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Art Journal Summer School Giveaway

Oooh how hard it’s been to keep quiet about this these past few months, but the time is finally here that I’m able to tell you all about the most exciting online art journal course & community launching this summer!!


You can register for your spot on this wonderful course at a super Early Bird Price right now (price reverts to normal after 31 May). Go to:

We start on 1 July and I’m currently busy preparing my lesson which is called

An Intuitive Burst of Colour- creating intuitively and embracing imperfection

I’m so excited to be teaching alongside such an awesome team of artists. I will be sharing sneak peeks of what you can expect in my lesson as we count down to the launch date!

You can watch the promo video here (you seriously want to watch this, Marieke makes the most awesomely fun videos, and you get 10 of her lessons on this course as well as 10 lessons by us guest teachers!):

Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway!!!

I’m giving away one spot to a very lucky winner!

To enter please:
1. sign up to my newsletter (opens in a new window)
2. leave a comment telling me where you will be art journaling this summer (and if you want to expand on that then tell me a bit more about whether you’ve art journaled on holiday before and what you love about journaling on location!).

This giveaway is now closed and winner has been notified. Thank you to everyone who entered.

PS If you register for Art Journal Summer School through my link you are supporting me to keep bringing you awesome (free) content & courses. Yay you!

By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

106 replies on “Art Journal Summer School Giveaway”

Dear Iris, hi! Congratulations for your participation in this new art course! It sounds like an amazing summer school and I would so much love to win a spot in it, so thank you for the chance! Regarding my art journaling, up to now I have only been making journal pages at home where I have all my supplies at hand. Though, last summer I felt the need to carry with me on my vacations something small to do some art. So I took a sketch book and pencils and practice just a bit on sketching girl’s faces. This year I feel that I need to do more on my vacations as art captives more of my life day by day!

Thank you Melfina for your continued support! If you go to the link with more info about the course you can download the supply list. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration there on what to take on your holiday!

dear Iris , congratulations on been part of this fantastic summer school . I would love to join , this summer I will be art journalling first from a hospital bed , after having spinal surgery then I will be art journalling and convalescing In our caravan in the English Lake District , which I find so inspirational and relaxing . Enjoy your summer love Jane

Thank you Jane! Good luck with spinal surgery. That sound very intense. I hope it goes well. Convalescing in the Lake District sounds amazing. It’s one of my favourite places in the UK. Just before my first was born we had a week in a cottage near Wastwater. It was so tranquil and amazing.

I would love to win a spot in this class. I always make my journal pages at home. This summer I would love to art journal in my garden, on a little bench during a walk in my town and when we decide to go on a trip I would looove to art journal during that trip. It would be awesome to go to Italy and art journal in the shadow of an olive tree. … Maybe I have to make an journal page about that idea.

That sounds like an idyllic idea Inge! I’d love to art journal in the shadow of an olive tree too! I’m going to Greece for a friend’s wedding next month, I will try and make it happen.

You’re coming to Greece?!!! This is my homeland! I wish you have an AMAZING time here and this time of year is really great for visiting a greek beach! If you’re going be close to the sea, DON’T miss it!!! (If you’re going to need anything just let me know, I’d be glad to help!)

Hello Iris! I would love to win a spot in the course!! I don’t have a budget that permits traveling so, what I would use the class for is making my art journaling portable for when I go to the park with a friend, while I’m waiting at Dr offices, etc…all the little times I m away from home. I love the idea of this class (classes actually)- paring down supplies to a minimum that will fit into a small makeup bag. Whenever I go anywhere I like to bring some kind of art supplies and never quite know what to bring or never quite bring the right things. So this would be very useful for me. Plus there are sooooooo many of my favorite art journaling teachers on this course!! xo

Yay Bunny I’m glad you entered! I love the idea of a ‘journal couch box’ or just something you can easily take anywhere, not just on holiday. I usually get intimidated about what to bring lol. But in truth you really don’t need much!

