Sketching & Canvases

I finished a little painting the other week which I have yet to take pictures of. It’s a girl on a swing. Coming soon, I promise!!

I got some new canvases today! I got four, two are the same size as Girl and a Frog and two of them are slightly bigger. I am addicted to working on canvas now! It’s so freeing.

I did a little sketch of a boy & a girl who are getting married (because I’m getting married in a few months and we just got the invitations done so it’s on my mind!!) and that will be my next painting. I’m a bit scared of drawing a boy though.. eek.

If I’ve got a camera available I will be recording myself when I do that painting.

Also also, I asked at the art store for Mica powders and beeswax but they didn’t have any! It’s a bit of a straight laced store, not very mixed media friendly, much more focused on ‘traditional art’. I will do some internet searching for these goodies and order them soon as I especially can’t wait to try out some beeswax.

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  1. suzi blu says:

    You’re such a cute little dutchie!
    I will make more journal prompts for you =^_^=

    Iris: *huggles* Thank you Suzi!

  2. first congratulations on your forthcoming marriage…wishing you both health and happiness when u2r1.

    secondly are you talking about those sweets called ACID DROPS they were my favourite as a kid , haven’t had them in years…..boy they were what we say very sharp ==== bitter acidy….the faces people pulled when eating them was hilarious.

    to the bride to be
    crafty in italy

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