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Life Book 2019 Art Course Giveaway!!

One of my art teaching dreams has come true! In 2019 I will be teaching on Life Book!!

I can’t wait to be part of this amazing art course that will bring you inspiration, creativity, techniques, self-development and self-discovery!

About Life Book

“Life Book, a celebration and honouring of YOU” is a year-long mixed media art class organised by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts.

Tam is joined by 32 incredible art teachers who are all gearing up to share their mixed media techniques, tips and tricks with YOU! Life Book continues its bigger and better format this year by including a variety of fantastic artists and wellness guides who will focus on additional personal development practices and other art disciplines, like art doll making, basket weaving and sacred bowl making!

Themed around self-development and healing, you’ll be creating several loose mixed media art journal pages per month which by the end of the year you will bind into a glorious journal (a Life Book)! You will have a wonderful keepsake that you can treasure for the rest of your life! You will also be introduced to yoga, aromatherapy, mindfulness and other wellness exercises to help support your personal development journey more holistically.

Life Book is all about making you and the world happier. Through creating art, through creating a deeper understanding of ourselves, through connecting with each other. It’s all there, in one big affordable package! It has served thousands of people from all over the world over the past 7 years. It’s been wildly popular!

I hope that many of you will join us on this fabulous journey (over 20,000+ people have joined Life Book since its inception, amazing!). Imagine a year of weekly art lessons, inspiration, encouragement and a safe group of like minded artsy people and YOU all together making art, growing and developing your skills and soul while being guided by some of the most talented artists and wellness experts out there!

Registration opens on October 16th 2018 and the class begins on January 1st 2019.

Enter The Giveaway!

I get to give away one FREE spot on this awesome year long course!

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Debbie L!! Congratulations!

I absolutely loved reading all your comments. It was really awesome to read how important Life Book has been in so many of your lives. Thank you also to everyone who mentioned my summit activity and those who were happy to find out I am teaching on the course, it’s so motivating and encouraging to read your words!

1a. If you have taken Life Book before, comment below and tell me what your favourite experience was
1b. If you’ve not taken Life Book before, comment below and tell me what you hope to get out of the course
2. Visit the Life Book 2019 page by clicking this link

Giveaway rules & fine print

  • Giveaway will close on 15 October 2018 at 12pm (noon) BST (UK time)
  • The winner will be announced in this post on 15 October 2018
  • By entering this giveaway you agree to be contacted via email if you are the winner. Your email will not be published.
  • The winner agrees that their name and email will be privately shared with Willowing Arts so their prize can be claimed.
  • I reserve the right to pick a new giveaway winner if the contacted winner does not respond within 5 days.
  • There is no cash alternative for the prize.
  • The winner may not transfer their prize in exchange for money, services or material goods.

Full disclosure: the links in this post are ‘affiliate links’. This means that if you sign up to the course via my link, I will get paid a percentage. This doesn’t cost you anything extra and is how I get paid for teaching on the course. It means a lot to me when you sign up through my link, thank you for your support!

By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

257 replies on “Life Book 2019 Art Course Giveaway!!”

Hi, I have not taken Lifebook before. I am hoping that this will allow myself to find time for myself. My last child has graduated, I’m moving and now I have my Own art room. So now, I need inspiration to practice, practice and grow into the artist inside of me. Thank you.

Hello, I have not taking the course before. I hope to gain more knowledge and fun by taking this course. I love the summit and think all of you are amazing for doing this!!!!

Hello Iris,
I’ve never taken LifeBook before, but doing this summit has been an eye opening experience for me. I’ve always done some form of art since childhood; but that came to a crashing halt after a failed back surgery, years of chronic pain and other series of events. I never realized how healing art could really be, until I found this summit and how different artists practice mindfulness in their practice.

I have not taken Life Book before, but have received information about the course for a few years. I feel ready and able to join in this year. Like many in the social art community, health issues and disability limited me, but then freed me to return to my passion for art and I’ve found it very healing. I feel very lucky to find so much inspiration from the teachers during the summit and learned so much, I want to continue. Thank you.