What a wonderful if I win !!!! I’ll spent some days with my husband and our 2 boys, and my Dad. But afterwards, as i’m a teacher, I ‘ll be at home, spending great time in art journalling. So it will be tremendous if I could learn from all those wonderful women whose work I’m really in love with. You all have that power with colors which I’m aiming for !!! Art journalling in summer, during holidays, is a pause in time. The time doesn’t matter anymore !! I can go deeper in myself, trying to hear from my inner voice. That can be magic !!!!

I love what you said about going deeper into yourself and trying to hear your inner voice. Somehow that is always easier when you’re away from your ‘normal’ life. It’s something I really strive for as well! Thank you for entering CΓ©line!

This is truly exciting!!! What wonderful artists are involved in this course. I’ve only recently gotten into art journaling. Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed with all the materials it takes and I’ve gone to some in-person classes dragging a suitcase of stuff with me on the subway in NYC…not recommended I assure you. I would love to take a toiletry bag and be able to go to the park, beach, pool, why even the local shopping mall and make art…but I NEED the expert instruction to gently push me along and build my confidence. I would be over the moon to win a spot in this class, and learn and grow my journal experiences!!!!

Hey Janet, such an exciting line up, right?! I really know what you mean. I totally get art supply overwhelm too. And I have this issue with having a continuous fear of ‘missing out’, so I end up taking WAY too many supplied because I can’t choose! I just packed my art bag for a weekend camping as per the AJSS supply list but I just HAD to put in a second ink spray and second roll of washi tape… I couldn’t help myself!!

Dear Iris, I would love to win a spot in this class. I am totally housebound with ME/CFS but I hope to be well enough to get out in the garden to art journal if not, I will be looking out of the window for inspiration.

Art journaling can take you anywhere, I think that’s the beauty! It’s lovely that you have a garden available for when you feel well enough! Good luck Carol. xx

Mariellen, what a wonderful plan to incorporate these things into your grandchildren’s scrapbooks! I imagine they will be super meaningful keepsakes for you, your kids & grandkids!

Woehoe!!!! This is so cool! I was already thinking what I should bring with me when I am going on vacation to Kroatie because it have to fit in my suitcase offcourse and can’t be to heavy so this is my saving. It’s gonna be a great summer!!!!! Looking forward to it.

Yay Carola, I hope you will have loads of creative fun in Kroatie! I’ve never been, it sounds really exciting. I hope you will share some pictures this summer!

try art journaling a little every day. learned to take loose sheets that can be glued into journal when I get home. less to carry and works fine for me. Glue stick, pens and colored pencils, watercolor pencils and water brush. All thats needed.

Wow that sounds amazing Laura! I’d love to visit lake Erie at some point. It’s always really appealed to my imagination.

Wauw! This is so cool! My vacation is in Spier, the Netherlands! I live in the Netherlands.
I love art journaling!! I asked my mother if I can do the online workshop, I hope so!! Last year I did also an art journaling on vacantion online workshop by Marieke Blokland, it was great!!!
(I hope that my English is good, because my Englisch is not really good. :))

Ooh ik ben daar heel dicht in de buurt een paar jaar geleden op vakantie geweest (Dwingelderveld in een vakantiehuisje). Super mooie omgeving!

No, but it could be where I am. I have by passed the work filter but it could be still the issue! I will try tonight from home!

Who that’s exciting news. Congratulations! I think it’s a lot of fun. Great teachers. I don’t know where I ‘am going on a holiday, because we have a camper, so it could be anywhere! πŸ™‚ I have a suitcase where i put my art journal stuff into!

That’s so exciting Anita! It’s great to have your home with you so to speak when you go on holiday. When we went to the US last year we travelled in a campervan, it was really great!

