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Interview with Jeanette Montero – Radiant Art Journals Teacher Interviews

Let me present to you an interview with the wonderful Jeanette Montero!

Tell us in one sentence what it is you do?

I am a mixed media artist and art supply junkie.

What is your favourite colour palette?

Warm colors – red-orange-yellow

What is your (current) favourite art supply?

That’s a tough question for an art supply junkie but overall I’d have to say the one art supply I can’t give up is gesso. It’s a base coat, a glue, a paint color, and an eraser all in one… it’s like magic!

For your Sketchbook Project you drew & painted giraffes inspired by your favourite artists. Tell us a bit more about what inspired this project, how you approached it and what you learned?

The inspiration for the project was that I wanted to discover “my style” and I wanted to start by learning and experimenting with the techniques of my favorite artists. I love painting animals but I wanted a cohesive sketchbook, so I decided to limit it to one of my favorites, the giraffe. It turned out to be the best decision. Having to incorporate the giraffe into every piece of art work actually forced me to find more creative ways to present the techniques and styles I was learning.

I am not sure that I have truly found my style because I so enjoy playing around with different materials and techniques but what I did learn from this project was that I do not have the patience for rendering lifelike drawings or paintings! I love using more simple, less detailed forms of animals and plants in my work. More importantly, this project set me on my path as a mixed media artist because I discovered that I no longer felt the need or the pressure to limit myself to learning, mastering or using one medium at a time. If you haven’t tried working in a series, I highly recommend that every artist do so. You can learn so much by getting so intimate and studying just one subject so thoroughly.

What new exciting thing is coming next in the world of Jeanette Montero?

For starters, I am very excited (and honored) to be guest teaching with you and 15 other talented artists in the 2nd edition of Effy’s Radiant E-course and engaging with the artists who will be joining us in the class. My hope is to inspire others to pick up any art supply from the humble crayon to the more complicated or intimidating encaustic paints and just feel free to play. I am launching my website and I plan on sharing all my experiments there and hopefully there will be new online classes in the future as well.

Where can we find you online?


Here are some examples of Jeanette’s recent projects

Jeanette Montero |

Jeanette Montero |

Jeanette Montero |

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