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Giveaway – Book Of Days 2021

Edited 30-Nov-20: this giveaway is now closed and the winner has been contacted

Creative friends, I am so excited to be back teaching on Book of Days again! This course is *chef’s kiss* if you want to create a meaningful art journaling practice and really GO DEEPER. You know how much I love raw and personal art journaling, so it’s basically a match made in heaven lol.

As part of my participation I get to give away a free spot! YAY!!

Registration opens on Sunday 15 November, so please put that date in your diary! I really hope you will join us, and can I ask you a personal request? If you join the course, please consider signing up through my link. It means I get paid for teaching on the course and that support makes such an impact on me!

To enter the giveaway I simply ask you do the following things:

1. Click this link to the Book of Days registration page and bookmark it

2. Leave a comment below telling me about your latest painting / creative project

The winner will be randomly selected on 30 November 2020 and will be contacted via email.

(If the winner has already bought the course, they will receive a full refund or can gift their spot to a person they choose).

By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

139 replies on “Giveaway – Book Of Days 2021”

I have been very much inspired by all the amazing artists in the lifebook taster sessions and now I make sure I create something everyday. Today was a watercolour piece in commemoration of remembrance day in the UK. Book of days would be amazing to win

My latest project I’ve been working on, was the Wish upon a star course by Ida Andersen Lang. I loved drawing some ladies and trying out her techniques. I never thought I could draw faces, but I managed to draw two ladies following her course!

I’ve been doing fun acrylic paint pouring on round canvases. So much fun. And of course working on gathering more supplies for the winter! Thank you for this opportunity.

My latest painting was from Artist Soul Retreat-workshop by Laly Mille, abstract landscapes. Thanks for a chance to win a spot in BOD 21.

My latest project is from Ida Andersen Lang’s Wish Upon a Star course. I love the mix of using regular colored pencils with watercolor pencils.

Thank you for this chance to win a spot on BOD2021!

Hello hello, I’m working on a painting project with includes, painting and stitching.
I’m always looking for new ideas to include in my creative process, so I’m ready to participate in this giveaway.
Have a great day!!!!!

Inspired by colours, faces and emotions at the moment and, as I only discovered Art a year ago, enjoying every moment of this journey.

I am struggling a little at the moment with inspiration, so all I am doing at the moment is trying to show up to my journal everyday. I have just started a project with my step dad who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I have painted a blank beer at for him to finish off and send back to me, and we will keep this collaboration up for as long as he is mentally able. Beer mats are a nice size to create on when feeeling a little uninspired. Sending lots of love. I would so LOVE to win a place on this course. Thank you for the opportunity dear lady. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💜💕💜🌈💕

I am still working on the life book taster lessons.
My art practice this year has been totally off! I can’t wait to see the end of 2020!

What a fantastic opportunity! Thank you! After a very long period of creative stagnation, I was just last night able to get pencils and paints out along with a canvas. I never know whats going to surface or what will become of my canvas. I usually work in a variety of media and have enjoyed learning about your process. By the way, a lotus has arisen from the layerings of paints, papers and markings. Ironic, no?

I love Effy’s classes and would be happy to win a spot on her BOD2021 course. I have found it difficult to be creative this year, so my latest project has just been drawing lots of little people all over my sudoku book. It is much less daunting than facing a blank page, and fun to do.

I’ve got stuck in a rut doing the same thing, (stencils/gel printing) and feel like I’ve lost my passion for making art, is it just a habit now? So I’m looking for something different, a little direction or a new sense of direction. Maybe Book of Days is it. Thanks for the chance 😘

Hi Iris..I am currently working on a portrait of Frida Kahlo and enjoying getting back into painting after a period of not doing much artwork. I am a BOD veteran but don’t know if I will have the resources to pay for it this year and would be sad to miss it, so fingers crossed I win this! Love your classes btw. Thanks.