I did the first course of life book a looooongg time ago! Then everything felt simple in creating. Now…I am stuck I don’t create much anymore because I ” think” too much. It would be great to do this again and give the thinking a big vacation 😉

Hi Iris and thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
I have done Life Book before. It gives me a wonderful art space to be creative by enjoying the instructors teach and guide me in those good and bad days of art. It is so rich , fulfilling and inspiring.
Thanks again

Hi, I’ve never taken LifeBook before and have been finding this summit an eye opening experience of healing love. Learning new art from fantastic artists is the icing on the cake!

I would so love this opportunity. I would love to be inspired weekly by like minded artists. Please please please lol.

This is my first year of doing Lifebook and I am LOVING it! I love working in a journal where I can let out my private feelings on paper, in a safe place, where no-one can see unless I choose to share. I’ve always heard it’s great therapy to put feelings down into your art, but I had no idea HOW therapeutic it would be! Adding the date when I do a piece, helps me look back and see how far I’ve come. I would love to win a spot in next year’s Lifebook Class! Thanks for giving us all a chance to win!

HI, I have not taken the class. I’m a person that has not been able to get things going to have a movitived practice. I really need to have some help to get started. And not very good with doing the online stuff. Would be grateful and ever so thankful if I win this spot.

Hi Iris,

For the very first time, I’m participating in the current free Life Book Summit. Since the very first day, I’ve been in awe of the talent and diversity of the gifted instructors. I have rekindled my love of art making and am super stoked by my new daily practice. It is nourishing my soul on so many levels!

Iris, it was such a pleasure to get a glimpse into a day in your life as an artist as well and working on the art activity. Your art activity was so much fun.

Winning your free Life Book spot would be …over the moon, bursting with joy and gratitude!!!

Hello. I have not taken Life Book yet. I signed up for LB2018 but have been met with a year full of obstacles and could not participate as anticipated.

I fell in love with almost everyone on Tam’s Summit and it renewed my desire to participate in a long program beside such wonderful leaders and teachers.

I’d love an opportunity to experience this wonderful program.

Lynn Spiro

Hello! I need Life Book 2019! I have had a trauma filled childhhood/adolescence. I am now a mother to two young boys. I have anxiety awful some days more than others. I love art and need more help learning to use mediums and being inspired! It helps with my self care and helps relieve my anxiety/pent up traumas so I can be a better mother/wife. That is all I want in life. Thank You for this opportunity.

Hi, I’ve never taken Life Book because of my lack of funds but I always wanted too, ever since it came out 🙂 I would love to start by having a consistent art journaling practice learning from the best artists out there 🙂

I did Lifebook 2018 and I loved it. I joined after some serious health problems became even worse and I was having panic attacks. When I joined all of my attacks went away and I’m doing much better. The best lessons in Lifebook were the lessons when you did free association art. The abstract lessons that let you loosen up and not be so uptight about what you’re creating. I also am a big fan of watercolor.

I’ve purchased life book every year. What I get personally out of Life Book is all the different techniques and teachers that Tamara brings to the course. From there I have followed instructors to other classes and met other artists who teach. The blog hops to meet other teachers to me is amazing. I’m still trying to find out what speaks to me because so many do. I call it a plethora of color and creative techniques wrapped up into Life Book!

I have not taken Life Book before. I’m hoping to learn ways to use art making to help heal and cope with chronic pain, and as part of my intention to practice slow living and mindfulness. The warm up session and Day 1 sessions from Tam have already helped me.

What a kind offer! LifeBook looks like exactly what I’m looking for! Internal growth and a creative outlet and a regular practice to support it – how delightful!

I have never taken Life Book. I love mixed media and always looking for new courses and inspiration.

I have never took part in LifeBook but often wanted to. I think I would learn to make better art and maybe to make art when ever I want not just think about it.
I love Tams work and already like her page.
It would be awesome if I would win this, I would be so happy.

