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GIVEAWAY! Love Art Happy Life eCouse

UPDATE Giveaway winner is Donna Williams! Congratulations Donna. Thank you to everyone for participating and sharing your happy art thoughts with me.

I need art for a happy life, how about you?

That’s exactly what Love Art Happy Life is about. An ecourse on how to get inspired by art, make your own art and feel happier in life.

The course has already started and the work that is being posted is SO MUCH FUN! The first lesson is all about being inspired by Picasso and creating our own simple quirky portraits.

Get Happy!

Watching this short intro video makes me happy!

My Lesson

In my lesson I am inspired by Tamara de Lempicka. Her art is a combination of roaring 20s, decadence, strong feminine, art deco style. I’m SO in love with it! Here is a study of her work that I’ve done. In the first part of my lesson I’m going to show you how to do a study and in the second part of the lesson I will show you how to use this to inform your more personal work and style.


Enter To Win

Now is your chance to WIN a free spot on Love Art Happy Life!

All you have to do is:

1. ensure you are signed up to my newsletter
2. leave a comment below telling me how art makes you happy

Good luck! Can’t wait to read your answers!

A winner will be picked & contacted by 21 January. If the winner has already purchased the course they will be able to receive a refund or gift their spot to a friend.

By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

114 replies on “GIVEAWAY! Love Art Happy Life eCouse”

art has offered me a fabulous outlet for dealing with emotional upheaval. I find that when i am able to create in a regular daily practice, i am happier and feel more fulfilled – which in turns makes my family happier and i am able to be more present for them. Everyone wins!

I would love to win a seat in this class!!! 2015 was a year of grief, of challenges but 2016? 2016 is my year of art and moving forward!!!!

Well, yes, I definitely need art to be happy. I don’t know exactly when this started – but since I’ve been doing a lot of art for some year now, I just can’t stop. I get belly ache if I don’t art for a few days. Silly? No. I just love it – and would love to win this free spot. I couldn’t afford it – but would love to join the fun.

So, not “arting” makes me unhappy. I should remark on the positive side though… Throwing color on a page , the splash of watercolor or the buttery feel of some pencils especially – makes me SOO happy. And also working through a problem, struggling with a piece and then finding my way out: THAT makes me happy too. πŸ™‚

I am signed up for your newsletter.
My Art makes me happy because it is a colorful extension of who I am. It is something I can be proud of.

Working in my art journals give me peace from my pain, I can go into my page and relax feeling all the colors and images. It’s my happy place

Art makes me happy and frustrated and angry and happy! I am a struggling “Artist”. Never considered myself to be an artist and just in the last year have gotten into it. Sometimes I do well and other times I fail miserably. I think my doubts and fears hold me back. But I am happy when I finally see something come together and say “that looks good”. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Art makes me happy because it’s not subject to any rules and is readily available whenever I need it! It allows me to authentically express who I am as a person, recycle and reuse materials I’d otherwise throw away, and explore different tools, techniques, and mediums freely.

Making art is more than just happy feeling! To me, making art is as essential as breathing! Okay –maybe not physically, but at least mentally! (:

It feels like giving birth to something, creating on the page. It is just pure magic to watch an image appear on a blank page.

Art is something I strive to do every day, even for just a few minutes. It’s one form of meditation helping me see within at the same time expressing myself outwardly.

Art makes me happy by giving me total release from my day job – I’m a software engineer, designing UI and backend software, and it’s a very demanding and structured job. Art gives me the freedom to express myself as I am – no rules, no restrictions.

Why does art make me happy? Because it is something that I didn’t know that I could do. I retired from a long career as a nurse, and started ‘arting’, one tentative toe at a time. Maybe my art isn’t gallery quality, but it makes me happy, and that’s all that counts.

I am a busy mom of three and have little time for myself. Art is something that I do just for myself which makes me happy because I can get lost in it, go with whatever I’m feeling with no rules or deadlines.

I am happy now that I found out I’m not entirely hopeless at doing art.
I;m learning from people online like you and that is making making me very happy!

Art makes me HAPPY because I have a severe chronic illness and I use art as a therapy. 3 years ago my husband built me an art studio as a way to get me up and out of bed every day. So now, everyday, even if I am feeling really bad, I get up and go into my studio and paint, draw or make jewelry. It always makes me feel better and keeps my mind off the pain?

