GIVEAWAY! Art Journal Summer School 2016

The most colourful & creative summer course is BACK! Art Journal Summer School is running for another year and I’m so happy to be part of the teacher lineup again!


You can register your spot at the super Early Bird Price right now (price reverts to normal after 31 May). Go to:


The course starts on 1 July and I’ve been working hard on my lesson which is going to be all about Expressive & Raw Art Journaling

There are so many reasons I absolutely love this course, but here are some main ones (and I hope they get you excited too!)

Reasons to love AJSS

  • All lessons are bite-sized (12-20 mins per lesson)
  • 21 super fun tutorial video lessons with PDFs
  • Limited supply list that fits into a toiletry bag
  • Perfect for taking on holiday or into the garden with you
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Super inspiring and diverse lineup of 14 teachers
  • Fully downloadable (including a handy download pack of all lessons)

If you’d like a sneak peek of the lessons & teachers then have a look at this short video:

Limited Supplies

As before all the supplies fit into a toiletry bag so you won’t be lugging around your whole art supply collection (who has ever packed too many art supplies when going on holiday… it’s so hard to choose… *raises hand*)


Download the supply list here

What’s New?

Apart from the unique new lineup of teachers, what’s also new this year is that all lessons include a printable PDF (mine is super pretty and shows everything step-by-step!) AND you will be able to download a handy pack of all lesson materials in one go. So basically you’ll only need internet access ONCE, and then you can load up your iPad/laptop/etc and go to the remotest corner of the earth (or you know, the bottom of your garden or something) and do all the lessons.

We had SO much fun last year and I really hope you will join us (again) this year!


I’m super excited to be able to give away one spot on Art Journal Summer School!

To enter please:

This giveaway is now CLOSED and the winner has been notified. Thank you to everyone who entered. Please feel free to take a scroll through all the super helpful comments in which everyone shared their favourite supplies to take on holiday/vacation!

PS If you register for Art Journal Summer School through my link you are supporting me to keep bringing you awesome (free) content & courses. Yay you!

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79 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! Art Journal Summer School 2016”

  1. My must have art supplies are neocolour 2 crayons and my Dylusions art journal.

  2. I am still very new to art journaling and have only been on one vacation since I started this journey. That said, I took a mixed media journal, pencils (graphite and color), water color set (Koy),black permanent pens, a white gel pen, a few gellatos. I would now add to that, some cut out words or quotes, some old papers, and gel medium.

  3. My favourite art supply for the holiday are a little travel journal from Hahnemule, my W&N watercolour travel set with my greengold in it and indigo blue. That are my favourite colours. And of course my (stabilo all) pencils and 3 water brushes.
    Then the train is an amazing place to be… 😀 Love sketching the nature and people, especially details.
    Would love to learn more in the Art Journal Summer School. 😀

  4. Already signed up to your newsletter and my go to travel art supply is a Koi watercolor field set. I use a generic water pen.

  5. My go to supply is a Winton watercolor set (a mini sketch set with 12 colors). That and some cheap sketchbooks, a few Faber Castel artist pens, waterbrush and a small amount of Neocolors get me a long way. (I’m already a subscriber to your newsletter)

  6. My must haves for summer art would be a journal and a set of travel water colours!

  7. I already subscribe to your newsletter, thank you , I always take water soluble pencils a water brush and a small set of at ravel water colours , and a sketch pad , To win a spot on this course would be absolutely fabulous , thanks for the opportunity

  8. I would most definitly take a black 0.5 pigma pen a 2B pencil, black marks all pencil, soft charcoal pencil, a small container of white gesso, a small watercolor set (the kind that is in dry form) and a few paintbrushes. Oh and my art journal :’)

  9. Would love to win! I already receive your newsletter! I would include acrylic paints, neocolors, and general’s scribe -all pencils. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. Right now it’s watercolors, a waterbrush, small spray bottle, and some mechanical pencils.

  11. Hi Iris, thank you for the chance to win a free spot! On my holliday i will take watercolor paper, pencil, paint , stamps and glue!

