Procrastination Across The Nation

Someone kick me and make me update already! I’ve been toying with the idea of updating my blog for about a month but I keep putting it off. So voila, an impromptu update with no topic or meaningful content whatsoever!

I just bought a Nintendo DS Lite off ebay, so I’m pretty excited about that! I got it because I’m going to Holland in a few weeks BY BUS. So for the lovely 10 hour journey I thought I’d get something to occupy myself with. Thing is, going by bus, AND buying a Nintendo DS, is still cheaper than flying… flying is quite expensive at the moment.

Since you didn’t ask, I’m going to Holland (my lovely country of birth and corruption – my corruption, not the country’s) to sign papers for my house which was sold. I’m also visiting my best friend from uni (who is American, studied in England, and then him and his Italian girlfriend moved to Holland.. go figure) who has recently had a child!! And I’m catching up with two of my best friends from high school who I last saw at my wedding where we really didn’t have enough time to properly talk.

A while back I started another painting. Similar to the one before, in the same watercolour Moleskine, with the same techniques, just a different face. I painted the face & hair, I still have to colour in her top and the background (have needed to do that for about 2 weeks now..) which I will get around to sometime, and then I will show you, because I know you’re practically dying to see it.

I’m watching season 1 of Gossip Girl at the moment and it makes me wish I was a teenager again because I have unresolved issues and there are lots of people I would totally kick in the teeth. But not literally. Also, I don’t really wish I was a teenager again because adolescence = hell with too many hormones.

Oh and last night I had this awesome dream and Nathan Fillion was in it.

I’m going to do a serious post (cue ominous music) soon in relation to this book I am reading. But I need to get in the mood to write about srs bsns, so not yet my pretties, not yet.

Also I don’t know why my site is so incredibly slow. Maybe it’s the theme? I just hope for your sake you are reading this through a feed reader.

Pictures of Our New Flat!

When I say new, we’ve been living here almost a month already! Time flies. We’re picking up Tikka (the kitten) on Friday. I am so excited, I can’t wait!

Entrance & Office


Desks / Office

Downstairs Living Area

Ping Pong Table & a Load of Clutter

Spiral Staircase


Upstairs Living Area

Sleeping Area


Art Desk

IKEA & a Kitten

Time for an update about My Life™

Yesterday was an exciting yet frustrating day. We had taken the day off work to go IKEA shopping to get some bits and pieces for our new flat. Oh yeah, forgot to mention (although I’ve Twittered about it), we moved to a new flat! It’s gorgeous and spacious and it’s soooo nice to not be sharing anymore (our flatmates were nice, but when you’re married it should really be time to think about your own place, right?!).

Anyway, like I mentioned a while back, money has been tight and obviously there are costs involved with moving too, so we are trying to budget a lot and trying to be really careful with what we spend money on. Sooo we went to IKEA to buy some stuff, arrived back in the car park afterwards and noticed someone had tried to break into our hired van. NOT NICE. They didn’t manage to get into the van (even if they did, it was completely empty anyway) but they broke the lock, for which the rental company is now trying to charge us an exorbitant sum.

I’m feeling quite angry and sad about it. Obviously glad we had nothing in the van that could’ve been stolen, but I’m just so angry that the illegal actions of some thoughtless individual(s) can really impact our financial situation like that. Especially seeing as we’ve been agonising over every single purchase we make (from what groceries we buy to putting stuff back at IKEA because we didn’t really need them) and really cutting back on a lot of little luxuries you might usually take for granted (like having an occasional coffee at Starbucks, getting a take-away, buying books or DVDs). And then just BOOM, through something not our fault all that care we took is just obliterated by a several hundred pound bill.

Anyway, having got that off my chest, right now we’re just focussing on work a lot, as complaining about the situation isn’t going to make it better; making money is. Although I find that a bit saddening too. I don’t want my life to revolve around money, but sadly that’s how it is at the moment.

The much more exciting part about yesterday was that we went to look at some kittens! I’ve literally wanted a cat since I was about 4 years old, so now, approx 20 years later it is finally going to happen! We picked out an adorable little female kitten and she will be ready for us to pick up in about a month’s time. I’m incredibly excited!!! I’ll hopefully get some pictures from the breeder soon, so I’ll be able to post those.

