Early Bird Book of Days 2019 Registration Open!

Book of Days 2019

One of the reasons I love teaching on collaborative courses is I get to share my teaching with so many more of you that way! I’m super excited to be teaching on Book of Days 2019.

BOD-All-Stars-Guest-TeachersBook Of Days 2019 is a year long e-course by Effy Wild which will feature 13 ‘all star’ journal art teachers and at least 12 ‘rising star’ bonus teachers. This course is designed to immerse you in art journaling with new content going live at the beginning of each and every month throughout the year, including full length video tutorials by Effy and her all stars, bonus content by Effy’s rising stars, interviews, journal prompts, live virtual gatherings and monthly vlogs. Along with more content than you’ll ever need to sustain your own creative practice, you will be enfolded in a community of gorgeous, wildly creative, supportive journal artists who make building and maintaining a creative practice one of their priorities. Join us with instant access to introductory content beginning TODAY (1 November). Class begins in earnest on January 1st.

Effy’s way of teaching and her approach to the artistic process is very similar to how I work. It’s all about expression, allowing things to come out, dancing with your feelings and having a space to process all the things life throws at us. I really hope you will join us for what will be a transformative year of art journaling.

Some of the other guest teachers involved are Tamara Laporte, Nolwenn Petitbois, Sarah Trumpp, Cristin Chambers, Marieke Blokland (my BFF!), Kiala Givehand, Tiare Smith, Cary Cutler Scholes, Lee Clements, Michelle Rydell, Tangie Baxter, and Micki Wilde. An exciting line-up for sure, and all handpicked by Effy to fit in with the very unqiue Book of Days vibe.

Early bird pricing is $99 until December 31st, and $120 thereafter!

If you’re wondering if this is the right course for you, see if you indentify with the following statements:

  • You want to develop a regular art journal practice
  • You want to create art from your feelings
  • You are willing to be vulnerable
  • You are looking for a tight-knit & fiercely supportive community

If you have any questions please feel free to drop a comment below or send me an email.

Full disclosure: the links in this post are ‘affiliate links’. This means that if you sign up to Book of Days 2019 via my link, I will get paid a percentage. This doesn’t cost you anything extra and is how I get paid for teaching on the course. It means a lot to me when you sign up through my link, thank you for your support!

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