Art Play Relay – Project Announcement!

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Update: A Facebook group has been created for you to join so you can find all the videos in one place, share your artworks, submit quotes (and see if yours was the one used!), and find an art partner to buddy up with. Search for Art Play Relay on Facebook or go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/artplayrelay

For months now I’ve been working away at a secret project and it’s finally the day that I can share this with you!!! On Sunday 25 January the wonderful Juna from Juna Biagioni Art and I will be launching a super exciting art collaboration video project on our YouTube channels. Watch the video below and/or keep reading to learn more!

To watch Juna’s introduction video please go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejiyp-bGBCg

What is Art Play Relay?

Juna and I really admire each other’s art styles, especially because they are so different from each other. We loved the idea of somehow working together, even though we live in different countries (!) so we came up with an art exchange project!!

We will each start our own painting, then we will send it to the other via snail mail and the other person will finish the painting. How awesome is that?!!

We will upload a new video every last Sunday of the month. The first video will go live on 25 January. Then on 22 February tune in again to see how Juna finishes my painting, and I finish Juna’s!

The videos will show you how we create the paintings alongside explanations of techniques and supplies used. Fun AND educational, it’s totally win/win!

How can you get involved?

There are two ways:

1. For each painting we want to pick a unique theme. So we’d like to invite you to suggest a quote that is meaningful to you (a famous quote, your grandmother’s favourite saying, a line from a songtext, anything that speaks to you!), then at the beginning of each painting we will do a blind draw and pick one quote that is going to inform the theme of that painting. Please comment on this blog post or on the YouTube intro video to suggest a quote!

2. Follow along with the videos and create your own artwork. Better yet, partner up with a friend (someone in a different country! It’s so exciting to get snail mail from a foreign country!) and do your own art exchange at the same time.

Get to know us

To help introduce Juna to you and introduce myself to Juna’s readers please keep reading to find out some more about us!

About Juna

Tell us a little about yourself

JunaMy name is Juna Biagioni, I’m 42 years old, a mixed media artist & explorer, and I live in the beautiful heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

As a little girl I loved being creative, making music, drawing and writing stories. Later my focus shifted, but a few years ago I rediscovered my creative source and started a new exciting journey into art.

Making art is very important in my life. It’s wonderful to just be in the creative flow, totally focused on the art that’s being created and nothing else, feeling sometimes very serene and meditative, other times frustrated and with a lot of inner criticism, or very bubbly and alive. It’s always an exciting journey, not knowing what the next move will be and where it will take me. It teaches me to trust, to dare to let go and make bold moves, and to step out of my own way and just follow the process.

What kind of art do you make

I mostly work with mixed media and make paintings, drawings and monoprints (unique handmade prints made with the gelli plate). Lately I’m also creating what I call texture art, where I am playing with various textures and patterns to add a 3D dimension.

Sometimes my work is quite abstract, other times it’s more figurative and surrealistic.

I love to connect with others through my work, to share the stories behind it and to receive people’s comments and reactions. It gives me an opportunity to express parts of myself that otherwise I wouldn’t show as easily. But I also like to leave enough open space in my work to encourage the viewer to create their own story around it. I want to point to a deeper, mystical reality, raising questions without giving any answers. I like to tickle curiosity and hope that people are touched and see their own deeper meaning into the artwork.

The most amazing thing that can happen is when I hear from people that my art has touched them in one way or another, because it means that the artwork has a strength of its own, separate from me, which is able to move something in another person. That’s just pure magic.

What are your favourite supplies

Besides acrylic paints and mediums I also work with inks, charcoal, oil paint, oil pastels, colored pencil, and collage. But the world of mixed media is so vast and there are so many fun supplies to work with, that I’m sure this list will continue to develop and change in the future!

About Iris

Tell us a little about yourself

IirsI’m Iris, I live in central London with my family (2 kids, 1 husband & 1 cat).

There are two things I LOVE more than anything in the world: making art & inspiring people to make art themselves.

I’ve struggled with not feeling deserving of creating, not feeling good enough (either myself or my art), not feeling like an ‘artist’. Then I had a kind of ‘aha’ moment when I started sharing that struggle online and realised there are so many people out there who feel the same!

I really don’t want to let those negative feelings stop me (or anyone else) from creating art, so I like sharing my journey, my insights and my art so we can all create art, learn more about ourselves in the process and ultimately become better and happier people because of it.

What kind of art do you make

An eclectic mix! I’m mostly known for creating whimsy girls, but I am finding it really hard to pick one theme and stick with it. Currently I like doing whimsical girls, stylised female portraits, some more intuitive/abstract experimentation and I’m in the process of learning how to add more hand lettering to my art.

I create art for self expression, but also to give myself messages that I need to hear or things I want to remind myself of. You will find phrases on my art such as ‘welcome your inner fire’, ’embrace your fear’ and ‘remember how strong you really are’.

I love working with bright colours, turquoise is my favourite, together with pink (especially fluorescent) and yellow. I also love making shabby grungy looking art and I’m always looking for and experimenting with techniques to get that look.

What are your favourite supplies

What a question to ask a self professed art supply addict…. Must.have.ALL.the.supplies!! Don’t let me loose in the art supply store haha!

One of my great loves are acrylic paints, especially fluid acrylics. When I discovered those it was as if something just clicked! I especially love the Golden brand.

I love texture and some of my favourite supplies to create texture are: gesso with a brayer, modeling paste & crackle medium.

Then recently I’ve fallen in love with oil bars and oil pastels. They are so amazingly soft and creamy, and I love finger painting with them. They just make me super happy!

What’s Next & Joining Us

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here, and Juna’s channel here so you will know when new videos go live.

We’d love for you to join us! Leave a comment below with your quote. Find a friend and follow along with the art exchange project. Also feel free to use the questions above to introduce yourself and your partner on your blogs and let us know where we can find you!

I CAN’T WAIT!!!! See you on Sunday 25 January!

8 thoughts on “Art Play Relay – Project Announcement!”

  1. Dear Iris, Art Play Relay sounds great & fun! As I’m quite new in art making, I have found myself many times wondering on how to complete a half-made project or how an experienced artist would do it. I’m sure that this idea of yours will be fun and help newbies like me! Also, a thing that I find quite difficult is to make a project based on a ‘general idea’ quote, which I usually like more, I sometimes can visualize but I can’t transfer to paper through art, so I would like to propose a quote of this kind. So my quote is: ‘Hope is the little voice you hear whisper “maybe” when it seems the entire world is shouting “no”‘. Happy new beginning both to you and Juna!

    • Thank you Melfina. You mention some really interesting and important points that I hadn’t thought of! I’ll make sure to try and incorporate some tips in my video with regards to this.

      Thank you for the quote, it’s such an inspiring one!

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