We moved about 1.5 weeks ago now, but stuff is still in boxes. However, now that we’ve sorted out the final pieces of furniture we can finally unpack all the rest of our stuff (mainly books & DVDs) and really finish everything off. It’ll be nice to have our whole home ‘completed’. Especially since lots of our stuff has been in storage for about a year (due to the tiny size of our previous flat/room), so I’m really excited about putting the bookcases together and putting my books on the shelves. Once that’s all been done I’ll do a picture or video update of the flat!

Being Average

(I have to type really quietly because Andrew (the husb) is still asleep and gets very grumpy when woken up. Good luck to me, because my massive G15 keyboard is anything but quiet)

I have such a love/hate relationship with the internet. On the one hand I love it (I could extol the virtues of the internetz and modern technologies for a long time) but on the other hand it allows me to feel baaaaad about myself.

On the internet I encounter people who are just so much funnier than me, better writers than me, prettier than me, better artists than me etc. Some people when encountered with ‘competition’, will strive to do better. Me, I’m like the opposite. I get talent overload paralysis (real condition. No I just totally made that up but it sounds official) and just sit here staring at my screen unable to CREATE for fear that it will be AVERAGE.

Now I’m a pretty rational person. Logic > all, for me. I’ve been told by people they like my painting, they like my writing, they think I’m pretty. AND YET. 90% of me doesn’t believe it (the other 10% of me is a person with a superiority complex the size of Europe). So I continue to look at people who are ‘better than me’ and feel bad about myself. It doesn’t make sense… IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE PEOPLE!

Update of Epic Proportions

Soooo I haven’t updated since August! I’m so bad at sticking with something (like blogging). I’m so good at starting stuff, just not great at finishing, it’s the story of my life I swear!

So I’ve been thinking that I want this blog & site to be a bit different. OK I go through a phase thinking that every so often and then fizzle out, but gosh darnit this time I’m serious! I think.. Soooo this blog post is gonna just incorporate everything that I was thinking this site will incorporate too, which is pure and undiluted ME. What else did you expect, right?

First of all, what has been happening in the life of Iris since August 2008? Well, I guess the most groundbreaking, earthshattering and interesting fact is that.. *drumroll* I got married! The lucky victim was (and is) Andrew, my boyfriend of 4 years. We got married in London on 31 October 2008.

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

We went on our honeymoon to Leicestershire (how exotic, I know) where we had rented a narrow boat. It was so peaceful and amazing. I would recommend this type of holiday to anyone. And even though we went in November and it was cold, that didn’t make it uncomfortable or anything. The weather was just part of it and we had some amazing days.



I did a bit of art while on the boat but haven’t taken pics of that yet, but I will soon. I just can’t stress enough how amazingly tranquil it was, SUCH a good place to get inspired and do art. It’s also nice to be in a place that doesn’t have the usual distractions of computers & the internet.

Now that we’re married we’re incredibly poor. *cries* I know I know, children in Africa are starving and I don’t know what the word ‘poor’ really means. It’s been good for us in a way though, because we’ve had to really evaluate what we spend, and what we can spend. Nevertheless, at certain times it depresses me a bit because going without luxuries, even though very doable, can be a bit of a dampener on our spirits. It also makes socialising very hard. People suggesting we go catch up with a drink/dinner, a friend of mine who has invited me to her wedding. Can’t afford to do those kind of things. Blegh, talking about it is making me feel sad, so I’ll just move on!

On January 5th it was my grandmother’s (if I recall correctly) 92nd birthday! Isn’t that amazing? As she doesn’t really need anything and we couldn’t afford anything, I made her a present! I created a painting for her.


Because of the ‘deadline’ (her birthday) this is actually the quickest mixed media piece I have ever done (2 evenings). I think that was really good for me, because it meant I had to just DO IT, rather than thinking about it for ages and ending up leaving it half finished in a drawer somewhere.

Apparently it made her cry profusely which was weird on the one hand and very touching on the other. I think maybe she thought it was supposed to represent me and my mother. I painted it having in mind a grandmother & granddaughter figure though (not necessarily me and her).

When it comes to work, work is just.. work. I wish I liked it more than I do. Just a bit of background, Andrew and I work together on our own video production business. He started it up about 2.5 years ago and I’ve been working full-time for the company for about 1.5 years. It is not my passion, nor what I want to do with my life, but I DO want to support Andrew and help build something for us. I just hope to figure out sooner or later what it is that I actually want to do. It’s all well and good knowing what you don’t want to do, but that still doesn’t help me find out what I do want to do. There are way too many do’s in that paragraph so I will stop it now.

This update is starting to become pretty epic so I think I will wrap it up, that way hopefully I will have something more to say when I update again soon.