Two – make art because you love yourself (originally posted to Live Journal)

I feel that if I start writing too much I’ll just get into some self-deprecating pattern or start making excuses so I’ll leave it here and just post the pictures =)

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  1. Hi Iris, and Andrew,

    Iris i love your site and films…excellent..i am a visual creative but have tried to do lots of other things and then needing some inspiration looked up art journalling and came across your podcasts, they so encouraged me.

    I wish more people could get together to talk about stuff on this level and have fun with journals seems like the world is ready for this..I live near Bath and would like to know others into art journalling and set up a group….or at least join a group…but first will have a go at my own journal process….really excited about this. Have done sketch books and love collecting information and working things out in deepish know this is going to be a good new thing to do…and affirming.

    Keep making the filmettes…really good…and genuine. Thanks.

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