Two Paintings in May

Girl on a Swing
I’m gonna send this one to my gran as a present.

I Do

I Do

Click the pics for a bigger version!

I’m kind of experimenting with different ways of drawing. Trying to find my own ‘style’ or something like that hehe. Haven’t got any ideas for a next painting yet but I know I want it to be more messy and have more materials incorporated!

I need to get some new acrylics though. The ones I have are about 4 years old and my favourite colours are starting to dry out. I think I want to try fluid acrylics (since I always mix mine with water anyway) but my art shop only sells Golden and that’s a bit outside my budget range! I think I’ll do some internet shopping, as I also want to get beeswax and mica powders. Can anyone recommend a good online place to order art supplies in the UK?

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  1. good for you iris! DOESN’T IT FEEL AMAZING to create/

  2. Hi Iris X:-) Just thought l’d pop in and say “Hi” as you mentioned your blog in Suzi’s art lessons… and having a look around l must say l love some of your art subject matter (ie) I love “Onions don’t make me cry” and it made me think of something my neighbor told me she does to stop crying when she peels onions… She sticks her head in the freezer! Lol! Anyway thanks for the peek and nice to meet you X:-) Vicki x

  3. My advice: don’t go to art shops! Go to WH Smiths instead. Or The Works, if you have it. Paint will be a lot cheaper than Golden and will work just as well.

    But because I could not find gel medium anyyyywhere, I did get some online, from this website:

    They have tons of stuff, their shipping prices are decent and their delivery was fast!

    Iris: Thanks Eveline! That site looks awesome. I originally got my acrylic paints from The Works (£3 for a set of all colours you ever need!) but I don’t have one near me anymore, which sucks!

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