The Duality of Life – Mixed Media Workshop & Giveaway!

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Exploring Our Feelings

I’ve been on this journey lately (maybe all my life, but I just didn’t know it yet?! Lol) to incorporate ALL the feelings into my life, not just the ‘nice’ or socially approved ones. I really need that, and from looking at my kids and wanting the best for them: I think the whole world needs that.

We have these feelings whether we like them or not and it’s our job to give them space, let them exist and let them teach us. And preferably not bash people over the head when we’re really angry, if you know what I’m saying (but not suppress the anger! Because I think it’s the suppression of feelings that makes you feel like bashing people. I’m being funny but I hope you get what I’m saying).

So, this was the starting point when I developed my new mixed media workshop The Duality Of Life. It’s a mini course that teaches you straightforward mixed media techniques, but also explores more deeply the conflicting feelings that are inside us and encourages you to allow them room to breathe.

I’m very excited about sharing this with you and I hope you will enjoy learning the techniques and it will be a truly enriching experience for you!


What This Course Will Do For You

Techniques you will learn

  • working with a variety of art supplies
  • creating a textured background
  • sketching & shading a front facing portrait

Concepts we will explore

  • finding harmony in conflicting emotions
  • exploring your inner emotional landscape
  • embracing imperfection & finding joy in the process

What is included

  • one hour of detailed video footage with voiceover
  • in-depth PDF walkthrough with photos
  • printable template of the face
  • supply list with suggestions for alternatives
  • all materials are downloadable and yours to keep
  • no time limit: access course at any time & work at your own pace
  • access to Facebook group to share work & get feedback
  • automatic instant access upon payment & signup

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Celebrating the launch of a new workshop wouldn’t be complete without a giveaway!! One lucky person will win a spot on The Duality of Life!

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Effy Wild’s Radiant Art Journal – Guest Teachers Announced!


I’m thrilled to announce the second year of Effy Wild’s wildly popular (see what I did there?) Radiant ecourse!

This year it’s all about Radiant Art Journals and the lineup of 15 guest teachers is ah-mah-zing! (scroll down to see!)


Voila, here is the list of guest teachers for you to drool over and get excited about!

Tamara Laporte
Tangie Baxter
Dyan Reaveley
Sarah Trumpp
France Papillon
Micki Wilde
Juna Biagioni
Iris Fritschi-Cussens (that’s me!)
Marieke Blokland
Nolwenn Petitbois
Jeanette Montero
Kelly Hoernig
Felicia Borges
Andrea Schroeder
Chelle Stein


Register your place now:

I’m currently in the brainstorming phase of my lesson. It’s going to be super in-depth and super fun! This is also your chance to give input! Please leave a comment below and let me know what you’d love to learn in my lesson!

Radiant II and What You Can Expect

Effy has put together an amazing collaborative experience for you in which you will get to sit down (virtually, of course) with her and a dream team of FIFTEEN of her favourite mixed media art teachers. Together, we are going to immerse ourselves in the whys and hows of mixed media art journaling through thirteen full lessons, two bonus lessons and FIFTEEN ADDITIONAL LESSONS by Effy herself!

What I love about how Effy has structured the course (and it adds amazing value!) is that along with the lessons and musings from the 15 guest teachers, you will also get a full length video walk through of Effy’s own personal take on the lessons! She will be right there with you, as a student, guiding you, making mistakes, working out substitutions, and figuring out how to best apply each lesson to her own style.

31 in depth lessons for $99.00!
(15 by our guest artists and 16 by your hostess, Effy Wild)
Class begins October 1, 2015
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In Depth Information

Here’s how it works:

All guest artist lessons + all bonus lessons will be live and available for you to enjoy on 1 October 2015! It’s a total ART JOURNAL smörgåsbord!

Each guest teacher’s lesson will include in depth video tutorials, a supplies list, and a PDF walk through with musings. All videos and PDFs will be downloadable and are yours to keep. Do them in order or skip around and do the ones that call to you on any given day! You have total freedom here!

Effy will also demonstrating her own take on each guest teacher’s lesson, including the bonus lessons. Every second week a new lesson will go live that is, essentially, Effy’s ‘take on’ a guest artist’s lesson. All of the additional lessons provided by Effy will also include in depth video tutorials, a supplies list that includes her suggested substitutions, and a full colour PDF walk-through.

The class will remain open indefinitely. What does this mean? As long as Effy’s still teaching, and Vimeo still serves video, you will have access to all the content.

Fifteen Teachers! Thirty-One Lessons!
At least thirty hours of video instruction!

All for $99.00!

Register Now

Hope to see you there!