Ooo! great giveaway! Art makes me happy …it helps me cope with difficult health issues and adds extra fun to my life. Xo

Oh gosh, that sounds so fabulous! And your piece is just lovely. <3 Art is for sure my happy place… there's nothing like the feeling of creating something on the page, seemingly "out of thin air". I have only this past year found my way to art in any regular sense, and it has already been entirely transformative for me. I just itch to create every day, and every time I pick up a paint brush it makes my heart happy. <3

I’ve created art all of my life, even though I didn’t think of it as creating art. I always had to draw as a kid as it felt like the only self-expression I was allowed to make. I consider myself as an artist now, but I still create art for self-fulfillment and don’t worry what anyone else things about it. The great thing about art, though, is there are always new techniques to learn! πŸ™‚

Creating art gives you the possibility to create a whole new fabulous reality. In art there are no limits. Everything you can think of you can create in art. That makes art a wonderful gift for the world. And that’s why I art makes me happy. ?

Art makes me happy because it lets me escape my reality, it is my rendez-vous with my muse, where the only things that matters is to be expressing myself creatively, putting on paper whatever wants ti come through that day: my love, my longings, my tears…drawing a piece of my soul everyday !

Thank you Iris for this opportunity! I’ve taking lots of classes with Marieke and I’d love to have another chance to make art with all of you. I still work full-time at 66 and art is my relaxation, my stress reliever and my passion. I believe that staying active mentally is vital to long term health and learning new techniques and working with new materials helps me exercise my brain. Nothing brings me greater joy than to create, and the experience is always so much more fun when I’m taking an on-line class with all of you.

Art makes me happy because not doing art makes me insane! Art keeps me on track and it is the essential “me” time necessary for putting me back together to face the world.

Thanks for the opportunity! Art makes me happy because I can lose myself in it and channel my energy there!

Art makes me happy. It inputs me in the moment and any problems slide away. I love using bright Colors like neon pinks, bright blues and greens. Thank you for the opportunity to join this class. :-). I am subscribed.

I love the feeling of paint on my fingers and blending paints on the canvas to make gorgeous shades of color and creating all kinds of interesting marks. All of that makes me happy. πŸ™‚

Just found out that I like to make art. I am a newby, eager to learn about color, techniques and materials. It maken me happy to play with paint and paper after work creating something. It maken me forget time. Love to win a spot to help me on my artistic way. Thanks for the opportunity.

I have Fibromyalgia and also mental health issues – I find that taking time out for art helps me Soooo sooo much – I am certain I would still be a crumpled wreck if it were not for the insights I have gained through creativity

Fantastic giveaway! Yay! How does art make me happy? I love working with my hands & not thinking or stressing over my art piece that I am currently working on. I feel free & I am actually enjoying myself & the process. I am in my own place at my own pace at my own time doing what makes me happy & relaxed & I am able to focus on me & my time.

Art gives me space to connect with myself and my inner child, explore my feelings, express my dreams and live a more meaningful and creative life. This is how art makes me happy.

Art makes me happy because it brings my emotions, thoughts and experiences to life.
Every time I create something new, be it drawing, painting or sculpting with clay, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Weather it be a great work of art or not, I know I am one more step closer to becoming even better at what I do. Practice makes progress and when I look at the body of work I have produced in the past three years I can see how much I have grown and that makes me very happy.

We are all so unique and it is our individuality that shines through in our art.

I worked all my life so tat I could play when I retired. That is where I am right now. I love to play…..but, I also love to learn. I would love the opportunity to take you ecourse.

Art is something that makes me happy in so many ways and for as many different reasons. When I look at Art, I can be happy because it can move me and dive straight into my heart. Use of color or technique or subject matter… anything. When I make art, I can be happy because it keeps my mind of of things or it is a therapy for me or because it’s just so much fun to get my hands dirty, while creating something from my heart..
I did the Art Journal Summer school and that was so much fun! I can only imagine how inspiring the Love Art Happy Life course will be…..

Thank you Iris for being one of my inspirations.

ART, itΒ΄s so much fun and I get so happy with all the colours I use and when the outcome is good IΒ΄m thrilled LOL
ThankΒ΄s for the change about this GIVEAWAY πŸ™‚

Art make me happy. ..because when I start to made it..they put me in another world. .a world in the one I don’t think about nothing…no worries. stress. sad….only I found happiness in the world of art…. πŸ™‚

Art makes me happy because I can lose myself in the learning and doing…there are no mistakes, no judgements (mostly) and no pressures….art is happiness.

