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Butterfly Whispers – Permission to Grow and Learn

I’ve been excited about doing a new art video for a while now, so on Tuesday I sat down to create a new art journal spread and recorded the process to share with you. Voila, here it is, I hope you like it!

By doing so I’ve realised something. I find it hard to create when I’m feeling watched (i.e. recording myself). Recently I’ve been working in my art journal with such freedom and wild abandon. I work quickly, intuitively, grab colours, don’t stop to think. I wanted to share this intuitive, fast paced process with you. However, when recording I feel inhibited, not free, I get stuck in a ‘what to do’ or ‘what to do next’ thought. My mind is partly on the painting, and partly on the camera, how much battery life, is the angle right, is the lighting OK? I cannot immerse myself and lose myself into the painting.

The next thought in my mind is self-critical. Why can’t I just be myself on film. Why can’t I share what I want to share. Why can’t I get ‘in the zone’? Then I started thinking that this process is like any, I haven’t done it much before so it requires practice. My first video is not going to be the best super amazingly awesome one. Neither is the second. But it’s never going to get better unless I keep doing it!

I was encountering some harsh self-criticism while working on this spread. The proportions on the face were off. She looks weird. Then I took a step back and tried to look at it critically. Not in a ‘I’ve made a bad art piece, I suck’ way, but in a ‘how could this be improved, why am I not enjoying it as much as I could?’ way. And I realised that the placement of the nose and mouth is slightly lower than ideal. Aha!! Lightbulb moment. Wow!!

It transformed my experience of the piece. I know what to change next time (or what to do if I were to want to create a similar face – after all, if it’s on purpose then I can call it style! =p ) and in the meantime I can enjoy the piece for what it is. I love learning lessons like these through process!

Thank you for reading & watching! Share with me the lessons you’ve learned through your art recently lovely you!





Materials used:
2B pencil
2B graphite crayon
Scrapbook paper
Caran d’Ache Neocolor II
Dylusions spray inks
Craft paint
Matte medium
Posca paint pen (white)
Sharpie paint pen (black)
Blending stump
Stamps (border, music & butterflies)
Crown punch

By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

7 replies on “Butterfly Whispers – Permission to Grow and Learn”

Beautifullllll! I love how the butterflies are like flying out of her mouth! 😀 And yay for realising that video-ing, too, is something that you ‘get better at & less conscious about’ over time!! wonderful stuff! x

Yay thank you Tam! Continuous process of self improvement and self discovery. I used to get frustrated with it, but now I get excited by it! So much yet to explore, to learn!!

Yay turquoise hair is the best isn’t it? Love brightly coloured hair. I actually had pink and turquoise streaks in my hair years and years ago.

I figure everything gets easier over time. Sometimes it starts off by forcing yourself to be comfortable and not care in front of the camera, and eventually (well, I’m hoping), it will be natural. But don’t worry, no one else thought you looked stifled. I love your video!

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