Whimsical Girl & Online Art Class

I’m currently taking an online art class which is run by my friend Tam. It’s called World of Whimsy and it’s a lot of fun!

As much as I enjoy painting I’m not that prolific creating it (not because I don’t want to, but usually because of self doubt and other such issues). Beside a few sketches the below portrait is the first ‘finished’ piece I’ve created using the skills and techniques Tam is teaching. I absolutely love the shading techniques she uses, they’re quite easy and produce a subtle but nice effect.

I’m really proud of this one actually! The scanner hasn’t really done it justice though. Come to think of it, I really need to clean it, there’s a ton of dust and little specks on everything I scan.

Girl Portrait

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  1. she is, like you, divine. 🙂

    so nice to see some of the work you’re doing sweets! X

  2. zeelioness says:

    that simply is beautiful.

    keep it up!

  3. Hello gorgeous Iris. I know this is a really old post of yours but I just wanted to pop in to thank you so much for posting it. You see this painting totally inspired me to join Willowing a little while back and started me off on a creative journey I could never have even imagined before. I have just written a little blog post about you and your whimsy girl (see link below). I hope you don’t mind. If so just let me know and I’ll remove it.
    Thank you sweet Iris. Honestly I don’t know where I would be had it not been for stumbling upon your painting.
    aka Run Away Violet.

    • Wow what a wonderful comment Brooke! I’m so pleased that my whimsy girl inspired you and led you to Tam/Willowing’s network! It’s great that you’re getting into creating art now, even after not having done it for such a long time. I love your girls, they’re very unique, I can definitely recognise your own style.

      • Thank you ever so much Iris. My life has really changed because of you. I replied on my blog but not sure you will see it either so here’s what I said :

        Thank you so much for dropping by Iris and thank you for your lovely reply. I really cannot thank you enough for steering me towards living a creative life. I’ve never been happier and it’s all thanks to you and your beautiful painting. You totally rock Iris!!! Thank you a million times over for inspiring me through your art. I shall never, ever forget it 🙂


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