I am signed up for your newsletter. Art makes me happy because it allows me to see and apply my creative side. It makes me feel free by letting me create in color (whatever media I choose to use) what I need to express but can’t find the correct words to say. It’s delightful and refreshing to explore where art takes me.

I have RA ( rheumatoid arthritis) so art helps to occupy my mine from issues I deal with due to my RA. Taking me away to a Happy, carefree, relaxing place. I love the feeling of ” Did I do that?” when I have finished a project. Sometimes I surprise myself. I have to admit when I don’t do art for a few days I can get irritable. It is my ” me” time. Another benefit ..Diet plan..I get so wound up in my art I don’t snack..teehee.

Art makes me happy because art is so fun! I love to play in art! Trying new things and learning to let go! Would love to win a spot in your course!

oh wow , I would love this.
art gives me peace , just forget everything , the stress , the sadness . nice paint in your own world , your happiness, your love , you bring out cheerfulness again . it is my therapy

I love to art whit my whole heart and soul

How does art makes me happy?
Looking at other peoples art makes me happy,
learning about art makes me happy
but above all creating art makes me happy.

Creating art relaxes me. I can put medium and color on a page or canvas and instantly my mood is uplifted. There is no greater joy than when a project goes from looking rather bad or unattractive to a beautiful finished piece. Art has taught me (it took a long time) that as long as I like it and it makes me happy then it doesn’t matter if anyone else recognizes the beauty and creativeness of it. I create art for me.

Art makes me happy because it enables me to lose myself from the ordinary day to day and to connect with beauty. I feel connected and complete when creating art.

Happy New Year!!!! I am a newsletter subscriber!! That’s how I learned about your kindness in offering a spot!!

Creating truly feeds my soul. I’d be lost without it, be it sewing, painting, junking, photography, I need to incorporate some form of creativity in my daily life. Some days I have more time to spend on art than others. Today I got so lost in time working on an art project. . . . good thing I didn’t have anything pressing to do, well, I did, WORK, ha ha ha

Iris, I have learned that art makes me happy because it is an outlet for me. It gives me time to take care of myself creatively and mentally. Just in the past year or two I have come to realize just how important creating art is to me and how I need it. Now that I have made it a priority its become a necessity. I feel like I’m on this journey to tuck away the past while finding my own creative style, my future artsy me. So generous of you to do a giveaway, Congrats on another course! You are an excellent teacher!

Art not only makes me happy but it keeps me sane. Like literally lol! Combined with therapy and medication, art is the thing that really helped improve a deep depression that has been plaguing me for most of my life. I don’t know how to live a life with making art of some kind!

Art is a release! You may start out stressed/angry/unhappy & after a few minutes all those things start fading away! My life would be so UN-happy if I couldn’t create!!!

Art has saved my life! Suffering from PTSD means a life interrupted by mega downs. Fortunately turning to art, even if just adding a touch here and there brings me into the present moment and takes my mind into a better, safer place. I just need to learn a bit more about what I’m trying to do in those moments!

Dear Iris, art for me is the possibility to express my emotions, go away from bad feelings and the opportunity to spend time for me. Even my husband and my son are happy when i create something because they said i’m more relaxed and happy! So art for me is the happiness! I hope to win because I know Marieke and she’s wonderful ! And you too!

Some days it’s just doodling. Other days it’s make another layer in the journal. It’s so calming; meditative. Always learning. Makes me feel young at heart!

Thank you! Art makes me happy because it is my way of creating a world that I want to live in instead of the one that is sometimes ugly and frightening and lonely.

Wauw Iris, thank you for this opportunity! I hope I win this lovely course! I love to play with colors. That makes me happy. I started an art journal last year and I love it! It is time for myself and I forget all my troubles. It is every time an adventure to start and see what happens. It is magic. Sometimes I don’t know how to start or finish, so help with that would be a great gift. It will be lovely to start with the class, to get inspirerend and learn more πŸ™‚

Thanks for the chance to win!…Art makes me happy in so many ways but one of my favourite things about art is how time stands still when you are creating art and you are taken to another world full of peace and joy!!

Art is my Happy Place…where I can go when I’m feeling stressed. I can let my imagination go where it wants to go. And I can be myself….without judgement!