Hi Iris,

Yes.. this is so great that you are going to teach in this class.. and i’m very excited about it.. can you tell haha.
I alway take a little Art Journal or travlers journal with me so that i can draw or paint a little bit on my vacation. I also like to ad tickets and foto’s and that kind of stuff in it.. What i love about this classes is that the video’s are max 15 minutes.. i think on vacation that is all that i need.. this year i wil not go on a big vacantion but we will go on city trips and of course i bring a journal and very little supplies with me ;-).
thanks for this opportunity to win a spot. Hugs Petra

Yes me too that’s what I love about the course too! It’s fun and a real challenge to make a short video that still imparts a lot of tips & inspiration. I think Marieke is soooo good at that. Her videos are always snappy but super useful and inspiring. I love incorporating tickets and things like that too, although I do find it hard to know where to stick them down!

I am excited to say that I will be Art Journaling all summer long outside in the fresh air on my beautiful patio surrounded by nature, and on rainy days in my new art studio which I renovated the basement to create. I always art journal on holiday. That’s the best time because you are free of stress, housework and family care! I utilize my free time when sitting at the airport waiting and while in flight to create. Life is precious, why waste any moments when those can be Creative Moments !

Wow Diane, I admire your attitude and am insanely jealous of the sound of your patio! I’d looooooove to have a space like that.

I’m already enjoying your newsletter and I can’t wait to be off from school for the summer….lots of art journaling from home. πŸ™‚

Congratulations! I hope I will art journal somewhere where I can smell the ocean. πŸ™‚

Woo-hoo! πŸ™‚ Congrats on being part of this as a teacher!! I’ll be around home here in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains most of the summer… Taking art supplies with me to the lake when I can make the time and to town to play with when the kids have art camp. πŸ™‚

Yay Julia, thank you so much! I so love the area that you live, super inspiring surroundings! Can’t wait to see what you will be creating this summer.

Thank you for for all you have done so far and the chance to win a spot in the summer school.

With 5 kiddos under foot i imagine anywhere we can???? They have also followed me on this journey…or maybe i followed them.

Hi Iris! I’m already sgned up for your newsletter so I’m just answering your question. I’ll be journalling here at home. I have only been journalling since last June or July, and I have never journalled on holiday. I look after my Mum who’s 85, so I can’t take the time to go on holiday. She’s not well enough to be alone and there’s nobody else to look after her (I am an only child).
Congratulations on being chosen by Marieke as one of her teachers. I see our lovely Effy is also involved!
Thanks for this opportunity.

I imagine it’s tough looking after your mum and having to put your own needs on hold for a time. I hope you’ll be able to grab some moments to do some art! Thanks for your support, and yes I am SOOOOO tickled pink to be part of a course that has such awesome guest teachers on it like Effy, she’s a legend!

Indeed, sweetheart, it’s quite tough. I was watching Byron Katie 2 nights ago, and she was telling people to live THEIR lives, and not to be tied to others – but how can I? But I am happy to care for her, she IS my mother, after all, and she looked after me when I couldn’t do it. I have plenty of time to do art as I don’t work (can’t leave Mum for long).
Thanks for the lovely reply, Iris. (hugs)

My vacation this year will be a getaway to meet a group of people that chat together while watching our favorite UStreams. We’ll all be meeting each other for the first time. We will have a big room where we can art together for four days! So I will definitely have my supplies with me…as many as I can fit in my little car!!!
This will be a new experience for me. I usually spend my summers at home in Massachusetts, surrounded by my art supplies, happily creating whenever I want to. I have a wonderful life and am very grateful for it.

Oh wow Raine that sounds amazing!!! I’m a bit of an introvert (and hermit) myself, but recently I’ve been venturing out of my comfort zone to meet likeminded arty people. It’s been soul enriching and life changing! It really makes me wish I was closer to all the people I’ve connected with online, because real magic happens when you meet people face to face. I hope you will have an awesome time!! Please tell me all about it!

Hi Iris course sounds fab so sad I haven’t been able to take up the class as had to take a pay cut in my new job. It’s great to give us the opportunity to win a spot on the course and although I haven’t done it before I am hoping to do some Jourmalling or sketching on my trip to Venice this year.