  12. Hi, woudl so much like to win the free spot. My minimum art supplies on holiday would be watercolor, ink pen, white pen

  13. Hi! I would very much like to win a free spot because I am unemployed for the last 4 years now, so I can not afford to buy this wonderful and amazing summer class !!! The tachers participating are awesome and I know I would learn a great deal from them and also have fun !!! My must have art supplies are : graphite pencils, waterproof outline pens, colour pencils, a small set of watercolours, awaterbrush and of course a watercolour pad!!! Thank you very much !!!

  14. I must have my neocolor II… white ad black poscas… pencil with good eraser and either 3-4 acrylics or small watercolor set. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a spot!

  15. My must have art journaling supplies on trips are, a small journal, a water brush, a stabillo pencil, a white marker, a pencil and an eraser

  16. Hello Iris! I am already signed up for your newsletter. My “must bring” for holidays and vacations would definitely be watercolours. So easy to pack and so versatile. And a black liner, of course! Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in AJSS2016!

  17. I am already a subscriber 🙂 Vacations are few and far between for me. However, I live on several acres and am able to be arty outside once in a while. In that case, I must have: journal, pencil, eraser, watercolors, water brush pen, pilot multiball pen. Thank you!

  18. A moleskin journal, pencils, colored pencils and stickers. anxious to learn how to use all the tools on the supply list!

  19. I think if I going that I need my AJ, graphite pencil, eraser, sharpener, neocolor II, a brush and if I have some room left small stencils.
    Thank you for this chance to win a spot.
    I have already sign up for your newsletter and I have shared

  20. Hello Iris,
    I am very excited to participate in this new course !
    I love learning these new projects . You are wonderful :-)))

  21. great question, whats my fav well I do love turquoise so no matter what I must have that color in some sort of medium.
    Thank you for the opp to win a free spot… keeping it simple is a hugh challenge for me
    I am like oh I need this and I need this etc… lol

  22. Already signed up for your newsletter. My must haves would be: travel set watercolors or neocolors ll, journal, waterbrush, Micron pen, white Signo pen, black Stabilo.

  23. Iris always love your enthusiasm. I am signed up already for your newsletter. Would love to win a spot in the course. Thanks.

  24. I always bring my sketch pad, pencil and sometimes watercolor set of paints.

  25. I know what take with me!! I was in AJSS last year and Marieke gave us all the useful informations!! I never win something, but who knows? This i hope could be the time!!!

  26. I know what take with me!! I was in AJSS last year and Marieke gave us all the useful informations!! I never win something, but who knows? This i hope could be the time!!!
    I’m already in your mail list.

  27. My current obsession is creating mandalas. Usually have a protractor and extra fine Sharpie pen in my to-go bag. I am a happy member of your mailing list.

  28. Oh my posca oens defitinekly go with me, and a soft pencil and a eraser…

  29. I’m already a member of your Newsletter. My go-to-travel items are a 5×8″ Strathmore mixed media journal, several brushes, my Dylusions paints, a few stencils, good pencils and I’m on my way!

  30. My sketch pad, a handful of Micron pens and pencil/coloured pencils . Already on your newsletter list. Thank you for the opportunity to join this class. It looks wonderful!

  31. my Dylusions journal, travel set of watercolors and a water brush are my must haves.

  32. I add a watercolor insert to my travelers notebook and pack mechanical pencil and eraser, travel-size watercolors and a water brush, Micron pen, Pitt Artist Pen, and sometimes watercolor pencils and Neocolor IIs.

  33. Hmm, well whenever I go anywhere I have my large pencil case with my Inktense pencils (24 tin), Neo II’s (30 tin), tinted charcoal (24 tin) and a set of Derwent graphite pencils ranging from hard to really soft – I think a 12 tin. I also have water brushes, paper towel, a small mixing palette, and a spray bottle plus a couple of “normal” brushes. My small pencil case has my tortillions, rubbers, pencil sharpener, 2 black stabilo all pencils, and a chunky 10B graphite stick – oh and my sketchbook of the moment comes too! I’d love to be able to take more stuff out, and would if I was going away. I haven’t had a holiday for 17 years, so I can only go by what I take if I have to go to the dentist or doctor and know I will have a wait – or a bus/train ride!

