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Happy Monday to you all! Yes I said happy Monday. Certainly I am one of those people who at the end of the week thinks ‘TGIF’, but I don’t hate Mondays. There’s always plenty of work to be done after the weekend which means the first day of the week is usually over in a flash and then it’s Tuesday and that is my artsy play day!

Around The World Blog Hop | image courtesy of Minverva Levinston
image by Minerva Levinston

Today I bring you a blog hop! Angelique from Angelic Art and Craft asked me to be a hopper and I was excited to say yes!

About Angelique

Angelique loves art supplies just about as much as I do! She lives in Australia and like me she’s a Dutch expat. She’s a wonderful artist who does amazing portraits and very colourful work. You can read more about Angelique and her arty process on her blog.

What Is A Blog Hop? How Does It Work?

It is a wonderful way for me to link out to some of my favourite mixed media gals, build community and give you guys a bit more insight into my art and creative process (have a look at the questions I have answered below). On Monday 28 July Stephanie, Juna and Sara will post their answers to the questions and in turn link to 3 of their favourite peeps! And so it goes on until every single person in the world has done the blog hop.

On With The Show, Les Qvestiones!

How does my creative process work?

There is a lot of fear and procrastination… lol! Honestly though, I love making art. I think about it pretty much all day long and I continually make notes when I feel inspired. So I have a notes app on my phone and a sketchbook full of little ideas that will somehow show up in the work I do when I get to my art desk.

When I sit down at my art desk I need to quieten those ‘not good enough’ voices. I used to plan out my paintings with sketches (still do sometimes) but recently I’ve started just listening to my intuition, going with the first thing/material/colour that comes to mind and then just seeing where it goes. It’s scary because I’m one of those people who loves having a road map and knowing what comes next, but it’s also freeing because I surprise myself with what comes out!

In terms of what inspires me, there are a lot of things! Life (noticing things, going out into nature, sounds, smells, vague shit like that), courses (I love taking online classes to learn new techniques and make them my own), books (mixed media books are awesome and there are so many out there nowadays), other artists (PINTEREEEEEEST!!), my own art (creativity breeds creativity! the more you do it, the more ideas you will have).

A few pages in my sketchbook | @rrreow

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m still very much in the stages of developing my own style. This means: doing a LOT of work and trying LOTS of different things!

Where I feel like I’m developing my own style are my little mixed media paintings of whimsy girls in which I use grungy techniques and metallic paints for a shabby look. Each painting has an uplifting or inspiring phrase, usually something that I really need to hear or remind myself of.

At this point in time I am happy to just let my style emerge. I don’t want to really say ‘THIS is my style’, because I haven’t experimented enough yet! So you’ll continue to see a variety of things from me!

Four Paintings | mixed media grungy style | @rrreow

What am I working on now?

I just finished my free 20 page art & inspiration guide (go download your own copy!) and I’m currently recording some short videos as support material for this, you can watch the first one here. They will be released on my You Tube channel over the coming months.

I work in my art journal nearly every evening while the kids are asleep horsing around making my life difficult (I jest.. they sleep.. usually.. sometimes..). It’s just a wonderful way of experimenting with styles/materials/colours, improve my skills and generally have a creative outlet.

Four Portraits | mixed media in various art journals | @rrreow

Why do you do what you do?

I can’t not do it. I went through a long phase of wanting to make art but not being able to. Fear was holding me back at every step and the critical voices in my head paralysed me. I’m proud to say though that I pushed through it and although those demons still show up a lot, they no longer prevent me from making art.

I love how happy it makes me, how it is like a form of therapy and the effect it can have on other people. I also love everything around it: I love this online community of artists, the social networking, the inspiration. Art helps me live a fuller and more fulfilling life.

Now Check Out My Hoppees!

On Monday 28 July these three lovely ladies will be participating in the blog hop and answering the above four questions. An excellent opportunity to discover a bit more about them and their art!

Stephanie-Two-Raggy-DoodlesStephanie from Two Raggy Doodles

Stephanie is an American expat who lives in the green hills of bonnie Scotland (I don’t know if she actually lives in green hills.. but I love the idea and that’s how I imagine things..).

She is a tree-hugging artist and creates nature inspired mixed media art with an environmental message, her work often incorporates materials which would normally have ended up in the recycling bin. I love the wonderfully textured art she creates, I wish I could reach out and touch it! Stephanie loves working with her gelli plate, Winsor & Newton acrylics (especially Payne’s Grey), matte medium, gesso, good watercolour paper and fabric.

Juna Biagioni from Juna Biagioni Art

Juna is a Dutch artist living in the heart of Amsterdam. She has always been creative ever since she was little and has recently come back to creating art.

She specifically likes working with mixed media to create drawings and paintings and polymer clay to create little boxes. I love Juna’s paintings, they are wonderfully unique and evocative. Her latest work revolves around a series of dark blue canvases with very ethereal subject matter. Her pieces are simply breathtaking.

Sarah Torbett from The Rosy Life

Sara lives on a beautiful farm in Arkansas, USA with her husband and two adorable little girls. She is a student of photography, craft and DIY enthusiast, book lover, rose-colored glasses wearin’, art creating, mama and wife.

What I love about Sara is that she sees life and the world with such enthusiasm and positivity, and that translates directly into the beautiful photos and stories she shares on her blog. It’s a truly uplifting and inspirational place to visit and I always feel better after reading her posts.

By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

10 replies on “Around The World Artsy Blog Hop”

Dear Iris
Thank you so much for playing along with me in the artsy blog hop. Your blog post answering the four questions is so inspiring. I love getting to know a bit more about you and how your creative process works. I am so glad you persisted with ignoring the inner critic and have come out to create such amazing art now. I love your little mixed medias with the cute little whimsical girls. Also love seeing your journal with the sketches and notes. What a great idea. I like to give that a try.

Great blog Iris, and superb insight into you and your wonderful art works. Hope I can do half as good a job when its my turn. Look forward to the other hoppers too.

Great blogpost Iris! You’re so talented. Not only creating wonderful and inspiring art, but also making great videos on Youtube and being a busy bee on networking and social media, while being a mom and raising a family. I wonder how you manage this all! It’s really nice to follow you and see how your art develops and which roads you’re exploring. Great to see you’re trying out the intuitive approach too! And yes, I would love to have a peek in your notes app and sketchbook, good idea!

Wow thank you Juna for calling me talented!! *beams* I do like to be busy and do a lot (or too much sometimes haha). Glad you’re with me on this journey, likewise I love seeing your art developing and seeing where you take it next.

Loved reading your answers to these questions. Had to laugh when you started with “fear and procrastination”. I think most of us artists will recognize this 😉

Glad that made you laugh Denthe. Truth is often funny =p Checking out your site now! LOVE your colourful work and the background on your website is yummy!

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