I`ve not taken Life Book before, but I`ve taken several of Tamaras free classes (some of them from Life Book) and it has been so much fun. Life Book seems like a wonderful way to learn about different techniques and get a chance to play + learn more about some of the amazing and talented artists out there . Living with chronic pain I feel that art is a wonderful way to heal the heart and soul.

The thought of being inspired all year long is amazing! Getting taught by 32 teachers is incredible. I think winning this class would allow me to take some great steps in finding my own voice as an artist by experiencing different views. It is going to be hard to get any art done until Oct 16th with my fingers crossed, hoping I win!

I so enjoyed a short art session with Iris recently – the joy of reconnecting with creativity again and getting messy! As 2019 signals my 60th year on the planet what an amazing opportunity it would be to embrace my inner child, create an art journal to record the memorable year and enjoy learning and experimenting with different art techniques .

I need to get more loose, and free with my art in general. I don’t experiment enough – I’m often frozen by perfection or fears… I’m hoping this program will help with that.

I have not taken Life Book before, i wanted it but my inner critics always said that i was not good enough so i was afraid to participate. Since this year i try not to listen to this voice, it’s difficult but now i make more art journal pages and mixed media pieces then before and it is so liberating and feels so good!! If i could follow the Life Book 2019, i hope i will be more confident in following my arty heart and let go of my inner critics.

Hi Iris, I did Lifebook in 2014, and 2015. I loved the weekly lessons because I learned so much and developed enough confidence to work on art projects on my own. I especially enjoyed learning about new products and how to use them. I would love to take another year for myself with Lifebook. 🙂

I have taken LifeBook before, Tam does such an excellent job, all of the instructors give wonderful workshops…

I haven’t taken it before & I want to start allowing & allotting myself more time to be more creative!

Hi. I have not taken Life Book before. I am fairly new to art and love learning. I knew I was creative in the fiber fields, but since I have become more home-bound, I am enjoying learning to paint, draw, and make art with multi-media. I am always amazed at the beautiful things I can make by working with you fabulous online instructors. Thank you.

I looooooove Lifebook. Everything about it. I would never miss a year and I would love to win a spot as I am totally dedicated to joining again and it would be so nice to be a winner this time around. Thanks for this opportunity to enter. Glad to see you there as a teacher!!!!

I have been involved in each year of life book- I love the variety of lessons and techniques, and the opportunity to have so many different teachers, all for the comfort of my own home!!


I had won in 2016. It was such a powerhouse of knowledge with so many new techniques. Oh the thrill of waiting for a new class every Monday.

I have not taken a Life Book class in the past. I hope to learn a lot about keeping myself well both physically and mentally through art. I am taking the free summit from TAM that is going on right now and having a wonderful experience so far. I am sure 2019 Life Book will extend this euphoric feeling. Thank you.

Hi, Iris,
I have purchased the LB course before.. Although I don’t have any formal art background and have only been on this art journey the last few years, I have only been able to do the basic lessons, I so enjoy watching each guest teacher present his/her class and the artwork of the students’ has been amazing. I forwad to the day that it will “just come naturally”. I love that now Lifebook is lifelong access so that takes some of the pressure off. I have recently discovered your blo, your FB live chats, and an really appreciating not only your art, but your authenticity and your guidance. I love the LB community and the ariety of teachers has been phonemonen. Thank you for this opportunity

I thought I had left a comment. I am not sure why it is not showing, but I would love to win a seat in this year’s Life Book. I have never taken this course before. I am currently enjoying the free summit hosted by TAM and having a blast learning about myself and art.

I have never signed up for LifeBook. I am planning on signing up this year because I am making major changes in my life this year and I am dedicating time to develop my passion, Art! I have always wanted to participate in LifeBook but knew that I wouldn’t be able to dedicate myself to it. This is my year! I have seen many teachers who I admire and am very excited to get in-depth teachings from so many artists in one place. I am turning 60 in December and 2019 is a new beginning for this next decade of my life. I hope to win a spot, that would be great but, regardless, I will be there!!! 😊

I’ve taken Lifebook for the second time now. What I liked most is experience I can do more than I thought I could and to discover and work with different materials. An example is Juna Biagiona’s lesson this year, called the Custodian. Working with heavy medium, carving in words and texture, acrylics and pastels. Loved it!