    Thanks so much for this opportunity to win a seat love. I am already on your mailing list for your Newsletter <3

  34. I went travelling through Europe for 2 months in Aug/Sep 2015 and I took the smallest amount of “stuff” I could: a travel journal I made, three Inktense pencils, some watercolour pans, 2 Posca pens, premade embellishments, and my favourite writing pens and lead pencil. I was forced to work with what I had and I loved it. So much so I’m still doing a variation and will definitely travel minimalist again. I’m already signed up to your mailing list … that’s how I found out about the spot in your great class.
    Have a great summer class if I don’t get in … we’re heading into winter here in not so sunny Melbourne, Australia so your class would be a “sunny” spot in my week. 🙂

  35. My must have, take with me items are my watercolor pencils. So versatile and beautiful. Sketch and color anytime, anywhere.

  36. I am already signed up for your newsletter, which is how I found out about your giveaway! LOL! I love to take my markers, watercolors and coloring books, and journal with me on vacation because usually where I go is peaceful and quiet and I can just sit around and enjoy drawing, painting, and journaling!

  37. Hello! I’ve been getting your newsletter for a little while now. I enjoy receiving it. Thanks so much for a chance to go to Art Journal Summer School. It sounds like SO.MUCH.FUN!

    I think if I was going on vacation and only had room for limited supplies, there are two absolute must take items on my list. First, I’ve gotta have gesso. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Gesso can make your paper more sturdy, act as white paint or mix with other colors. It can be used as a resist, and if thick enough, can create texture. How can you not love it?

    Next up would be my Uniball Signo pens. These things are magic. I use them for everything.

  38. My absolute must have supplies are really quite simple. My Micron pens in various thicknesses,my Signo Uniball white pen, a sketching pencil, a charcoal pencil, a waterbrush, my watercolor paints and it course an art journal.

  39. I would have to take my colored pencils, watercolor brushes and a journal to play in. Now that adult coloring books are out there by the millions, I would take a coloring book as well to use my pencils and watercolor brushes on. Thank you for this fabulous chance to win a seat in AJJ Summer School.

  40. My absolute must bring travel art journaling items are my sketch book, pencils and m watercolors/gouache. I’m a total newbie to art journaling and am hoping to learn how to make it more of a habbit for me because it always feels so good when I do art journal.

  41. I’m already subscribed to your joyfully inspiring newsletter, thank you so much. As for what essential art supplies to take on holiday? Ummm, well admittedly as a uni student I don’t get on holiday too often (if at all). And as a struggling total newbie to art journalling, and someone who doesn’t feel very artistic at the best of times (but desperately wants to be!) it sadly doesn’t even occur to me to take art supplies on holidays with me. See why I need help? Hahaha! But off the top of my head, if I could take something with me, it would probably be my relaxation colouring book and some coloured pencils, as that’s my level of creativity so far! Lol! 😀

  42. Must have supplies? I never go anywhere without my art journal and Stabilo pencil – gesso is high on the list also!

  43. I need to have a pencil to sketch! Everything else is optional, as without supplies I already have drawn on cereal boxes, on paperbags, and watercolored with coffee (succesfull) and grass (not very succesfull). However, I go for the neocolor II II and a tube of white acrylics ar fundamental.

  44. I must have a drawing supply and a few water color pens.
    Some days I want to take it all with me “grins”
    Thank you for all you do Iris

  45. My must take art supply is my journal with my watercolor set and my waterbrush. Love to work with those anywhere I am

  46. Misschien kan ik op deze manier toch meedoen aan de art journal summer school! Dat zou toch wat zijn! Ik neem altijd, van wat ik van Marieke heb geleerd, een toilettas mee met verf, krijt, washi tape, wat sjablonen, tekenmateriaal etc. Maar wat vooral niet mag ontbreken bij mij is.. eh.. eigenlijk moet alles gewoon mee op vakantie! Ik kan echt niet zonder verf, krijtjes, potloden en stiften en washi tape! Enne ik ben geabbonneerd op je nieuwsbrief! Ben benieuwd!?