Fingers crossed
Em x

Ik zou er heel erg naar uitkijken moest ik kunnen meedoen aan deze Art Journal Summer School! Wat leuk!!! Wij zullen helaas opnieuw niet op vakantie kunnen wegens de gezondheid maar, daarom juist dat ik me verder wil verdiepen in al die leuke technieken. Het zal mijn gedachten weer kunnen verzetten. Dat is het mooie aan het Art Journallen. Je kan er alle emoties ook in kwijt. Blij dat ik het een tijdje geleden heb ontdekt. Het maakt mijn wereld veel mooier! X

Thankyou for the opportunity to win a place on what looks like a fabulous course. I normally journal with lots of supplies around me often being unable to choose what to use. I sometimes take a little book and pencils out with me but then always feel I dont have what I need. No holidays booked as yet but to be able to sit in the garden with a few supplies would be all that I needed to make me happy. I would love to able to grab those little opportunities while travelling or waiting somewhere to create something. Time is so precious xx

I work at a berry farm in the summer, i can not wait to journal and create during the slow times. Then of course there is the collaboritive journaling with my three year old. Never know what that will produce.

Oh how exciting!! I will be art journaling in both Killeen Texas and Chicago Illinois. I don’t do much but I try to journal about my trip. I am trying to fancy myself as an artist so the journaling tends to keep me on track. I absolutely love your work and the work of Juna,. I am unfamiliar the work of the other artists, but I’m sure they are amazing if they are in your circle. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in your class!!

Hi Iris. I am happy to have found you on the web and it is so generous of you to have a giveaway of this awesome class. In two years I will walk the El Camino in Spain and in practice I plan on walking as much of the Trans Canada Trail as I can being a weekend warrior. It would be wonderful to have tools to journal about this endeavor.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to try and win the art journaling summer course. That would be such a dream come true!! To learn from so many talented artists. Got my fingers crossed. God bless.

This summer, we will go to the south of France. I journaled in the easter holidays and I liked it very much. Now, I want to learn more about journaling with only a few supplies. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

Wow this looks amazing and I would love to win! I try to art journal when we visit grandbabies but it never works out! I’d rather snuggle.

Congrats on being in this course – Iris. Your art and business is growing with leaps and bounds. And I hope this will be a big success. I know it will be: such an interesting line up. Good luck to all.
I don’t know where I will be – but usually camping somewhere near the sea – and I bring art materials to do art, and perhaps this year an art journal… ? Normally I bring paper or buy paper locally and do whatever feels right. Traveloguing sometimes – drawing and painting what i see when on holiday . Does that count?
Anyway – would love to win a spot!
( I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore classes for some time -as I just enrolled for an art retreat in June – wooooohoooo – so… I am crossing my fingers now for this chance. )

This sounds so awesome! I’m having surgery this summer and will be journaling from bed most of the time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get outside and do some art/journaling in the fresh air, though! Thank you!

Wow what a line up of fantastic teachers and I’m pleased to see you’re among them. This summer I will be art journalling on one leg while juggling the baby on the other. Only kidding but it is important to take some me time while the baby sleeps and spend it doing what you love.
I’ve journalled on holiday before. Usually this means surrounding myself with things I’ve found from my geocaching adventures and leaflets from touristic places. Mixing it up and making delicious pages that are lovely to look back on.

So Happy for you and all my other art friends in this great group of teachers. I will probably be at home most of the summer. We usely go on vacation in September. Every vacation I take a big bag with art supplies, paper,art books and journals. Sometimes I make vacation pages and sometimes lessons from courses made with what I have with me.

Hi Iris,
I’m so excited to get to know you better during this course. I’ve been following you for a while and I love your work. I am a real “Marieke” fan and I’m so happy that she’s giving me a chance to get to know you and other artists in this way. What fun! I just returned from a 2-week vacation so I don’t have any travel plans this summer other than a few day trips but I’m excited to be able to work with a limited amount of supplies and learn exactly what I can do with them on the go. Sometimes having a lot of art supplies overwhelms me, so this is going to be a chance to relax and learn. Thanks for this chance to win – but either way, I’ll see you in summer school!