My first Lifebook was in 2013 and joined 5 times so far. I love the fact that it has different teachers and different techniques. My first two years of lifebook really helped me discover lots of new things and also helped me find out what I do and don’t like. Even thought I like a lot 😉

I have not participated in a Life Book session yet. I’m fascinated by healing thru art. I’m attending the summit and it’s been amazing!

Hi Iris, I’ve taken Life Book before. I liked : the paced approach to learning by getting a lesson every week; Tams introduction to color theory (amazing value!); and most importantly learning to draw and paint faces in more than one style. Getting lessons from many teachers to get to know their art and teaching style (so you can then learn more from those you love best). All in all – very good quality and you get a lot for your money. Thanks!

I have never participated in life journal before, although I have really wanted to I have not had the money to do so. Fingers crossed 2019 will be my year to participate 🤞🏻

Hi – I’ve taken this years LifeBook 2018 – I so love the content so much value for money and lots of different artists to learn from. it’s been a great journey to be on this year and the start of greater things – I would love this opportunity to join for another year – thanks so much x

I didn’t know about The Life Book until a message popped up in an email …this must be a sign I thought. It has been a long depressing year and signing up for the Summit might just get me out of my funk. Day 1 I was so elated, joy flooded my soul after I finished the the elephant paintings with Tamara.I had so much energy and happiness I was up until midnight (I usually am in bed by 7:30). Yes, I want more. 🙂

I have not done Life Book before.
I do make art, but have become dominated by working to others theme, deadlines, and forgotten how to do for me. I’m also involved with looking more deeply into self care, and mindfulness, awareness of this course has come along just at the right time.

Thanks so much for the opportunity! I have taken LifeBook previously. What I enjoy most is the variety of artists who teach. With LifeBook 2018, I’ve had the opportunity to work in mediums that I’ve not had too much experience with before (watercolors, pastels, inks, and clay). Also, getting to interest with other like-minded artists taking the courses is also fabulous, too!

I have not taken a Life Book class before. I would love the opportunity to learn more about mixed media art and self-care as that is something I do not do enough of. I am a home health nurse and all my energy goes to my patients and to my family. This class will offer a way to connect with myself, take care of my self, challenge me and grow my art skills. Thank you for this opportunity!

I have not taken a Life Book course yet! I turn 49 on Oct 9th and I thought signing up for the course would be a great way to celebrate the last year in my 40’s and welcoming my half century mark. I look forward to your lesson!

I have not taken the Life Book course before. I am interested in being inspired as an artist and step outside my comfort zone. And…it sounds fun!

Hi Iris. I’ve taken LB twice but have now had a two-year break. It would be so good to follow along by again.
I enjoyed learning new techniques and developed the confidence to create on my own.

I have never done Lifebook before, but would love to participate in 2019! I would benefit from the inspiration, encouragement and knowledge offered!

This has been my 1st year doing Life Book and it’s been amazing. The amount of techniques and inspiration I have learnt so far is just wonderful. I am slowly moving away from computer graphics and want to be able to make art that is meaningful to me. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Your work looks amazing. Crossing my fingers and toes. Much love. Xxx

I have never taken lifebook, but I think it would really help me with my anxiety and panic attacks. Creating art makes me happy and relaxes me. I have so much to learn and wish that I could afford more classes.

I haven’t done life book before and would hope to reconnect with my creativity and be pushed out of my comfort zone.

I have done life book before and for me there are two distinct phases. When I first started I took a lot of enjoyment from simply learning how to ‘art’, having never been able to before. The second phase was at a time of lots of serious illness and deaths of loved ones and it [and meditating] helped me through some very dark times and still is.

