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Book Of Days Giveaway!

Lovely art friends, I’m so excited to be back on Book of Days hosted by Effy Wild for another year. This course is close to my heart. It’s for those of you who want to express yourselves through art, those who are not afraid to go further and look deeper, who won’t shy away from what comes up and who will embrace making raw art that expresses the pain and joys of life.


Woohooo! I secretly really hope the spot will go to someone who hasn’t done the course before and really needs it, so they can discover the magic for themselves =)

I’ve already got plenty of ideas for my lesson on Book of Days 2020 and you bet it will be incorporating raw art journaling.

Registration opens on 15 October, so please put that date in your diary! I really hope you will join us, and can I ask you a personal request? If you join the course, please consider signing up through my link. It means I get paid for teaching on the course and that support is really important to me!

To enter the giveaway I simply ask you do the following things:

1. Click the link to the Book of Days registration page and bookmark it

2. Leave a comment below

The winner will be randomly selected on 15 October and will be contacted via email.

By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

154 replies on “Book Of Days Giveaway!”

Art journaling became a life saver for me this last year. This looks like the perfect course for me and a great lineup of teachers!

Oh my have never done anything like this before the lifebook summit was my first and was to expensive to continue! Please please please….fingers crossed!

Hi thanks so much for this opportunity.
I am seeking soul comfort and strength living with our 8 year old autistic daughter which can be such a challenge and eye opener in many ways! This is yet another opportunity to find what quiets the mind to help me support her and give her the best of me!

ooohhhh!! i’ve bookmarked the site…. I am crossing my fingers to have an opportunity to take this course! Thanks for offering the opportunity for a free spot!

Thank you. Book is Days looks like a wonderful course and I don’t journal too often but more and with such awesome guidance would be great. I appreciate being in the pool for the giveway!

I never participated in BOD and I would love to find out what it can do for my art and (trauma)healing practice. The things I read about it are very promising! Thanks for the chance to win a spot ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi, Iris! I loved your session on the LB summit; can only imagine what wonderfulness you have in store for BOD. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in BOD 2020. I haven’t participated in it before but it looks and sounds amazing. Right up my alley, so to speak. ๐Ÿ˜ It would be so awesome to win!! ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ€

Oh wowee what a prize, thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous, inspirational course, xx

Thank you So incredibly much for the chance to win Iris!!! It would be absolutely wonderful to be able to do the course!!

I loved Effy’s summit interview and would love to experience her Book of Days class for the first time! Thanks for the opportunity!

Thank you for the opportunity to win a place in Book of Days! I spent four months last year in an intensive trauma recovery program that saved my life. Now that I am no longer surviving from one moment to the next, I am able to explore living – and creating art is joy to my soul. I’ve only just learned about Book of Days following the LB Summit. I’m in absolute awe of the authenticity and raw vulnerability of many artists. Embracing this as my next step in the healing process would be a blessing.

What a wonderful opportunity this would be. I’m just beginning art journaling and mixed media so I would love to win a chance at learning so much!

Oh I would looove to join the Book of day!! I just signed up for LifeBook 2020 so Iยจll just cross my fingers for BOD ๐Ÿ˜‰

Congratz Iris… i more and more love your style of creating art journal pages. I never did BOD… and there are so many other art classes but lately i am into art journaling a lot more because it just is ME.. i feel loose and free.. and i am trying out a lot of new raw and free journaling.
Keep going and be who you are.. <3
Petra Stein

I would love to win a spot on this course as I use art as therapy, I love your work, it’s inspiring and free, Thanks for the chance ๐Ÿ™‚

I would love to win a spot on Book of Days ๐Ÿ’•. Iโ€™ve never done it before but it sounds like a perfect combination for me of raw journalling and art. ๐ŸŒŸ

Dearest Iris, Iโ€™m going to be brave and just say what is in my heart. Iโ€™ve art journaled for many years. It has supported my soul through many of lifeโ€™s journeys. This past year I have been blessed with a beautiful baby granddaughter…Wren…Iโ€™ve been helping my daughter care for her, which hasnโ€™t left much time. But now I will have more time. When I read your email about the giveaway for the Book of Days, I began to cry…the is soooo much emotion swirling within my soul waiting to be expressed. The Book of Days would be the perfect process of expression. Thank you, Marsha

Bookmark ..Done !
Comment.. this sounds wonderful , Iโ€™d love to win something this nice, thanks for the chance !