I’ve just signed up for the course. I’m very fortunate to be able to take it. We will be staying home,probably as my husband will be having radiation for lung cancer. No worries its in remission and he is doing well. I live at the beach in California and have both a lovely garden the ocean to inspire me. I loved your rainbow journal class and am so happy you are teaching again. Huggs, Linda.

Hi Iris!
I am so excited for you to have this opportunity! I would very much like to win a spot in this journaling class. Journaling is something that is new to me. I am more of a “big canvas” type painter. However, I want to take up journaling, as I feel that it would really help with my anxiety, and there is a lot less pressure. I will be spending my holiday at a beach house this summer. Being a part of the summer journaling group would be just perfect!

Hi Iris,
We are going to Italy this summer and i am excited about it! Sun, walking, reading, visit old cities AND off course art journaling. Last holiday I packed mij watercolor pencils, neocolor II and my aquarelpaperbloc. I tried painting the views we had and tried hard to doodle. Have a nice summer, Manon

I would love to win this chance, thank you so much for the opportunity! This course is full of some of my favorite teachers! I love your energy and teaching style, so glad you are a part of this. I have actually made a goal to do more art outside this summer so this course would be perfect since the hardest part for me is deciding what to leave behind! I love creating with the sun shining on me. I will also be going to some family events at a nearby lake. I am very grateful for my life today!

Hi Iris,
Every summer we are going to a campsite somewhere in Europe. I love a long walk with my 2 dogs and when it rains i read a book or i take my art supplies and get messy!

Hello!!! Thank you so much for posting about this in the Cafe…. I just signed up for your newsletter and I am THRILLED to have found a new arty retreat to spend my days and avoid housework! Absolutely adore the look of the class… so fingers crossed! πŸ™‚ x

Sorry.. so excited.. I forgot to say my summer Art plans…….
hopefully.. in a caravan .. in a field… in peace and quiet…..
Me, my journal.. my pencils (etc) and my tablet and lots of scrummy Art Videos… and books! πŸ™‚

Thanks for the opportunity to win!!
My summer art journaling will be at home (Florida,USA). My family and I just moved here in the fall, so no vacation adventures this year, at least I don’t think so.

Hi Iris,

So excited and curious about the course, can’t wait to start! I plan on walking in Spain, just me and my backpack. I can only take as much as I can carry, but that will definetly include the supplies for summerart !

I am going to journal at the beach and hopefully any chance I get to be out in the sun. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the fun class.

Thanks for the chance to win! This class seems awesome! In fact, it’s just what I need! Every summer, every weekend when we go to our summer cottage (by car and then by boat!) I bring LOADS of art material and when we go back home I bring it all back, and my art journal is as empty as it was before the weekend. I keep on doing this until oktober! I really need to take this class!

Hoi Iris,
Dit jaar neem ik mijn spullen mee naar Kroatie om te kunnen art journalen. Lekker in de voortent van de caravan na een stranddag bezig zijn met verf, stencils, neocolors in mijn art journal. Ik krijg het nog druk in de vakantie πŸ˜‰
Voor iedereen een fijne en mooie zomer!
Liefs, Marga

Not a whole lot of fun this summer for me – I am going to be art journalling in hospital, and then at home while I recover from surgery. But maybe later in the autumn I’ll take my journal to Cornwall while I visit family. πŸ™‚

I love the internet. It is amazing that we can receive wonderful artist such as yourself, whom I would never get to know without the internet.

Hope to be inspired!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing your talent.