Cool! I am doing several things at the moment, but in my easel is a large scrap of watercolour paper that I have just been adding leftover paint to and scribbling on it in watercolour crayons. I am totally loving it, so will continue to add to it as I go!

Would love to win a spot on Book of Days, sounds amazing. I have been participating in Ida Lang’s Wish Upon a Star course and also Let’s Face It with Kara Bullock.

I am currently doing a lot of altered book journaling. Just playing with paint and collage and more in old map books. I will absolutely join books of days, have been doing that since 2013 although I still have a lot of old lessons to do. If I win a spot I will give it away to a friend.

Recently I have been doing a lot of art journaling. But I have a creative project that I put on the back burner during COVID. I have been doing a “dark” altered book, using imagery that I find interesting but kinda creepy. It’s turning into a serial killer book, I think. I need to finish it but it’s just too dark right now. I’ve been turning toward the light these days.

I just started with art and in different categories. Mixed media, acrylics, watercolor, drawing, making my own art journal from scratch (with my own paper and all), abstract art. Now my little kids are finally are all in school, I finally have a chance to develop my art skill, which I really want to improve and expand. And also healing my spirit

I love the freedom of expression with these artists. I have done work with some them before and it is inspirational and fun. Thank you, Iris!

Thank you for the giveaway ! To be very honest I’m stuck concerning my creative flow, my mojo is gone, I’m trying to get back on my feet by simply doodling everyday

I shared on facebook,do not know how to bookmark😂 my latest creative thing is a set of (he)art cards , made in a fantastic workshop from Ave art here in the Netherlands. Pure and from the heart, recycle stuff and handmade Inkts and stencils. Really it was all about the play and no thinking. Just play like a kid😍😍😍😍

Hi Iris, my latest mixed media page was loosely based on the flowers in my garden. I used acrylic paints on top of gesso then built up more layers using oil pastels for mark making. I really enjoyed the process. I’ve been blocked this year due to anxiety, painting abstract flowers was so relaxing. I would love to win a spot on BOD21. Thank you for the chance. Best wishes, Gez

My latest project was a “medicine painting” of my soulbird in the field of intentional creativity.
For self-exploration I work in my Cosmic Smashbook at least once a week.

Currently I have working on watercolor of cranberry bogs. We have a lot of those on Cape Cod! I finished a class with Anita Lehrman on abstract water color and I have been painting the same scene, perhaps 7 or 8 times, to explore the subtle differences in hard/soft edges and color variation. I really enjoy online classes since i can work at my own pace. Thank you!

I am making a book with illustrations in watercolor with all the different kinds of moon through the year: harvest moon, hunter moon etc.. including, of course, blue moon.

My latest artwork is Wish Upon A Star from Ida Andersen Lang. Really enjoyed the watercolour pencils n pens Would love the chance to win a spot on BOD2021!

My creative thing these days is art journaling through the pandemic. I try to record the changes to our lives and the daily challenges.

Hi, Iris! I’m currently working on Lifebook, with lots of painting (and painting my kitchen, which is not as much fun).

I’ve been working in my daily collage journal, combining images with found words – I love the serendipity that I encounter sometimes … the perfect odd phrase with the perfect weird image.

My latest project is adding crystals to abstract photography. I’m really enjoying reading other peoples comments❤️Thank you for the opportunity to win the course!

I haven’t been able to create very much over the last month, but the last thing I did was a Journal Jam spread. My art desk has been calling to me again recently, so I’m hoping my inspiration is on its way back.

I’m working with collage, not to completely paint over (which is what I normally do) but as a visible element on the page.

My latest project is a stylized face inspired by Iris. I haven’t posted any that I’ve made because I haven’t been brave enough, but I’m showing up!

Thanks for the opportunity! I am currently working in a pastel color pallete (way out of my comfort zone) on a canvas, abstract design. and making handmade journals for next years courses.

I made an altered book page inspired by Autumn leaves. And Christmas Cards, many Christmas cards and a pair of socks.