This will be my first time. I just started the Life Book Summit now and I like it a lot. The holistic approach in all its senses with so many talented artists appeals to me and it comes at the right time. Thanks Iris and I wish everybody luck and joy.

I would love to join Life Book for the first time. I hope it will help me feeling more confident about my art-making. I’m so insecure about my art, and about seeing myself as an artist. Also I hope to learn new techniques and being part of the creative community.

I have taken LifeBook for the last 2 years, and really enjoy the diversity of so many styles and teachers. I love the excitement of waiting for the new lesson every Monday morning, and being part of the wonderful LB community. There is so much to learn and I would love to be part of LB2019.

Hi Iris!
I joined the summit and I enjoyed Mellanie tree woman tutorial alot. She was very inspiring for me.
working this few days on the Life book, helped me to wake up my photography passion. I am an artist photographer and it was some time now that my passion to take photos was gone. So I let it go, and it came back now, during all this intense art and spirit work. I would be happy to get a free spot. Also could’nt find the full price anywhere. Can you answer that?

many thanks

Hi Inbal, I’m so glad your creativity has been reawakened! I went through a period of nearly 2 years where my passion was gone and I hardly created anything, so I really relate to your experience.

The price for Life Book will be £99 (approx $127 USD) and registration opens on 16 October. Hope that helps!

This will be my third year and although life gets constantly in the way of finishing up all the assignments in time, I enjoyed the ones I’ve taken. There’s an amazing LB community and I’m already looking forward to the various styles and topics of the teachers.

I have not taken this course before , but have always wanted to. I hope to get out of the classes , more of a knowledge of who I am as an artist and to learn tips or tricks that I have not seen before. Good luck everyone!!

I took LB years ago and loved it but havent had the time or money to do it since.. Id love to get back into being creative, it makes life so much better!!

I have not taken this course before, but have seen it in years past and it looks amazing. I have a very stressful job and try to do art as a way to counteract the stress and negativity in my downtime. I would love to get instruction and be part of an art community. Thank you for the chance and congratulations on getting to teach!!

Hi, it would be my first life book. I reconnected with my creativity few weeks ago and I’m so surprised how healing at can be. I believe that the life book would help me to heal on any level, to let go to, be open and get into alignment with my heart and soul. Huge step into personal development.

I have not taken Life Book before. I hope for inspiration (it’s inspiring just to read about it!), encouragement, growth in my art skills, and tools to combat anxiety. And to enjoy making some art that I love and expresses me. Thanks for this opportunity!

I have never taken a Lifebook course before. I honestly feel like I need this course in my life. I’m trying to find myself after a lifetime of being lost. I believe this course will help me to do that and have so much fun along the way. Thank you for the chance. Hugs and peace. Lynn

I have taken Life Book since 2013! I love it because it keeps me inspired and motivated to create all year long. It’s a great way to start your week. But most of all my favourite experience is learning a technique perhaps from each individual instructor and incorporating it into my work. I would be thrilled to win a spot in LB2019!!! Thanks for the chance.

No, I haven’t done LifeBook before. I was introduced to Tamara through Woman Unleashed retreat and signed up for this summit. I am REALLY enjoying the process and meeting these amazing teachers. I’m not an artist – this is all new to me – but I’m enjoying the process of creating and finding it very powerful and energising. Wonderful way to BE in the moment and to get out of my head and try something different. It’s fun too! Love the support of the FB group for this summit. Thank you, Tamara for this wonderful experience.

I have never taken Lifebook before. I am 66, retired now, and I want to explore the art that lives in my mind… hopefully bringing it to paper in a satisfying way. I think it will rest my heart and soul to do this just for the joy of it.

I have been tempted by the Life book course for years, never in the budget, winning the 2019 one would be awesome. There is always so much amazing artwork that is posted on facebook that mentions this course, I think it would be a great way to stretch and motivate me and improve my creations.