Hello Iris, so happy to see you teaching on Book of Days. I would love the chance to do this course and find a different direct with my artwork after becoming stuck lately due to the pressures of life! I would also love to do your lesson after identifying so much with your ethos on the Summit. Thanks for the chance, Ali (@bedsitdiary on instagram)

I have really taken to art journaling. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and several other autoimmune illnesses. When I have a flare up and get depressed it really helps me to let it out and remain positive. I take care of my mother, who is diabetic and disabled by the same arthritis. my two girls are teens now and so I find myself with lots of thoughts and feelings needing outlets. I would love a chance to win. โค๏ธ

I would be very happy if I would win this! I’ve just found my creativeness again after many, many years. Thank you for the chance!

I would really love to win a spot! I enjoy painting and colouring and it helps me control stress! Thank you!

This looks like a wonderful series. I just wish I had the funds to sign up. But life happens, and we donโ€™t always get whet we want. Maybe next year…

HI Iris. I enjoyed your Life Book Summit activity so much I subscribed to your website, something I rarely do. And already Iโ€™ve been rewarded, not just with the content you provide but now with this fabulous opportunity!

Iris, thank you for the opportunity to stand a chance of winning a free spot. The Book of Days sounds absolutely fabulous…especially the raw art journaling part as besides that it might open a can of worms…it is a great opportunity to heal.

I’ve not done Book Of Days before. In fact I’ve not done any year long art course ever. I’ve only done a few courses that were only hours or days. Most of my knowledge has been self-taught through watching videos, playing with tools and products and experimentation. I’m not sure how I would cope with having to follow so much instruction, I just know I love to learn, I love to experiment and this certainly sounds like an amazing experience with some incredibly talented and creative people.

Book of Days is one of two year-long art courses I’m considering for 2020, the other is Life Book from Willowing Arts. I’ve not done either before, in fact I’ve not done any art course for a full year before, but after the 2019 we’ve had, losing my last parent, and my partner his first, plus several other deaths and the odd tragedy in the family, something is calling to me, and I’m hoping my father’s artistic talent might have had some lasting influence on me and my soul, so I need to explore next year. Fingers crossed it will give me something further…

I’ve bookmarked the page ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t done this course before, but it sounds so wonderful (and helpful). Please enter my name in your draw, and thank you for this lovely opportunity to win a free spot.

Wow! Thank you for this opportunity. And such lovely comments too. Good luck to all of us who want a space.

Iยดve never participated in BOD, but have really thought about joining it next year. Would really love to win a free place on the course.

Thank you for the opportunity for a seat in BOD! Itโ€™s truly amazing that these fine artists can give so much of themselves to others. Iโ€™d be thrilled to create alongside individuals who see the value and healing power of art!

I’m about to start a new chapter in my life. If the universe thinks I should win this course, it will decide ๐Ÿ™‚

I have loved seeing your work. I havenโ€™t done BOD before and it looks like a good way to expand art knowledge and enjoyment. Thanks for a chance. :0)

Thank you for the chance to win a spot! I’ve done BOD for several years now and absolutely love it! Next year’s line up looks amazing, and I can’t wait!

Thank you so much for the opportunity. Your work resonates with me and Iโ€™m happy to support you where I can. โค๏ธ

OMG my fingers are crossed and I am so hopeful! I love the way you present in your art, and I look forward to seeing more of it.

This is such an amazing opportunity, thank you so much! Effy is also an amazing artist, would love to win a spot. Thank you so much, for all you do Iris, you are a huge inspiration!