My yearlong project began in July on my 49th birthday and is going on daily until my 50th birthday. I’m making a postcard a day with my art on the front and a recap of the day on the back. I’m also starting my art journal practice.

I’m currently working on a painting of monthly symbols, doing some research and personal reflection, and painting them around in a circle.

I’ve deleted what I wrote 3 times so far. It keeps turning into a moan about my life!…and that did not fit the criteria! I started mixed media art journalling and love it.So far I’ve ruined the kitchen floor and table cloth with spilt ink, I’ve used my roasting tin to create eco prints…..1 ruined roasting tin!…I’ve burnt the bottom out of my porridge pan while watching online workshops from lifebook taster sessions. I snatch 5 minutes here and there when I can and try to hide my work from my teenage daughter who whilst loving what I create is an extremely harsh critic! I dream of space to create away from her eyes….and all of this goes into the journal. I love watercolours and collage and journaling and inks and am just starting to get the hang of acrylics. I love playing with all of it and seeing where it goes.

My latest painting is a bright eyed girl with orangish hair. I’m on a mission to fill up my journal by the end of the year and I’m so close lol!

Hi Iris! Thanks for the opportunity to win a place in BOD. I’ve been working in Laly Mille’s Soulful Abstract class. Abstractedness is so much FUN!

This sounds like a great experience. Thank you for offering the opportunity. I work the epitome of an evil day job from hell, and have a micromanaging, bullying, suffocating, hot mess supervisor who literally controls not just *when* I can take vacation days, but what actual days of the week I can take them because she “needs me too much” and can’t possibly let me out of my cage a whole week or even a Monday or Friday and HR refuses to step in, so creativity has been non-existent. On the bright side, I am working from home now so less contact is a lifesaver, and a new supervisor is on the horizon beginning July 1st, so the countdown is definitely on! A blank canvas is now a thing to dread, intimidating and overwhelming, and inspiration decidedly lacking, but I do have a mixed media project I’ve been designing for several years so hope springs eternal. Maybe someday…

I am currently doing a workshop with Ida Anderson Lang and the gratitude journal. Much love Christine

I haven’t really done a lot of art recently, my creativity has been coming out in quilting and patchwork, in particular I have been making mug warmers with matching mug rugs for Christmas gifts.

I have been painting drawing old travel photos. It’s nice to see places I’ve been since we can’t go anywhere! Thank you for the opportunity.

Right now I’m creating on journals. I have a few going at the same time. I love working on journals because is so much personal and I feel so free when I create. I want to thank you for this opportunity!

I have a journal that I am in the process of hand making based off of Effy’s tutorial on how she makes her BOD books.
I also have a girl I am working on painting. Not quite sure what direction she’s taking. She’s one of the first things I’ve started since getting a room of my own to art in, instead of the corner of my bedroom.

Hello Iris! Most recently I have been drawing whimsical portraits from various angles in mixed media to build my skills for art journaling.

Thanks for this opportunity! I am an avid art journaler currently working on a grid abstract inspired by Laly Millie’s Artist Soul retreat ❤️

Working with collage elements as a visible component of the page rather then completely covering up and using as a texture.

Hi Iris, my latest project was a family tree which I made as a gift for my mom. I hope you are keeping well and perfectly imperfect 🙂

I’ve been working on making art journal water colour hand made book covers, signatures with various textured papers, Kraft Tex, water colour paper, canvas, playing with textures and layers of paint etc…just having some creative fun !!! 😍

My latest project was from Ida Anderson Lang course wish upon a star .experimenting with her techniques has been very inspiring.

I recently did the taster sessions with (Tamara Laporte) and some wonderful taster sessions with many various teachers. I am a novice artist and baby witch and really think this course would be ideal for development in both areas 🤞 x

I am in the middle of working on Tamara’s Little Houses project through Art Bundle For Good #5 and loving it! Thank you for making this offer available. It looks fascinating and a great way to grow.

