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It feels like when I do a lot of one thing, something else gets left behind! My focus these days has been on creating videos, which means I haven’t been blogging a lot. A few weeks ago I blogged a lot, which meant I wasn’t doing as much art. It’s hard to fit in all the things I want to do, because I want to do so much! I absolutely love being on this creative journey and all that goes with it: creating art, blogging, making videos, art supply shopping (..I think I have a slight addiction), connecting with other artistic people online. It’s awesome!

So in this post I bring you my most recent videos!

Every time I create a video I learn more about how to do this well. How to edit, what works, what doesn’t, what I need to be aware of when talking on camera. It’s a fun learning experience!

I’d love to know what you like when you watch an art video. Short or long? Talking or no talking? On screen text or no text?

By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

5 replies on “Art Journal & Tutorial Videos”

Hi Iris,
It’s been not so long since I’ve last visited your blog and I am impressed to see all the new videos you’ve done (maybe I just didn’t saw them last time). Are you using a specific programme to do that? Anyways, it’s really interesting to see how other people create.
On my side I have a hard time getting focused, but I feel the urge to paint again which is already a good sign.

Nice to hear from you Mihaela! Yes most of these videos are fairly new. I’ve been trying to do one a week, although I might have to go to a once every two weeks or once a month schedule instead. I love making videos but it is very time consuming! I edit my footage in Premiere Elements. Glad to hear you’re feeling the urge to paint again, go with it!!

Wow , you’ve been busy! I need to tape a video too and I have no idea where/how to start …. I keep postponing it because it seems so difficult. I like short videos like yours, and usually I prefer screen text, so I can watch it without having to turn on the sound (is not always convenient) ….

Denthe I’d LOVE to see your process on video!! It’s not too difficult, you can make it as complicated as you like but it doesn’t have to be. I’d recommend finding a way to film yourself at a good angle (I have a little desk tripod that allows me to have the camera above my workspace facing down) and then just speed up all the footage in an editing programme (iMovie on a Mac or Windows Movie Maker on a PC) to create a video that isn’t too long. Such a good point about screen text by the way, I always love knowing what people prefer when it comes to the format of my videos. With most of my fast forward videos I’m now trying to do a little talking intro, and then text overlaying the video for instruction.

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