Don’t know BOD but it speaks to me in so many ways!!! I would love to win so thank you for the opportunity โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

BOD sounds very interesting and I’d love a chance to participate for free and find out more. Thank you for this opportunity.

Hi Iris, thanks for the email and telling me about this year long course.
I have not heard of this before and would love to win a spot and learn more about art jounalling and being inspired on a regular basis to create more art ๐Ÿ™‚

Iโ€™ve never participated in Book of Days, but hear itโ€™s great. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!!

Enjoy watching and listening to you both; youโ€™ve influenced my art style in a good and fun way.

I am new to journaling art. Life book summit eas do fun and ideas ran wild of things to create. Sounds like Book of Days would be awesome.

Lets give it a try , i am on a creatieve journey. And i would like to travel even futher with you Iris.๐Ÿ’™โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ™. Warm wishes to all

Hi Iris – I love your work. Just found Book of Days, sounds like an awesome opportunity. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a spot.

{ woooo hoo’s loudly] PICK ME PICK ME !! i respectfully beg for this spot i would love to be a part of this beautiful course. thank you for all you guys do!!!!

Bookmarked! I’ve been looking at this class wishing i was able to sign up! Thank you so much for giving us a chance to win! Art has really saved my life. I’m a 24 year old stay at home mom of 3 kids under age 5, one of them diagnosed with autism and ADHD, I’m a recovering addict, and my family is struggling financially. Been clean about 5 years now since i got pregnant with my 1st child but i got diagnosed with bad anxiety and depression. When i found art it has made my challenges and the world so much easier. I can’t believe how much it has changed me.
Anyways, lol thank you so much for the things that you do for us and thank you for the chance to win! โค๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ™Œ

I would to win this contest. I have recently discovered art journaling and your work. Thanks for the opportunity โ™ฅ๏ธ

Thank you for offering this give away. As someone who struggles with expressing myself , this course could help me find my voice through art.

It would be a wonderful surprise if I get to win. I feel like Iโ€™m moving to a new season in my life and this class looks like it could move to learn in a different way. Thank you for the opportunity

Art journaling is so therapeutic for me. I just started journaling a few weeks ago and I would love to learn more!

I would love to win a spot on Book of Days. I discovered online art classes this summer, and they are helping me get through lifeโ€™s challenges. Also, I just went on disability so it would help a great deal financially. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•โœจ๐ŸŒธ

I am so crossing my fingers and hope I win a spot in this awesome creative place. I am going to learn and grow a a person and creative with Book of Days!

I’ve been fond of Effy’s work since first coming across it a couple of years ago but admittedly didn’t know much about Book Of Days until a few weeks ago. It sounds amazing and I would love to take part in it!

Would love to win a seat in this class! I have enjoyed the other art journaling classes I have taken – very freeing!

Me encantaria poder ingresar y aprender desde una mirada diferente Gracias por la oportunidad

My birthday is October 15th! Yay! I definitely would love to win this! Thank you so much for the opportunity & I will check it out!

Thank you for this giveaway! My art journey started this year with Life Book 2019 (so glad I discovered it) and maybe it will continue next year with Book of Days 2020 which I am curious to experience. I’m totally enjoying the journey so far. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

This is an awesome opportunity and I would love to win a spot on BOD.
I’ve seen snippets and think it might be just what I need. This year has been hard for me health wise and I still have no clear diagnosis so this might help me deal with all the anxiety around this.

Hi Iris, thoroughly enjoyed your fresh approach to lessons on Lifebook. Look forward to following your work โค

Please, PLEASE! Please pick me !!! I promise to let the little fairies watch over my shoulder as we create art TOO!!!

Thanks for the chance at winning a spot. I’ve recently started art journaling. This would be a great experience!

I would love to win a spot on BOD! But Iโ€™m not the only one โ˜บ๏ธ Weโ€™ll see what will happen! Good luck to us all ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

Thank you for the chance to win a spot on Book of Days. I had heard of Lifebook before but not this one.