My experience with Lifebook is that I learn so much from all the different teachers. And there is always a lesson that inspires me, and make me want to do more art stuff! Thank you for this opportunity ❤️

I have not taken Life Book courses yet, but I would love to improve my art skills throughout the year from such a diverse group of inspiring artists. I am just beginning my artistic journey, and I know that I could learn so much in Life Book. Thank you 🙏

What I loved so much about Life Book was learning from all of the wonderful artists/teachers. Each lesson was so individual and at the end of the year, there was so much beautiful art and new techniques to keep and continue practicing.

I really really LOVE the summit and I’m very much looking forward attending Life Book 2019. There is so much to discover, it really feels like an art creating party 🎊.

I’ve never taken Lifebook before, but I would love to. I’m a librarian and I do programs for adults and all ages, and the patrons at my branch love arts and crafts. I want to learn more art techniques I can share on my “bad art night” programs, since I’m not actually a trained artist myself. Everything I can learn will benefit my library patrons.

Hello, I have not yet taken Life Book but am experimenting the current free courses and am very enthusiastic with the contents I have been testing so far ! I would be so glad to win this giveaway ! thank you for this sharing, this is so great you are part of this event !

I haven’t take Life Book before and to be honest my first thought was ‘that’s not for me’. But then I joined Tamara’s summit, tried the daily activities and fell in love with all the joy. 🙂 I’m amazed with how much positivity I’m getting from this.

Hi there ! I’ve never taken lifebook before. I’m in a self discovering journey, and as arts has always been parts of mife life in different ways, it feels for me that it’s a good medium for my quest.
I stumble on lifebook at the begining of this year, but at that time, even if it look great, it did not appeals to me.
Since then, i’ve made 3 or 4 art retreats, and i loved it, so when Tam’s lunches her summit, it was a sign to give it a try. And now, i think I’m ready to follow next year’s life book.

Hi, I don’t have any experience with lifebook, but enjoying the summit very much. I want to learn so much more since I am a beginner in this area. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in lifebook 2019.

I am taking Lifebook this year and have enjoyed it. I have to admit I have not done many of the lessons. I am not confident in my abilities yet. I would love to take it again next year but will have to wait and see on that option. Thanks for having the giveaway! I would love a chance to improve on my skills next year.

I have never taken it. I would love to win a spot. I think it will give me the confidence to create and now worry about the perfection. To allow it to help my inner self grow. Loved your lessons in the summit, really enjoyed playing and being creative today. Thank you 🙂

I made a lifebook in 2018 and I love all the workshops because each of them has been very inspiring. I hope I can win a site for next year 🙂

I am taking part in LifeBook this year! I was so lucky to have family chip in and give it to me for my birthday. I create art as often as I can but was really struggling with dealing with my chronic illness and accepting my increasing limitations. Being part of LifeBook has helped me enormously with learning to truly enjoy and treasure the process of art making instead of focusing on outcomes and worries about “should I be trying to sell art to be an artist”. I slip up all the time but am slowing changing in my thoughts and it is Tam and the community of like minded peeps that has helped me more than I can express. I feel very sad the year of LifeBook is coming to an end😔I highly recommend it to everyone. It’s a life changer 💕💕

I’m part of life book this year and it is amazing. It helps me through hard times, to focus on my drawing and be more calm with meditation and yoga. I think it’s a perfect combination!!!

I have taken lifebook before! This year I especially loved the diversity of artists and their specialized mediums. I got to create clay bowls and dolls, work in watercolors and pastels, and strengthen my skills. Looking forward to 2019. Hope to win a spot!!! Thank you for the opportunity.

This is my second year with Life Book. I love learning new techniques and different ways to access and process my feelings.

I have been a Life Booker for the past three years now and will continue on in 2019. The best part of Life Book has been all the wonderful artists who have shared their craft with us. There hasn’t been one instance that I have not learned something new from every lesson. Every artist is encouraging, and shares themselves and their work on such a soulful and giving basis. Also, the encouragement and support of my fellow artists is uplifting and keeps me coming back year after year. This past year has been a difficult one for me personally, but when I’m “arting” I’m taken away and creativity becomes my focus. I’m certainly not the best artist in the house, but I’m amazed that what was once a blank, white page, turns into a part of me on the page…well, that’s the magic of art! Good Luck to everyone…you will not regret joining Life Book 2019!