There’s a room on the back of my old farmhouse that used to be a leather-repair and saddle shop. When we moved in, I could hardly stand to be in there because of the harsh smells of materials used to repair saddles. To the saddle repairman I am sure it smelled wonderful, not so much for me. In time, that room has become my studio and I have produced my own aromas there, oils, acrylic mediums, the faint leftover smells of drying mixed-media works. To the saddle repairman, it would stink, but to me, it is the scent of peaceful times, the aroma as near Heaven as I’ll get here on Earth. Blessings to all of you who work in that messy, chaotic, and often smelly art form called mixed media, from the retired art teacher on the hill in Diana, Texas.

The last 2 days have reaffirmed just exactly how connected my mood is to making art. I’ve been gutting my studio trying to make room for my next creative journey and can’t even get to my paints. It’s killing me!! I have to either finish it tomorrow or leave the house to paint with my mother.

Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in this course. Art makes me happy, because it is my fun, creative outlet. I have a rare, progressive, terminal brain disease and art helps keep me happy, positive and it is how I “meditate” It takes my mind to a different place that is peaceful and stress free. Art makes me happy and is what I spend a lot of my time doing now.

Why does art make me happy? Color makes me happy, makes me smile, puts me in a fabulous mood. Taking that color and producing art work from it is a natural high that also puts a smile on my face and a flutter in my heart. Art makes me very very happy.

Thanks for the chance Iris πŸ™‚
Answering your question, art allows me to express my emotions and feelings. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by life situations and I need an outlet for it and that is what art makes for me. Also I find that playing with materials and colours is a lot of fun and I’m always willing to try new things. I must admit tho that i’m not into classical drawing, etc but more on textures and backgrounds and “unshaped” stuff (if this makes sense…)

Oh Iris, what a spirit of giving. I absolutely love art deco and roaring 20’s.

Art makes me so happy, but more than that art has been making my whole family happier. Art is bringing my back to life and making me connect more. My three year old is above the charts intellectually. and whilst this is a blessing it’s been a curse as well. Until recently, my child had no time to eat, eating slowed her down and she lived only on bottles. The bottles were causing massive potty troubles which included lots of screaming in pain. Because her brain wont turn off, she doesn’t sleep very much. Since her birth, I average 1-5 hours of sleep a night with the 5 hours being on the rare side and the 1-2 hours being more common. She was very active in the womb and even as a new born just didn’t sleep.

I was shutting down. In a time when I had the blessing that I prayed for, I was turning off. Maybe from lack of sleep or maybe from jumping hoop after hoop trying to find her help. Everything and everyone was suffering a bit.

I stumbled upon art in July and it has breathed new life into myself and my family. Not only is art making me happier and more open to “yes” it is alighting a fire for paints and paper ( and walls and floors) for my three year old Adeline.

Where my house was falling down around us, it’s now being help up by art. And that make us happy!

Hi dear… I’m not nearly as talented as you are…yet! but art certainly has been my go-to in times when I’ve felt the need to connect with my inner self. Art gives me goosebumps!! Love.

Art makes me so happy , it gives me away of escaping my daily chronic pain . Once I start painting I can totally loose myself into a painting . Creating a painting also lifts my spirits and makes me so happy and I then feel more productive all round .

Thank you for the chance to win, I would be blessed to win this.
Art makes me happy because I feel it is something just for me, I am making art because I choose to, not because I have to do it (like my job, to pay the bills) not because I should do it (like taxi-ing my kids around) not because someone has told me to do it, just because I choose it, for me. And I love it <3

Art makes me happy because it is so freeing and cathartic. I can lose myself in it, and there’s no better feeling than coming back to yourself and seeing that a spread full of colour and lovely images has “appeared”. Thanks for this opportunity, Iris <3

Yes Art makes me happy, inspires me, gives my life meaning, and helps me to tackle all of lives challenges. I have a passion for art that cannot be contained and am happy to admit that I ve been able to pass that passion on to my kids in one form or another, they are all artistic and some of them very artistically active in different ways.( I have 8 grown up kids)
I believe life without art is nothing worth of importance, as art makes it all worth it. And so I believe the most important thing to instill in kids is the sense and couriosity to explore themselves through art , and for all of us to keep and nourish that sense of creativity as long as we live.

Art is my newfound happy place. With pen or pencil in hand I can keep the day to day worries of the world at bay. Except now I worry about is how bad my drawings are, how I never know which mediums to use when and what colours work well with others. Yes this art thing is a whole new learning curve for me!