I have been eyeing BOD for a few years. It hasn’t been in my budget so far so it would be awesome to win a place. Thank You

Looking forward to another year of BOD, love Effy’s art. Happy to see you are one of the teachers and thanks for a chance to win a spot!

Some of my favourite mixed media art teachers on Book of Days next year, including Iris โ™ฅ๏ธ

Thank you for the email to jump in to try and win a seat in the class for the book of days. It would be a awesome class.

Iโ€™ve recently started exploring art and itโ€™s different styles. I would love to participate in this course

Hi Effy:)
Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot with you for Book of Days, I am so excited!
I did the free classes on Lifebook and it has already started transforming my life. I have had chronic health issues for 21 years, unable to work, or have children and have always looked at cerebral ways to help me, losing my creativity in the process.
The recent classes I did really started to help open my heart and keep me in the present moment. I have always dug deep to help myself, but doing art not only gives myself an amazing gift, but something I can share with others. I recently did a private art class (once a year as I am on the disability pension), and have people wanting to buy my work! Bought me to tears. Someone who has never felt enough. I just want to keep creating and learning, and continuing my journey of self- love. xx

Dear Iris, i just bookmarked Book of Days 2020 and i am already on your newsletter ๐Ÿ™‚

I would be soooo glad to win a spot (and i would join BOD 2020 for he first time) because my long lost creativity i awakening wildly the last months and the ecourses i did so far helped a lot in this “awakening process”. I saw how many wonderful artists will be teaching in BOD 2020 and i am excited that you will be teaching as well, yipieeehhh ๐Ÿ™‚

The title caught me first off Book of Days; I can imagine at the end of the year looking back on a year in my life made with inspiration from very creative artists! Thanks for the opportunity Iris.

What a wonderful opportunity to get a spot of Book of Days. I need to develop a consistent art journaling practice for myself. I am fairly new to art journaling and ready to go deeper. Thank you!

I am on a quest to identify the things that steal my joy and peace and then disarm them through art. I think BOX 2020 could help in the quest.

Hi Iris! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! I would absolutely love to win and learn more from you and the other artists <3

I am a mixed-media artist, paper-clay doll maker, Empath, and grandmother, mother, sister, wife, daughter, niece, friend to the less fortunate, and a woman of the faith. I have been doing transcribing for a FB video series online, for a friend’s site, for the past ten months, typing up reams of crucial, spiritual insights to help my own life and others get back on track to healing. My friend hopes to compile her series into a book. My life took a turn when I realized my husband could not communicate on a spiritual level, which devastated my marriage. We all go through this and need to move forward with living in the moment. I am have been a care-giver for my mother-in-law, and it’s time I spent some time on myself regrouping, and healing. I have never taken Book of Days and would love to win a spot in this amazing journal journey. Thank you, Iris!

This sounds like an awesome course. I won’t be able to afford to participate but I love to see all the create works that you and your instructors make.

Thanks so much for this incredible opportunity! I’ve never done the Book Of Days course, but it looks amazing! Just the inspiration I need to get back into my own art-making ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you very much Iris for this opportunity. This would be my first time to attend BOD, and I would be thrilled to get a sit and follow your lesson and many others!!
With kind Regards from France,

Thanks so much for the chance to win a spot. Im an exlawyer who just wants to finally be what she really is, not what everyone else wants for her. I want to be an artis. And this Course would help me to learn what i have always love.

Sketchbook Revival 2018 opened my eyes to the wonders of multi media. It was there that I first “met” you, Iris, your art, and your freeing outlook. So real and true and powerful. Today I saw you again on Day 5 of the Magical Mindfulness online event. Last fall I began a lifelong dream to learn about watercolours last fall but haven’t painted since the summer. I used to draw all the time when I was a child and into my 20s. An opportunity like this would be so joyous and so treasured. Thank you very much!