Working With Your Inner Critic & Free Printables!

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Do you ever listen to those voices inside your head? The ones that tell you you’re not good enough. The ones that whisper “that’s crap, you should just pack it in, you think that looks like a nose/cat/person, you must be joking?” The ones that when you listen to them for too long make you want to hide under the covers and never attempt anything creative ever again…

A lot of the time I manage to quieten these voices, I’ve learned coping mechanisms and strategies (more on that below). At other times they are loud, they shout, and I almost give in to them.

These unwelcome opinions inside our own minds, they have a purpose though. When you start listening, really listening to more than just the surface thoughts, their message is actually one of care. It’s the part of our self that doesn’t want to take risks, that wants to be safe in the knowledge we’re not going to be judged or create a situation where we feel badly.

So how can I translate my inner critic’s painful judgements and turn them into something positive?

‘That’s crap’ becomes
‘I want to protect myself from negative opinions. What I create simply is, there is no judgement of what is’

‘You should just pack it in’ becomes
‘I’m scared of what lies ahead, of the unknown. I will keep going so the unknown becomes known’

‘That doesn’t look like a [insert subject]’ becomes
‘This is my interpretation of this subject at this point in time, I am allowed to practice so it will look more and more like what I see in my mind’s eye’

None of this comes easy, all of it is hard work, but in time and with practice it gets easier. I will be really honest with you (and myself) right now: sometimes I listen to the voices because I WANT to listen. It’s easier to feel negative and justified in not creating than to do the work and push through the blocks and difficulties. Sometimes I need to give myself a kick up the backside!

I can’t presume I can do that to you though or that you’d want me to (heehee!) so instead I created a free printable for you! And then I created another one because I couldn’t stop at just one!

Download here

Download here

I hope you find these quotes as inspiring and helpful as I do! These two images are free for you to use and decorate your creative space with, or glue into your scrapbook or stick on your fridge or anything else you can think of! Click each image or link to access the high-res file.

Are there any quotes that you love and go back to again and again for motivation, inspiration or simply a literary hug? I’d love to know what they are, let me know in the comments below!

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