Abstract Watercolour Flowers open for Early Bird Registration!

When I posted my watercolour flower paintings recently, the response I received was so awesome that I simply had to make it into a course to teach you all the techniques!

So I’m very pleased to let you know that registration for Abstract Watercolour Flowers is now OPEN! And currently you can get the discounted Early Bird price!

Class starts 1 May & there are limited spots available.



Watercolours are a wonderfully dreamy medium, but they can be intimidating to use. In the process that I will be teaching you we will be working with the wonderful properties of watercolours (rather than against them).It will be a process of discovery, of letting go, of playing and seeing what emerges.

I can’t wait to jump in and I hope you will join me!

short video about why I decided to create this course and why I love watercolour so much


What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding your watercolour paints
  • Playing with water & colour
  • Intuitive & playful approach
  • Wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques
  • Creating simple watercolour portraits
  • Watercolour layering techniques
  • Using mixed media along with watercolour
  • Creating drips & splatters
  • Beginner friendly

At the end of this course you will have 3 finished pieces of your own watercolour art! (I bet you will want to frame them!)

Abstract Watercolour Flowers Course

We will play with the wonderful properties of watercolours, dripping, swirling, splashing, splattering

Abstract Watercolour Flowers Course

We will create a wonderful dreamy portrait and I will teach you the steps to sketch a simple portrait and then a layering shading technique

Abstract Watercolour Flowers Course

I will encourage you to use colour combinations that speak to you. These are my ‘Gothic Flowers’

Ready to dive in?


I can’t wait to teach you these techniques and share the absolute joy of working with watercolours. I really hope you will join me! See you in class!

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