I will be art journaling in a new location, new place and new adventure.
Well not to happy about moving from sunshine to cold, but I have
my art journaling to fill my soul.
thank you for the opp to enter in your free giveaway.

hi Iris,
my journal and i (along with hubs and kids ;-)) are staying home this year. This way my journal and ik know for sure we won’t forget to pack stuff (like the last time i went on a holiday)
wish you lots of fun making your class and an amazing, good and creative summer
love annemiek

Actually, I have no idea where I will be this summer, probably at home or maybe in the north of the Netherlands in our caravan. Last year we were there and I only had some gelato’s and markers with me. The art journal page I liked best, was done with a pen…
Iris I love your artwork! Very inspiring!

hi Iris! I would love to win a spot on this course! I am going on an artists retreat in Italy and it would be amazing to do the journalling summer school while I am there! (p.s. I have already signed up to your newsletter so didnt click that bit this time!)

This year it will be a staycation! I’ll be journaling in my garden, hoping to be inspired by flowers, birds, bees, and butterflies! Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot!!

I will be summer jounaling at home this summer with just a few short weekend trips to places I love, our cabin in the woods by the river (so calming &peaceful), and a trip to the waterpark with our kids that are home from college for the summer. Mostly, I enjoy my Journaling in the early morning quiet with my three dogs and my cup of coffee.

I have 3 trips planned for the summer and would welcome tips on portable journaling!

This course looks like so much fun! I will be journaling in my own back yard this summer, and hopefully on some weekend trips to the mountains. Love your work!

I haven’t journaled on vacation yet, I just started my first journal early this year! But I’m excited to take my supplies with me to the lake next month to see the inspiration of a new place!

This summer I am going to be in Toronto Canada and surrounding cities….winning a spot would be inspirational. Thank you for the opportunity!

I am new to art journaling and need a lot of help. I think your summer art journal class would be the perfect thing to help me learn the process.

Iris, I will rating on the Jersey shore this summer with my 2 daughters. I’ve waited 10 years for this trip back to where I grew up (it’s a two-day drive to get there). I’ve already started packing my art supplies so that I am ready to work through any childhood stuff that surfaces while I’m there. Starting a new art journal sounds like a great idea!

Iris, thanks for the chance! I will be on vacation for two weeks – going to Avon, Colorado and South Dakota to go visit Mount Rushmore, I usually sketch and water color when I’m on the road.

Hugs, Carmen

im planning a trip to Europe with my family. Hope to so some art journaling as we travel!

just learning art journaling,so I feel like this class would be really great beginning!

Forgot to add I will be laid up come July 10th. I am having surgery on my heel for heel Spurs. Can’t put any wait on it for six weeks then a walking cast.will take me 4 mos. to recover,then I have to have it done to my other foot. So I am going to have a lot of down time,and this seems simple enough I can manage to do it from the couch as I recuperate.

I will getting my journaling done this summer, on the go….following my adorable special needs kiddo to her many appointments for therapies. It’s my only uninterrupted time I have because she requires so much attention and by the time she goes to bed at night, I’m too exhausted to do anything but zone out on Netflix!

I will be sitting down at the water watching the seagulls and the boats are trying to clear my mind and de stress with my jornal.

i found you on Facebook and this looks just wonderful! I will be journaling my imaginary travels from my sofa this summer, as I am laid up in ill health. Doing art would be the perfect therapy. I would so love to win the extra spot!

We will be mostly staying close to home this summer but we live in the lovely Pacific Northwest (U.S.) and I hope to spend as much time as possible at the Oregon coast. I’m very new to Art Journaling so have to try it on vacation.

Hi i am going to do my art journal at home this summer. i really want to win a spot , that would help me to learn and improve my style and my art. Thank you.

Hi Iris, I love taking my art journal camping. I mainly take the journal, a set of prisma colour pencils and a few pens, like a black pen and a white posca pen. I don’t tend to use paints when I am away. I have recently made a peerless palette. So next time I might take that with me as it is also small and easy to carry with me.

I will be art journaling with my granddaughters mostly at home, but am traveling to Eastern Canada with my three sisters, where I hope to art in the great outdoors! Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in this awesome course!