  47. I like to bring sketching materials and watercolors, easy peasy! I Would love to win a spot in this class. Thanks, Ronda

  48. Must haves when I leave home. Water colour pad, sketching pad in small and large, black pens in a variety of size. Gelly Rolls and my paint pens. Dont forget scissors, glue and collage paper for journalling. Wow wishing I was packing may bag now.
    Thank you for this great opportunity.

  49. My absolute must take art supply are my watersoluble crayons! They are my all time favorites and I use them in EVERYTHING i create!

    I would love to win a spot on the course, it would be so awesome to be a part of it!

    Keep up the great work!!

    ? Meagan

  50. My little palette of KOI watercolors is a must have! They don’t take up much room and are so easy to use with its little water brush.
    and btw I am really looking forward to this class..

  51. Gosh!! This is a tough question!!

    1. My Caran D’ache water-soluble crayons 5 favourite colours
    2. Stabilo All Pencil – black.
    3. My black charcoal pencil
    4. Posca in black
    5. My travel watercolour set
    6. My fingers to paint . LOL!!! my watercolour brushes X2
    7. My Canson sketch book.
    8. Eraser.
    9. Sharpener
    10. My Lyra Graphite water-soluble 6b stick
    11. A micron black pen
    12. A graphite 2b pencil.

    I wish I could add more!!

    Thank you for the opportunity!! have a great weekend!!
    oh!! I love your creativity!!

  52. Small travel case packed with my top 10 half pans of watercolor, a water brush, a fine mechinal pencil and a black pen.

  53. My small watercolors, water brush, sketchbook, pencils…Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot.

  54. Usually, just a sketch pad and pencil but I’m planning a mixed media assortment for this summer. I haven’t gotten far so this class and list are perfect. Im pretty sure Neo IIs will be a must have.

  55. Water soluble crayons, purple, lime green, and turquoise, salmon pink. Dark purple prismacolor colored pencil. Aqua watercolor brushes, micron pens. White gesso. That’s my go to supply list.

  56. I love my stabilo all pencil and my acrylic paints. Thanks you for a chance to win a spot! So excited about this course

  57. I need my journal, some acrylic paints, stencils, a small bag of pix and some pens…black and white.

  58. My travel Koi watercolors! I would love to take this course, too bad funds are low 🙁

  59. Setting aside the basics (paintbrushes, paper, pencil etc), my number one art supply to bring with me when traveling is my watercolours. Thanks so much for all you do!

  60. So hard to choose!!! I’d start with my neocolor ii crayons, small bottle of clear gesso, waterbrushes, peerless watercolours, my japanese black carbon ink fountain pen, uniball signo gel pens white and sparkling pink, 2/4b pencil, stabilo all pencil in black, small uhu glue stick, book pages, small tube of white gouache (or gesso), my crayola colouring pencils (the small ones; all 64 fit in a small pencil case, I swear!!!) a couple of small handmade stamps with archival ink pad in Watering Can, some bubble wrap and my tinted charcoal pencils in Slate and Thistle for shading. Is that too much or can I have more?!! 😉

  61. Since I’ve just begun this journey, and I’m homebound I never have the need to choose any one thing. So, I can imagine it would be the sketch pad and pencils.
    I’m in a stage where I’ve taken a few classes, love the teachers, yet I’ve never finished the entire class. I still have a couple mini lessons to do, but I’ve put them off. Everytime I begin a new project, I get intimidated while all my classmates are all doing so well.
    I’ve been in the hospital, get too far behind and say ” that’s a waste”, “I’m not good enough” and ” why bother, my art will never be good enough”.
    Thank you so very much for your inspiring words.

  62. What I can’t do without on holiday: My inktense pencils, neocolr 2 and a waterbrush, definitely a waterbrush!

  63. I must have a small journal, three to four extra fine tip colored sharpies, & my water based crayons, all carried in my mini tote.

  64. I already subscribe to your newsletter, thanks for much inspiration!!? I have a small bag with my tiny moleskine sketch book, stabilo all Pencil, some neocolor crayons and waterbrush that is with me everywhere I go. If I add gesso, some watercolors and markers I’m ready for this class, thanks for the opportunity to win a spot!?