My most recent is three collages butterflies with words of hope incorporated into them. Trying to lighten these difficult days we’re in at the moment.

I made a little painting of a dragon flying in a sunset (black ink on watercolor wash) for a friend who loves dragons.

My latest creative project had been crocheting honestly. My last painting I made was painting the covers of my new art journals. I, funny enough am never afraid to paint the outside of an art book but the inside pages are far more intimidating lol

Hi IRis. I think you are so great. You are a ray of sunshine that is SO needed right now, THANK YOU for being the precious human that you are. I’s love to win a spot of course but am grateful to have a sec to tell you how much i appreciate you. Also I LOVE the colored lightning bolt earrings you are wearing in one of your videos, SO COOL! XO

I last worked on the Lifebook 2021 taster sessions. Been in a little bit of a slump since. Definitely need another push. Been enjoying your YT Vlog when I can. Thank you for the giveaway!

I have recently started back with my mixed media journals since pandemic as an outlet. And have enjoyed the process again.

I’m currently working on a THanksgiving journal for the first time. I’m having so much fun adding my own creativity to some purchased materials and sooooooo enjoying the grown-up playing with paperdolls activity. I do love watercolors and acrylics ALL the time, but sometimes just gluing and cutting is wonderful for my too-close-to-the-surface nerves.

Hey Iris, My latest painting project is to paint 50 or so blank coasters. They will become gifts to friends, easy to mail for sure. Also some will become ornaments for trees, to be on the cover of Christmas cards I make and send. I usually do about 45-60 hand made cards per year, so I may have to paint more. You can see some of them on my fb page, inspired by your class.

I just completed your Wish Upon a Star tutorial and posted to the Taster Session. Thank you! It was so fun and I learned a lot.

I still consider myself a dabbler. Yesterday I went to an art fire to see what others are doing and it sparked new creative urges. I’ve also splurged and bought some new paints and markers on seasonal sales. Excuses be gone!
I would love to win to keep up the motivations.

I love working with mixed media/altered art and making cards to give to the residents in our health care unit. I am also teaching a beginning acrylic class for our Independent Living Residents. It is a challenge as some have that little bit of knowledge that can make you dangerous. Actually, it is fun and helps keep me going.

Hi Iris! My art has been somewhat sporadic lately, feeling overwhelmed by life in general and needing to start working (again) to help pay bills. My 50th birthday arrives on Monday, and this would be the perfect gift to make time for myself again. I have been doodling some, am taking a zentangle class this week with some fellow cancer survivor friends, which I am very much looking forward to. Blessings.

My last painting project was from Laly Mille’s Artist Soul Retreat. I’m currently having a change of pace and making a few Christmas cards. I just love experimenting with different art styles and crafts…

Thank you very much for the opportunity. I am currently working in a series of paintings in which I can express the anxiety, the pain, the despair that my country is experimenting after being devastated by Hurricane Eta. Besides trying to help the people who lost everything, I can not find another way to express these feelings.

I have been drawing on tissue paper with micron pens, painting over the ink with matte gel, and painting the drawings. I then will use the tissue as part of my collage stash.

I’m collaging a page in my art journal at present. It would be fabulous to win a place on book of days

Thank you Iris! I heaved just recently made a smash book journal and have been using it to destress. I am not doing well with journaling so figured I would give this a try. So far so good.

I seem to be in a creative block at the moment, I have fibromyalgia and my mental health is all over the place because of it, joining this course would be an amazing way to get out of that funk and channel all that emotion into art.

Thank you for offering this! Most recently, I’m working through the Life Book 2021 Taster Sessions. I’m learning so much!!

My current … favorite project is art journaling, always art journaling! Which is why Book of Days would be fun…thanks for this chance Iris!

