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Interview with France Papillon – Radiant Art Journals Teacher Interviews

Let me present to you an interview with the wonderful France Papillon!


Tell us in one sentence what it is you do?

I have fun, telling my story with textures, colors and shapes. Or in more grown up words: I create mixed media art with a focus on art journaling.

What is your favourite colour palette?

It depends on my mood. Often I reach for blues or purple. But it always includes rust. Always!

What is your (current) favourite art supply?

Autumn Leaf Primary elements from ColourArte. It’s like rust in jar!

Your art has such a grungy/shabby feel to it, but you also do more colourful work. Is there a difference for you whether you work with a more muted palette or a colourful one?

Yes, again, it all depends on my mood. But I think, whether it is grungy or colourful, it’s very often very organic. Especially since a couple of months. The result of the influence of life, I guess…

What new exciting thing is coming next in the world of France Papillon?

I so wish I could spill the beans, because there are a couple of huge things coming. But I’m forced to keep the secret! Only a couple of weeks now before I can tell :)))

Where can we find you online?


Here are some examples of France’s amazing shabby and rustic style of art

France Papillon |

France Papillon |

France Papillon |

On 1 October Effy Wild’s new course Radiant: Art Journals launches to the world! It will be a veritable mixed media art journaling buffet of lessons served up by 14 guest teachers plus Effy herself! I’m proud to be among the inspiring line-up of teachers and here on my blog I’ve lined up interviews with all the teachers for you to get to know them a bit better! If you’d like to join us creating wonderful art journal spreads, you can still sign up.

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Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

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Ahhh – can’t wait to hear the news in a couple of weeks France – less than that now!! I agree – Autumn Leaf is a FABULOUS color! I have replaced it twice already!!! Always love your art work! j.

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