear of creating a “finished piece” that should be perfect. Its a way of trying out things in a secure place. Its a way of being calm and peaceful and almost like meditation for me! I’d love to win a place in the course and get to learn more from all you amazing teachers!

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