Girl and a Sheep – video

Just me rambling about this painting

Two Paintings in May

Girl on a Swing
I’m gonna send this one to my gran as a present.

I Do

I Do

Click the pics for a bigger version!

I’m kind of experimenting with different ways of drawing. Trying to find my own ‘style’ or something like that hehe. Haven’t got any ideas for a next painting yet but I know I want it to be more messy and have more materials incorporated!

I need to get some new acrylics though. The ones I have are about 4 years old and my favourite colours are starting to dry out. I think I want to try fluid acrylics (since I always mix mine with water anyway) but my art shop only sells Golden and that’s a bit outside my budget range! I think I’ll do some internet shopping, as I also want to get beeswax and mica powders. Can anyone recommend a good online place to order art supplies in the UK?

Sketching & Canvases

I finished a little painting the other week which I have yet to take pictures of. It’s a girl on a swing. Coming soon, I promise!!

I got some new canvases today! I got four, two are the same size as Girl and a Frog and two of them are slightly bigger. I am addicted to working on canvas now! It’s so freeing.

I did a little sketch of a boy & a girl who are getting married (because I’m getting married in a few months and we just got the invitations done so it’s on my mind!!) and that will be my next painting. I’m a bit scared of drawing a boy though.. eek.

If I’ve got a camera available I will be recording myself when I do that painting.

Also also, I asked at the art store for Mica powders and beeswax but they didn’t have any! It’s a bit of a straight laced store, not very mixed media friendly, much more focused on ‘traditional art’. I will do some internet searching for these goodies and order them soon as I especially can’t wait to try out some beeswax.

Yes yes

I’ve done some more art over the past few weeks. Not been too productive but I have some stuff to show you. I’ll post them as soon as I’ve managed to take some pictures. I got some new art supplies for my birthday so I’ve been playing with those. Fun!

I get annoyed with myself for not creating art more often but I guess doing it once a week is better than not at all! Hopefully I’ll get another video done sometime as well but I keep getting stage fright. Not about talking on camera but about recording my art, I feel too much pressure!

I also feel like I don’t have time. I know that’s bullshit, but you know how sometimes you know something in your mind but you don’t feel it in your heart? Well that’s what this is like. In reality I have heaps of time, but it feels like I hardly ever have time for the things I want.

So yeah, now I’ve got all the excuses out of the way I’ll go to bed and upload my art tomorrow!