Girl and a Sheep – video

Just me rambling about this painting

Two – make art because you love yourself (originally posted to Live Journal)

I feel that if I start writing too much I’ll just get into some self-deprecating pattern or start making excuses so I’ll leave it here and just post the pictures =)

Pieces of my Heart (originally posted on Live Journal)

I’ve been productive! My latest three pages under the cut and a video of creating the last one. I tried a bit harder with this video, both with the talking to the camera (eek!) and the ‘editing’.

I’m not 100% happy with any of them (although I couldn’t even really say why.. maybe I just feel perpetually unsatisfied and am projecting it onto my journal as well??) but I’m really glad and proud that I’m actually DOING. Which I think is the most important part for any of us who feel inhibited about being creative.

I had the idea for this page but it turned out a bit different. In my head it was all perfect but in reality the colours didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. I love the hearts themselves and their texture, but the background I’m not too sure about.

I have no idea how to do shading so I’m sure the floor of the stage is all wrong, but it was fun to do. And I love cats =p

I talk about the motivation behind this page in my video below.

Accordion Page (originally posted on Live Journal)

I am so inhibited when it comes to working in my art journal it’s not even funny, but I managed another page. Inspired by Suzi Blu’s prompt to make accordion pages. Had to get out the boyfriend to set the eyelets as I just can’t muster enough force (I think it’s hilarious “honey.. can you whack this with a hammer for me?”)

I went to the FABULOUS store Hobbycraft yesterday and got lots of little things (I’m so art supply obsessed, it’s an addiction!). Stuff I bought that you can see on this page are embossing metal (why is it never possible to attain the same result as in the pictures on the packaging even though I followed the inscructions to the letter????), patterned stamps (they were in the kids section of all places! They’re awesome to create patterned backgrounds with), cheap white paint (£1.49 for 500ml of the stuff!!), and rub on words.