Hey Donna, I’m so pleased to let you know you are the winner of the giveaway! Congratulations!! I’ve emailed you with details on how to claim your prize. I hope you enjoy the course and can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

Would love to win a spot, I have been following both you and Marieka for about 2 years. I really enjoyed Art Journal Summer School and leaned so much. Art makes me Happy!

When doing art I lose myself in the process which allows me to relax and let go of stress. It is something I do for myself and to maintain sanity. I especially love when my 8 year old granddaughter joins me in my art space.

Art is my happy place. When times are difficult, just watching others create on Youtube
cheers me up. I can work on my art journal for hours and never notice how much time has passed! Sometimes I will browse art supply stores just to be surrounded by all the colors and possibilities!

art makes me happy when I remember to play… like fingerpainting! and because I’ve met friends like you. πŸ™‚ art also gives me a place to explore my imagination, daydream, and be free.

Making art makes me happy. I love art journaling and coloring the new coloring books for grownups. I am a voracious reader. Colors make me incredibly happy…the whole rainbow!

Creating makes me happy. The peacefulness of losing myself in the art makes me happy. Sharing art time and love of art wth my 5 year old mini-me makes me happy. And on and on. πŸ™‚

I breath and think Art all day long. It takes me to a peaceful place and where I can have fun! It’s fun to create and have some fun even though at times it doesn’t always look like a master piece but its about having fun isn’t it?!

I love doing art so much, especially with my daughters! This morning we painted with round sponge “brushes”… i’m not sure what you call them. But they were so fun! My older daughter quickly discovered it was so cool to put more than one color on it at a time. Amazing results…

I also love coloring and doing art on my own. I believe creativity is important for happiness, as we talked about on the podcast! πŸ™‚ I’m so inspired by you, Iris! And loving the Rainbow Journal Course.

Hi Iris, You are so sweet, talented, and generous in your embracing people to feel love and to be creative. I just started doing online art classes around October 2015. It really opened up a world I never knew existed of creative people, encouraging classmates, new ways (to me) of creating art that not only pushed me but is making me learn about myself, my fears, my perfectionism and resistance, and my joy when I breach those walls into freedom! Yes I need more of that kind of happy. Now is the time in my life that I have time … to find myself in and through ART – and have fun! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Art makes me happy because it fills my soul with color, beauty and inspiration. Doesn’t matter if its perfect, it takes me to a different place… It transforms my thoughts and ideas and gives me so much inspiration for life.
Thank you for the opp to win.
I am already subscribed to your blog.
Good luck everyone

Art makes me happy for so many reasons. I love the joy I feel when I see a piece of art, it helps to heal with grief and life’s everyday challenges, art energizes me and sometimes makes me feel like a kid. With your support I have learned to forget about perfect and enjoy this beautiful journey I am on. Iris, thank you so much for this opportunity to win a spot on ‘Love Art Happy Life’.

Well, how art makes me happy? It makes me happy in several ways! Art makes me happy when:
-> I create as: I feel that I’m expressing myself, that I have time alone which is something I truly need to clear my mind, and also when the outcome is beautiful it feels really rewarding! Art also makes me happy when:
-> it comes from others as: I love to search for other people’s art that speaks to my soul! I love watching videos of art making that I really like, as I learn new techniques and find different styles trying to build my own. Finally, art makes me happy,
-> from wherever it comes (from nature and the universe too!) as: it brightens our world and makes it more beautiful, more expressive and more passionate!!!
Thank you for the great giveaway, I would LOVE to take part on your course! <3 <3 <3

Art makes me happy because it truly is the only time when my mind is only focussed on the here and now. My true downtime and that my friends, is priceless X

My life is completely different now than it was a few years ago. I am now disabled, and have some health challenges. However, I have discovered art, and spend each day arting! Being retired and having a “studio” in my new home makes it possible for me! I LOVE how I feel when I am creating art!

Art is a magical thing. It can alter my moods, take me on journeys, lead me to beautiful friendships, and give me a purpose and a tool to explore and change aspects of my self. Art is a great companion. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, it’s just happy to play.

Art makes me happy because I’m a visual person and love the process of creating! Thank you for the opportunity! xx

I finally realized that when I have music in my ears and paint on my fingertips, I can’t help but dance in my seat. Every. Single. Time. The joy of creation expands my soul, frees it from my body and transforms it to a physical form. Yes, art makes me very happy indeed.

Thank you sooo very much for choosing me as the winner.
I am staring the course today and I am so thrilled.

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