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Let me present to you an interview with the wonderful Felicia Borges!

Tell us in one sentence what it is you do?

As the creator of the ART JOURNAL REBELLION, I inspire fellow artists to embrace a “There are no rules!” approach and to challenge their perceptions and the status quo.

What is your favourite colour palette?

As an artist that is inspired by street art, graffiti, and many forms of art from around the world, my color palette is pretty bright, bold, and eclectic.

What is your (current) favourite art supply?

I am an instant gratification girl and like working with my fingers. Therefore, Uni Posca paint pens are something I reach for on a regular basis. Rarely do I create an art journal page without them being used in some way. But I wouldn’t encourage others to run out and buy a set of Uni Posca paint pens. If you want to try them, just get one or two. If you like them, get one or two more. I also hate watching paint dry so I can’t live without my heat gun. Other than that it’s mixed media for me, baby! (Translation: I can do whatever I want and change my mind frequently.)

One of the biggest mistakes I made as a new art journaler was to rush out and buy sets of everything that I saw others talking about on FB, demonstrating on YouTube, etc. I have found that rarely do I need the whole set (How many shades of yellow do you need? Really?!?!). More often than not, I get bored with an art supply, decide it’s not for me, and move on to something else. Use up what you’ve got! And when you need more or want to try something new, just get a small amount (art supply stores sell singles of most brands). You don’t need the full set!

What does your motto ‘there are no rules’ mean to you and what do you think it can do for people who are also into art journaling?

Back in 2010, when I first started art journaling and began connecting with the online art journal community as a whole, I found myself saying “Hey! Hold on! Wait a minute! There are no rules!” as a response to so many questions and comments that were being made by fellow artists. There are a lot of preconceived notions about art, art journaling, who is an artist, what is art, what is “good” art, what supplies “should” be used and the “best” way to use them, etc. Says who?!?!

My motto, “There are no rules!” is a constant reminder to me (and to others) to question everything, including our own preconceived notions and self-limiting beliefs, and the silly made-up and completely irrelevant “rules” that we impose on ourselves and others. In 2015 I created the “Art Journal Rebellion” (through my Facebook page) and now regularly post (rant?) about these concepts. I also post challenges to the status quo, inspirational food for thought, etc. Most recently I’ve been encouraging folks to make the transition from my Facebook page over to the “Art Journal Rebellion” Facebook group. This is bigger than me and it is my sincere hope that the group will continue to grow and evolve. You can find it here:

What new exciting thing is coming next in the world of Felicia Borges?

I am excited to be making my online teaching debut in “Radiant II: Art Journals” hosted by the one and only Ms. Effy Wild. Online teaching is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. The technology side of it just hasn’t been something I was super motivated to learn about. But so far (at least with “Radiant II: Art Journals”) the tech side hasn’t been as awful as I thought it would be and I’m now eager to challenge my self-limiting belief and branch out on my own and try it. I’ve created a face-to-face Meetup for the ART JOURNAL REBELLION in Northern California and I am excited to get going on that. Imagine raucous head-to-head art journaling challenges, relay races, speed art journaling, etc. (This ain’t your momma’s art journaling!). My “Kiln Formed Graffiti Glass” is also starting to pop up in local galleries in Northern California. I am just getting started, people!

Where can we find you online?

Please connect with me at any of the following:
www.facebook.com/groups/ArtJournalRebellion (home of the Art Journal Rebellion!)
www.instagram.com/FeliciaBorges and #ArtJournalRebellion
www.psimakers.com (Northern California face-to-face classes and meetup location)
http://www.meetup.com/Felicia-Borges-Artist-Mixed-Media-Art-Classes-Meetup (stay connected and learn about upcoming Northern California face-to-face and online classes)

Some older online content (no longer really maintained but content may be of interest to art journalers):

Here are some examples of Felicia’s striking and evocative style of art

Felicia Borges | feliciaborges.com

Felicia Borges | feliciaborges.com

Felicia Borges | feliciaborges.com

Sweet Child o Mine | Felicia Borges | feliciaborges.com

On 1 October Effy Wild’s new course Radiant: Art Journals launches to the world! It will be a veritable mixed media art journaling buffet of lessons served up by 14 guest teachers plus Effy herself! I’m proud to be among the inspiring line-up of teachers and here on my blog I’ve lined up interviews with all the teachers for you to get to know them a bit better! If you’d like to join us creating wonderful art journal spreads, you can still sign up.

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