Pirate Girl

Pirate Girl, originally uploaded by rrreow.

ARRRRRR!! I am quite pleased with this one, apart from of course the mandatory acerbic self criticism and doubt that plagues me. *sigh*

No I actually like this piece, I just feel a bit crappy (and that taints my whole view of the world and everything in it) because I was sketching some faces and they didn’t come out very well.

I’m pleased with the way the skin turned out (this was done pre Suzi Blu’s class, so I feel quite proud) and the parrot. And I love the colour of the background. I feel like I could’ve improved on the layering on the background though, it all looks rather flat.

Girl and a Sheep

Girl and a Sheep

Girl and a Sheep - side view

I actually tried my hand at this ‘layering’ business. I’m pretty pleased with the result!

The idea for this painting started when I found a bunch of slides and wanted to do something with them. I sketched the girl and sheep when I was on holiday in Wales (how appropriate).

Materials used (LOADS! I’m sure I can’t remember all): Slides, plastic embellishments, acrylic paint, Mod Podge, scrapbook paper, tissue paper, beeswax, embossing powder, stickers, thread/wool

Work in Progress

The plan is to put these 35mm slides (that I painted and put little hearts and flowers on) in a row at the top and bottom of the painting.

Any suggestions on making the background more interesting/textured are welcome!

Two Paintings in May

Girl on a Swing
I’m gonna send this one to my gran as a present.

I Do

I Do

Click the pics for a bigger version!

I’m kind of experimenting with different ways of drawing. Trying to find my own ‘style’ or something like that hehe. Haven’t got any ideas for a next painting yet but I know I want it to be more messy and have more materials incorporated!

I need to get some new acrylics though. The ones I have are about 4 years old and my favourite colours are starting to dry out. I think I want to try fluid acrylics (since I always mix mine with water anyway) but my art shop only sells Golden and that’s a bit outside my budget range! I think I’ll do some internet shopping, as I also want to get beeswax and mica powders. Can anyone recommend a good online place to order art supplies in the UK?

Girl and a Frog – my very first painting on canvas!!!

Started this on Saturday and finished it yesterday. This is heavily inspired by two lovely ladies, namely Suzi Blu and Miss Wonderful Tam!! Their videos and art have inspired me so much and without them I probably wouldn’t have made this big step of working on canvas! Thank you!

Materials used: Acrylic paints, watersoluble oil pastels, watercolour pencils, water colours, craft papers, foam, rubs ons and probably more but I can’t remember right now!!

You can click each picture for a bigger version.

For my next piece I’ve got this idea of a girl on a swing. I’m so motivated and inspired right now and I’m loving it!

Let me know if you have an art blog/website so I can link you!