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On 1 October Effy Wild’s new course Radiant: Art Journals launches to the world! It will be a veritable mixed media art journaling buffet of lessons served up by 14 guest teachers plus Effy herself! I’m proud to be among the inspiring line-up of teachers and here on my blog I’ve lined up interviews with all the teachers for you to get to know them a bit better!

So without further ado, let me introduce to you the wonderful Micki Wilde!

Tell us in one sentence what it is you do?

I am a mixed media artist from Leicestershire UK

What is your favourite colour palette?

I go through phases of having different ‘favourite colour palettes’ right from chalky pale pastels through to my current favourite deep vibrant shades. I don’t know why that is but I just flow with it when it happens.

What is your (current) favourite art supply?

Aside from my paints and caran d’ache watercolour crayons, I love my derwent mini journal, the paper is perfect for mixed media work.

You have such a distinct style, I could recognise your girls anywhere! How did you develop this unique style and what would your one tip be for people looking to develop their own style?

I know it seems like I have ‘a style’ but my art is always going through constant changes.

When I started painting in 2007 I learnt mostly via online classes from Mystele Kirkeeng, Mindy Lacefield and Misty Mawn, 3 completely different types of ‘girl artists’. I went through phases of my girls looking similar to each of those artists work and then when I stepped away from the classes and just played in my art room I began to see the changes that made them mine.
A subtle change of nose or eye position can change a girl’s face completely and I am constantly tweeking and changing how I do those.

I also played around a lot with some ‘Jesse Reno’ styled art. I didn’t take a class with him but I did look at his work and it was approached in a similar intuitive way to Mystele Kirkeengs girls and so my ‘creatures’ were born.

My main advice is to take a few classes from the artists you love then step away and play, don’t look at their art just play, change a few bits and ‘voila’ a style is born.

I know I make it sound simple and it isn’t in reality, it can take years for the style to ‘be born’ but that is how it works for me =)

What new exciting thing is coming next in the world of Micki Wilde?

Well you can always find me painting up a storm and sharing on my facebook page and Etsy shop but as well as that I am working on a new online class which will be out later this year and I am also guest teacher in Effy Wild’s Radiant 2 class which will be out in October.

Where can we find you online?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Secret-Hermit
Online classes: http://secrethermit.typepad.com
Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/thesecrethermit

I also have a newsletter in which I send out all information on my upcoming classes, discounts in my etsy shop etc which can be joined via my facebook page or my typepad site.

Here are some examples of Micki’s wonderfully recognisable & inspiring style of art

Crow Wisdom | Micki Wilde | http://secrethermit.typepad.com

Imaginary Friends | Micki Wilde | http://secrethermit.typepad.com

Land of Bear | Micki Wilde | http://secrethermit.typepad.com

Peaceful Waters | Micki Wilde | http://secrethermit.typepad.com

I hope you will join us for Radiant: Art Journals! You can read all the information and sign up by clicking here.

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