Wonderful beauty, thank you so much for this bright spot of generosity in a time that has been so full of fear of economic insecurity for me. My creative practice is going outside to take a picture of something beautiful, and then sharing it on social media with something I am grateful for or something I have learned, often the same thing. I want to expand my creative process into painting, and it is amazing to dream of having access to this in spite of my financial struggles. No matter who wins, thank you so much for putting out this gorgeous energy into the world right now, when it is needed most. Blessings on your path.

My latest creative project is a junk journal that is quickly filling with all types of media. Its a great mix of all my creative outlets all in one little book.

I just finished up the Wish upon a star course by Ida Andersen Lang and a free mini course by Laly Mille. So much fun! Thank you for this opportunity.

I am working on a set of hand painted greeting cards in watercolor and mixed media. Along with a series of botanical leaf paintings.

Today I made my first snippet roll to use for collage. Thank you for your generous offer. I would greatly appreciate a spot in the BOD. Glad you’re a teacher!

I have several WIPs or maybe UFOs. I’m almost done with a 16” x 20” acrylic painting of a foggy nautical scene. I’m trying to make a watercolor painting to use for a Christmas cards. I also have some tiles I plan to make into coasters for gifts.

I’m into 12×12 mixed media scrapbooking. I love popping them into my hallway in drop boxes. I regularly rotate the layouts and I have my family’s faces in all my art. My latest is a pic v me n my hubby celebrating NYE the year before we got married. Lots of chipboard and clocks, gears n a little bit of grunge.

My latest project is organizing my craft supplies, and also working on the Taster Sessions from Lifebook 2021

I’ve just begun my foray into mixed media by taking the free workshop by Laly Mille. I found her taster on Lifebook very inspiring and love her style. I’ve been trying to get out of a perfectionist rut and working in collage has been so eye opening and fun. Love your energy on all your videos Iris. Hope you and your family are doing well. ❤️

Thanks so much, Iris. My latest art was learning some mixed media abstract techniques with Laly Mille. I have also taken inspiration from all your generous sharing. It’s been helping me through a tough time. 🥰

Hi Iris, Thank you so much for giving us a chance to win a spot in BOD. I am from the Netherlands. And my laters art project is a collaboration with na other artist. So the piece of art is made by two artists. That is so much fun. I hope to be the lucky one to win the spot.

I would love to participate in BOOK OF DAYS. Currently I’m working on a few projects. I’m trying to get back to a daily practice of mixed media in a small handmade journal I found in Praha last year, I’m working on my watercolor skills and I got myself a small set of alcoholic ink to play with in a very abstract way.

There’s a ton of stuff on my arty table. I’m working on making a fabric/paper book within a vintage tin, wrestling with a 3D sculpture with Aves Epoxy and paper clay, using alcohol markers to depict women from around the world, making mini abstracts with paper and washi tape, and much more!

I love the Book of Day so much, I was a member at the last years. My last project is a mixed media painting on canvas, which you can see on Instagram at my artist name Jasmina Zerkan, as you like. Hope so much, that I win this spot.

I’ve just recovered an old art journaling project, called “dear diary” which I started 6 years ago. It’s a small promt each day, and helps me to relax and feel creative.

My last art project was actually your taster session from life book! I loved it! I started a sketch of a painting i have in my head but a lot of aspects i have no clue yet how to paint it lol!

when I was a child, my parents owned an art shop in a small town. I was surrounded by art, art supplies, art teachers… took classes, etc. Then life kind of got in the way of having time to play, and I didn’t do much that was artlike and creative for a long, long time. I am now free to do it, and find I need a community around me to help me get myself in that frame of mind.

Last night, after googling best pencil to use for watercolor underpainting, I decided to free paint a woman. I usually trace something bc I’m not a confident drawer. I made the woman then my daughter decided I should give her pink galaxy eyes. Came out much better than I had expected.

