I did a few sketches and this was the one I liked best. Have already sketched it on a canvas as well (although I can never reproduce the same sketch twice!! And annoyingly enough I always prefer the original sketch grrr. But I’m over it). Hadn’t done much art for a few weeks (motivation is a big issue for me) so I’m pretty excited.

Andrew and I have been working pretty hard (last holiday we had was in October 2007!!) so we’ve been talking about going away for a week or so. I’d just LOVE to rent a cottage in the Lake District or something, bring all my art supplies and just spend some days making art, maybe watch some films and talk to Andrew. Just thinking about it makes me more relaxed and fills me with a sense of calm!

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  1. I see your comments all the time on suziblu’s site and followed your name to your site to see what kind of art you do and was reading this post. I see you said that you can’t reproduce the same image from paper to canvas. Have you tried carbon paper to transfer the image? I also sometimes us tracing paper and outline the original drawing then flip in and rub the drawing onto the canvas. It comes out reversed but it still maintains the integrity of the drawing…just in reverse. If you use carbon paper it stays the same. Plus you can use carbon or transfer paper over and over again. If you ask your local art supply store they probably carry some. Tell them what you want to do because it might be called something else where you are.


  2. Hey Iris,

    c’est moi 🙂

    Hope all is well.

    I think you’re suffering from art rage! All those materials and tools! Actually there’s a nice software called Artrage…google it up. It even has glitter. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Then again, the real thing looks more fun than the digital version, and I’m sure you won’t give it up that easily.

    Well, I tried emailing you recently, but got no reply so I’m guessing (or ..uhum…optimistically hoping) that you just don’t use it anymore, hence the lack of reply.

    Well you have my email, so it would be nice to hear from you again. For the record, my favourite piece is the angry Sun (my interpretation). The reds in there are strong and emphatic. Though I’m guessing, they have been amplified even further by the flash of your camera?

    Anyways, take care.

  3. Hey Iris 🙂 I JUST yesterday bought some paper that will transfer your sketches onto canvas in one easy sketch, because l too find it hard to repeat the same pic too, it’s as if it has an energy of the moment in it hey? I bought it at an art supply store… Graphite paper l think it was called (I just bought one sheet to try it out)… Oh and thanks for adding me as a friend on livejournal and l will do the same as soon as l work out how to do that?! I’m on e-blogger most of the time… Love ya stuff X:-) Vicki x

  4. (pS) THE lake district… sighhhh… l wish… X;-)

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