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London Love | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

London Love | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

While I was walking around my neighbourhood the other day I thought you guys might like to catch a glimpse of where I live! It never fails to excite me that I live in Central London. For the longest time it was my dream and the reality of living in this awesome city is every bit as good as I always thought it would be.

It’s great being able to enjoy the richness of the city, the culture, the sounds, the buildings, all the recognisable tidbits. I admit sometimes it becomes ‘just the place I live’ and I forget the magic, but then I’m on a red bus going over one of the bridges over the Thames with the sun shining over the water and the magic comes back in full force! And this is after living here for over 10 years, go figure!

So let me share with you some views I come across on a daily basis!

London Underground Sign | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow
Love the London underground. People complain about it, but comparing it to public transport in other places it’s actually amazingly efficient and well priced. I love travelling by tube, it never loses its charm (in large part probably because I no longer have to commute! hah).

Street Sign | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow
Street signs always remind me how close all the exciting places are! Lots of London landmarks are walking distance from where I live. Regent’s Park is only a 15 minute walk!

London Black Cabs | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow
About 75% of the cars around here seem to be black cabs!

London Barclays Bikes | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow
These bikes are awesome for easy quick trips. They work with a dongle that automatically charges you, so it’s as quick as just grabbing a bike.

London Red Bus | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow
Red buses are everywhere as I live near a public transport hub. Jupiter gets very excited about all the buses!

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