I’ve been making Christmas cards for a friend..something fun, simple but attractive. Hope she likes them 🙂

My latest creative project is picking up crochet again, especially when I learned I’m having a Granddaughter in March 2021!! So besides art journaling I’m crocheting. I’ve already made a blanket; and now I’m working on a sweater set in mauve. <3 Thanks for the chance!! Would be thrilled to win a spot in BOD2021!!!! Fingers crossed. xx

My latest completed painting was a lesson by Christa Forrest from the Taster Sessions of Lifebook. I really struggled with my Queen but in the end absolutely love her and the message she states.

I’ve been working on my watercolour skills and de-stressing with some zentangle type doodling. Thanks for the chance to win a spot.

I have just finished a thoroughly enjoyable watercolour piece from an online tutorial by Ida Andersen Lang.

Hi, I’m PUFF I’m a mixed media artist but I feel the need to shift directions a little and so I am trying a little drawing and painting. I’m in need of some guidance and to jolt my muse.

I am working on a mixed media painting. I have a mixed media journal. I use some of the pages to try out new alcohol inks, watercolors, acrylics, alcohol sprays, pastes, waxes, stamps, stencils, etc. This time I added a color page cut out from Tiare Smith to a pre-worked page background. I think it is going to be awesome!

Hi, my latest project is covering 2 boxes, ready to store all my art pens and pencils. I’m using collage pieces, gesso, acrylic paints, stencils, bubble wrap, posca for the words, and varnish to finish. It’s good practice for me, and also gives me two lovely boxes (they are originally choc bar boxes from work, but I liked the size, strength, and the way they opened). Thank you, and I hope to win a place.

I would love to win a spot on this course!! I’m currently working in multiple journals on a theme: ‘Who am I?’ – finding who I am, what my purpose of life is etc. Think this course could really help me with this journey.

I’m just trying to do more art explorations and not be so picky. I recently started a bullet journal and Sadie some simple decoration in it with my markers and watercolour. I really am pleased with it. Looking forward to lots more adventures and learning.

Busy painting two angels for a babies nursery. They are whimsical angels and I am loving being able to add elements are in a essence a blessing for this baby girl 🙂

Hi Iris! I’m currently working on a Gratitude junk journal. Would absolutely love to win a spot in Book of Days 2021! Thanks for the chance!!

I am just about to start/attempt to paint some Christmas cards for family and friends. Thank you for the opportunity to win:).

My latest painting was almost 2 years back. I didn’t finish it but it is hanging in mij livingroom for inspiration. I couldn’t paint for so long because I was in pain al day and night and didn’t sleep anymore (I got 3 or 4 hours sleep in a week) so I was extremely tired besides the pain. Now it’s getting al little bit better. So I started watching webinairs an life online workshops. I think Book of days gives me al lot of inspiration to start creative again but I can’t afford it by my self
Sorry for my worse english writing, I’m from the Netherlands.

Hello from Canada to you dear Iris!
My very recent work was with Ida Anderson and her course Wish Upon A Star. I created a Star Girl using water soluble pencil crayons and non water soluble pencil crayons. I’d never done something like this before. It was an amazing course where I learnt so much using these. I’m in awe of what I did with these crayons every step of the way to the finish line and love the way my Star Girl turned out! I’m framing her and hanging her up in my home. Fantastic course! Thank you for this opportunity to win a spot on this giveaway for the Book of Days 2021!

I am starting a new painting that is a bit more loose than I have tried before. I am wanting to create a fun magical children woodland piece. I did one in water color that is only 9×12″ now I am trying something different as an acrylic canvas that is 36 by 24″. Thank you. X

My current painting is my largest. It’s a 16×20 acrylic done in gray scale of my person. He is a keyboard player in a popular band and I’m using one of his favorite photos taken from directly behind him looking out interacting with the audience. It’s quite a challenge.

I have never really done a large painting but create many small artworks in the form of cards. It’s always very flattering when people want to frame them! 🌿🌸🌿 thank you so much for this Iris

I am drawing everyday and posting on Facebook. Sometimes I use watercolour. I love mixed media journaling and want to be reinvigorated and Book of Days might be a means to that end.