Instagram Mashup – December 2015 & January 2016

I’ve not made as much art recently as usual, which I think is partly to do with being completely exhausted after creating daily for NaNoJouMo and is also to do with me picking up playing World of Warcraft again. Playing/not playing is a bit of a complex issue for me, but in any case I’ve noticed that I’m feeling much happier generally. When I do sit down (or stand up really, as I create at my easel more and more these days) I’ve been experiencing more joy in creating. I think previously I’d been putting some kind of ‘must’ on myself. Where I felt like I needed to spend any free moment creating art (because otherwise I was ‘not an artist‘), and in doing so I stifled myself and made it into an obligation. What I needed was a plain old hobby!

So reconnecting with my old hobby has also led to a reconnection with art. I’ve had a few sessions recently where I was just SOO in the zone, I couldn’t stop creating. It’s wonderful!

I’ll excuse you if you completely don’t understand the link between a computer game and painting and you think I’m prattling on! Just keep scrolling haha!

Below are some of the things I’ve been working on these past couple of months.

'Emerge' - 12x12" mixed media on wood panel  Emerge is my word of the year that I've chosen to accompany me on my journey during 2016. Really loving how right it feels for me at this time.  Emerging is painful, a slow process. I imagine it kind of like a child being born (from the point of view of the child) or a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. It's also beautiful and meaningful.  2016 is going to be an interesting year for sure.  #intentions #wordoftheyear #mixedmedia #paintingonwood #beabitmoreyou #irisimpressionsart ‘Emerge’ – 12×12″ mixed media on wood panel

I’ve picked ’emerge’ as my word of the year for 2016. Picking a word for the past few years has been so beneficial to me. It feels like emerging is painful, a slow process. I imagine it kind of like a child being born (from the point of view of the child) or a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. It’s also beautiful and meaningful. I’m feeling really excited about this word and concept. I can’t wait to see how this will help me and show up in the coming year.

WIP for owl challenge in my A3 journal  #wip #artjournal #owl #acrylics #mixedmedia #irisimpressionsart #beabitmoreyou Still doing the painting challenges and this one was for the subject ‘owl’. It’s in my A3 journal, nice to work so big. I felt a lot of enthusiasm for this initially but then lost touch with it.

Quick WoW inspired sketch.  #artjournal #sketch #worldofwarcraft #nightelf #irisimpressionsart Quick WoW inspired sketch. I think it’s a night elf from one of the loading screens.

Art time while the husb took the kids out. Loosely inspired by Tamara De Lempicka.  #artjournal #mixedmedia #arteveryday #instaartists #portrait #irisimpressionsart #beabitmoreyou Still getting inspired by Tamara De Lempicka in preparation for my Love Art Happy Life class! (You can still sign up!)

A fun mess!  #rawjournaling #artjournal #mixedmedia #messyart #whimsical #schmincke #artstagram #irisimpressionsart #beabitmoreyou Continuing with raw journaling. This is the type of journaling that currently brings me most joy and clarity. I’m brewing some ideas about a class on this.

Watching Brave on TV (until the kids made us switch channel because it was too scary ) #brave #princess #mixedmedia #artjournaling #painting #irisimpressionsart A bit of couch journaling while watching TV. Inspired by the Disney film Brave.

These #sennelier soft pastels! I'm in love! Best Christmas present ever! #softpastel #mixedmedia #artjournal #portrait #irisimpressionsart I received Sennelier soft pastels for Christmas. They’re SO AMAZING. Such a joy to work with.

Still in progress. Soft pastels, acrylics and tissue paper on wood.  #mixedmedia #portrait #whimsical #ethereal #irisimpressionsart #beabitmoreyou #artoninstagram Soft pastels, acrylics and tissue paper on wood. Still continuing my journey to finding and developing my own style.

De Lempicka inspired work in my #artjournal it's good to be #painting.  #mixedmedia #tamaradelempicka #artinspiration #irisimpressionsart #beabitmoreyou De Lempicka inspired work in my art journal

Start of a new painting.  #mixedmedia #portrait #whimsical #angel #artinspiration #irisimpressionsart #beabitmoreyou I had a funny experience with this one. Initially I was trying to do a study of a da Vinci painting but I just couldn’t get the sketch to look anything like it. It just kept looking SUPER weird and I was getting more and more frustrated. Then I decided to keep the overall shape of the figure, but one by one erase the features (eyes, mouth, nose) and put the features back in an ‘Iris way’ (i.e. my go-to way of drawing those features). WOOHOO!!! All of a sudden I loved where it was going. It’s not finished yet and I’m looking forward to working on this again.

So loving this face. The slight translucency of the oil bars / oil pastels is just yummy. #mixedmedia #oilpastels #portrait #whimsical #irisimpressionsart #artoninstagram So loving this face. The slight translucency of the oil bars / oil pastels is just yummy.

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  1. Totally get you… as usual! The reason I didn’t participate in the November challenge with you was that I had so much going on and felt I didn’t want another daily “must” – I appreciate challenges/commitments, yet also realize the fine line (tightrope?) between a healthy challenge/commitment and something becoming a chore (at least to me!)… so I’ve become a bit more discerning about jumping into a challenge (based on time, interest, etc). All that said, I am wondering about the “challenge” you (and many others) seem to be participating in with the owl – details? I’ve been having similar experience recently of letting go of some “shoulds /musts” and noticing that when I follow the inspiration, I’m much more likely to get lost in the flow/joy of creating/moment… and it feels good! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, your website is looking great! That’s another “should” that I plan to get to updating again sometime soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Juggling act or balancing act trying to ride so many donkeys! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • It’s SUCH a fine balance isn’t it? Between trying to find the right gentle pressure to keep doing things, but not so much pressure that you stop enjoying it or it becomes a chore. I struggle with that in all areas of my life actually (even things like gaming haha). I’ve sent you a facebook message about the art challenge group!

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