PS If you register for Radiant Art Journals through my link you are supporting me to keep bringing you awesome (free) content & courses. Yay you!
PPS Remember to comment below to let me know what you’d like to learn in my lesson!

Art Journaling In The Woods On a Camping Holiday

So this weekend just gone we went on an adventure! Andrew won a photo competition for Eco Camp UK which meant we got to stay for free at one of their camps for the weekend.

As you may know I’m preparing for being a guest teacher on Art Journal Summer School, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test drive the supply list (toiletry bag with limited art supplies – you can download the list here!) and do some art journaling while camping!


Now I have to be honest with you, in the past I have found it hard to enjoy art journaling on holiday. I always take the materials with me, but I have a hard time choosing supplies (so I take too many and end up using none!) and then find it hard to enjoy making art. I think it’s about working in random/confined spaces and having to put things away again after a session.

So the challenge was to pack only the things on the supply list (I almost succeeded… I put in one extra ink spray and roll of washi tape… but that was it I promise!) and then to find the time to art journal and actually enjoy it!

Well I can say I truly succeeded!




I think the difference this time was that I was more relaxed due to the limited supplies. Using a toiletry bag is super portable which is very convenient! I sat at a picnic table and at a certain point I also journaled while sitting on a picnic chair (no table).

You do have to adjust your expectations slightly. I’m usually very much into acrylic paints, but that’s harder when you only have a small water container (pro tip! Use an empty drink bottle with a wide neck for your paint water. I used a Fruit Shoot bottle). A water brush is definitely very useful, I use a Pentel Aquabrush.

As I was getting out my charcoal pencil for sketching I had a brainwave and decided I could use charcoal from the campfire!! I was feeling super authentic at this point haha. It also made me realise why we buy charcoal as an art supply, as it’s way more concentrated and easy to work with than charcoal from the fire.




I’m feeling super heartened and inspired by this experience. I now can’t wait to take my little stress free bag of art supplies with me everywhere! Next up I think I’m going to try some places closer to home like the local park and a café.

If you’d like to learn to make beautiful pages with a limited number of art supplies, then I think you will like Art Journal Summer School. Early bird price is on until 31 May! The pages I showed you in this post use similar techniques and supplies as what you will be learning about in my lesson.

Art Journal Summer School Giveaway

Oooh how hard it’s been to keep quiet about this these past few months, but the time is finally here that I’m able to tell you all about the most exciting online art journal course & community launching this summer!!


You can register for your spot on this wonderful course at a super Early Bird Price right now (price reverts to normal after 31 May). Go to:

We start on 1 July and I’m currently busy preparing my lesson which is called

An Intuitive Burst of Colour- creating intuitively and embracing imperfection

I’m so excited to be teaching alongside such an awesome team of artists. I will be sharing sneak peeks of what you can expect in my lesson as we count down to the launch date!

You can watch the promo video here (you seriously want to watch this, Marieke makes the most awesomely fun videos, and you get 10 of her lessons on this course as well as 10 lessons by us guest teachers!):

Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway!!!

I’m giving away one spot to a very lucky winner!

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2. leave a comment telling me where you will be art journaling this summer (and if you want to expand on that then tell me a bit more about whether you’ve art journaled on holiday before and what you love about journaling on location!).

This giveaway is now closed and winner has been notified. Thank you to everyone who entered.

PS If you register for Art Journal Summer School through my link you are supporting me to keep bringing you awesome (free) content & courses. Yay you!

The Heart of Art – A Free Art Course

I just wanted to let you all know about my wonderful friend Tam. She is literally one of the nicest, kindest and most generous souls you will ever meet and I feel so privileged to call her my friend! I could probably write a whole blog post about how wonderful she is, but I’m getting off topic!

Since a couple of years ago Tam has been running several art classes online. World of Whimsy where you learn to create whimsical characters and complex mixed media backgrounds. Awesome Art Journal, a course about everything to do with creating art journal pages. Fabulous Faces where she teaches how to create more realistic portraits and the rules/techniques behind front facing, three-quarter and profile portraits. All of these courses were (and are, as they are available on DVD) incredible and helpful, however the only downside for a lot of people was that you did have to pay for them.

To help out those that can’t afford her courses, she is now offering a FREE COURSE!! It is a four week course that will cover some really exciting techniques and will also focus on healing through art. I seriously can’t wait! Below is a video where Tam explains about the course.

Head over to and sign up! I know I mentioned this before but IT IS FREE!! (Classes usually cost around $60) Another great thing about her courses is the amazing community of people who take them. It’s such a nice place to share art and get inspired around like minded individuals who won’t judge you. Hope to see you there!!