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08 Oct 2014

Art Print Giveaway – And The Winner Is……..

Wow, you guys, running a giveaway is FUN!! And now I get to give one of my art prints to the lucky winner!! And the winner is………… Sarah Nichol Roeder Congratulations Sarah!!!!!!!!!!! I have contacted you by email, please get back to me within one week to claim your prize! If you didn’t win, don’t despair! I am still running a 20% off code for the duration of October. Just go to my Etsy shop and use YAYGIVEAWAYOCT2014 when you […]

03 Oct 2014
Experiencing Loss

Experiencing Loss

This post is disjointed. It’s not a nicely packaged and smoothly flowing account of loss. That’s just not how it works. Even after 14 years. Nevertheless I want to share. This is not my usual type of sharing, but it’s something I really feel drawn to do right now. I feel a bit vulnerable! I want to write ‘this is a difficult time of year for me’, but it feels like that’s what I should write knowing tomorrow is the […]

30 Sep 2014
Fine Art Print Giveaway | www.iris-impressions.com

Free Art Print Giveaway!

If you can’t wait, scroll to the end of the post to enter the giveaway!!! You guys, I’m so excited! I recently realised that I wanted to offer my own fine art prints. Previously I had them printed off-site and although I was happy with the quality, I really wanted to have more control and quicker turnaround times. When you buy something online, you want to receive it as soon as possible, right?! I did a couple of tests on […]

23 Sep 2014

Stop Calling Me Talented

Let’s stop thinking of ‘talented’ as a rigid concept that is inherent (you are born with it), and let’s start thinking about it as something more fluid. Talent can be built on and it isn’t required in order to have fun or do something really well. When people like my art they often tell me ‘Oh you’re so talented!’. It’s a lovely compliment to receive, but it always makes me feel a bit funny. ‘Talented’ seems such a rigid concept. […]

02 Sep 2014

Working With Your Inner Critic & Free Printables!

This post was originally sent as a newsletter to my subscribers. I send out a newsletter at the beginning of each month with things such as links to interesting blog articles, tutorial videos, inspirational writing, freebies and much more! To sign up and get the next one straight to your inbox, pop your details in the form below. First Name Email Address Do you ever listen to those voices inside your head? The ones that tell you you’re not good […]

19 Aug 2014
New Beginnings | mixed media in A5 art journal | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

Art Journal & Tutorial Videos

It feels like when I do a lot of one thing, something else gets left behind! My focus these days has been on creating videos, which means I haven’t been blogging a lot. A few weeks ago I blogged a lot, which meant I wasn’t doing as much art. It’s hard to fit in all the things I want to do, because I want to do so much! I absolutely love being on this creative journey and all that goes […]

12 Aug 2014

Nine Worlds Convention – How It Helped Me Be Myself

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have noticed a plethora of updates this weekend just gone tagged with #nineworlds. Last year I went to Nine Worlds, a completely new geeky convention launched through a Kickstarter, together with 2-month-old Zephyr in tow. Maybe I was a bit crazy! It was awesome though, so awesome that I decided to go again this year, sans kids, for the full three days and with a room at the con hotel. […]

28 Jul 2014
Around The World Blog Hop | image courtesy of Minverva Levinston http://minerva-levinston.blogspot.co.uk

Artsy Blog Hop – part 2

image by Minerva Levinston There is more, you ask?? Last Monday I posted about the blog hop and answered four questions about my art. This Monday it is the turn of my three lovely friends Stephanie, Juna & Sara. Especially now that they have posted their answers to give us an insight into their process, I am struck by what I love so much about this blog hop: I adore each of their art, while their personalities and artwork are […]

26 Jul 2014
Play Your Joy | mixed media on 8x8" canvas board | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

My First Commission & A Photo Walkthrough

A few weeks ago I got the nicest surprise, my cousin Victoria asked me if she could commission a painting from me! I was a bit nervous but also really excited and once I’d spoken to her about the subject matter and colour preferences I got straight to work. I documented the process with my iPhone as I was working, because I thought you might like to see how I create a painting from start to finish! Victoria is a […]

21 Jul 2014
Around The World Blog Hop | image courtesy of Minverva Levinston http://minerva-levinston.blogspot.co.uk

Around The World Artsy Blog Hop

Happy Monday to you all! Yes I said happy Monday. Certainly I am one of those people who at the end of the week thinks ‘TGIF’, but I don’t hate Mondays. There’s always plenty of work to be done after the weekend which means the first day of the week is usually over in a flash and then it’s Tuesday and that is my artsy play day! image by Minerva Levinston Today I bring you a blog hop! Angelique from […]