I have not taken a Life Book course yet. I think that my take away would be me learning more about myself as an artist…perhaps even help me in defining my style. 😃

I have taken LB before and it’s one of the most versatile classes online. I love the continued “Growth” within LB, adding new teachers, adding some additional creative expression besides visual art. I have followed you for awhile and enjoy your authenticity in some of your most recent FB posts and talks. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot.

I have no prior Life Book experience but it certainly seems like an awesome creative and educational and supportive experience. I am familiar with a couple of the teaching artists who are just awesome and look forward to seeing more from all the fabulous instructors!! Thank you!

I have never taken the Life Book course before. By taking it, I hope to learn new techniques, explore my artistic abilities, and be inspired by the other participants. I would like to be a part of a creative community!

Never done Life Book before. I am always insecure about the art I try to make. Even don’t know what “my thing” is yet. I like to try a lot of techniques, like to invent techniques of my own. Love that. But that is another way to enjoy my art-hobby. I am still searching what makes me happy in art… the process I mean. Just sit down and play… I do not know with what and what to do. That’s frustrating…

I’ve done Lifebook only twice and totally loved the interaction with like-minded people, creative people. It’s such an uplifting experience!

Hi Iris, thank you for the oppertunity to win a free spot for LB 2019! I did join LB last year but there is still so much to learn for me! I loved the lessons with watercolor in it💕

2018 was my first life book experience and I’m loving it, I love the actual art classes where we get a finished piece, helps me gain needed techniques, I loved your summit class for the simplicity and can’t wait to see what you come up with for life book 2019 congratulations and thank you..(oh I almost forgot lifebook has been amazing for bringing to my knowledge new artist I can follow and take their classes, I have actually done a few classes with other artist from lifebook outside of lifebook… thanks lifebook for putting these artist in front I’m me..

Hi Iris, I never done Life Book before. Why I would like to win a spot? Art is something that made me always happy and I tried different kind of fields and gave up every time. There are many reasons why I stopped you covered pretty all of them in your vide “get inspired”. I’m suffering from burnout syndrome and my creativity is “dead”. Just to watch now the Life Book Summit showed me again, that to be creative is the only thing which will bring me back alive and to my creative roots. I still have lots of paints, linen and other artsy stuff sitting in my closet. To be part of a year long creative journey together with like minded people and to learn new techniques would be for me a real big gift. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win a spot. 🙂

I have not taken Life Book before. I would love to learn from all the different artists! Everyone has such a unique take on art!

Hi Iris, what I nice chance to get a spot in Life Book 2019! I am completely new to this course. It seems to me that it is a inspiring adventure. I started this year with art-journaling. I love it. Fingers crossed for this oppertunity! 🙂

I have not taken it before, but just found Tam this year, and I am very interested in being more creative and learning. This summit has been awesome and I would love to have a spot!

Thank you for the opportunity Iris. I am enjoying the summit and would love to expience LIFE BOOK 2019. I have never participated before but would love to learn and explore art with all the amazing artists. 🎨🖌💚💜

I’ve already took Lifebook classes. It helps me a lot to improve myself and to let out the pressure. Love the process, not only the result. A great human adventure… xzz

hi Iris, I would love a chance at this giveaway. I do not have a lot of money so paying for art courses is difficult for me. I started to art journal in March, after some heartache in my life. Art journaling, I feel, has basically saved me. I art journal everyday, and would love to get acquainted with all types of techniques.
Thank you, millana

Hi Iris, I seem to be having problems with your website. Anyway I just started art journaling in May, after dealing with a lot of heartache. Art journaling has basically brought me back to life. I would love a chance to win, as I can’t afford to take courses. I art journal every day and would love to learn more techniques

Just found out about Lifebook less than a week ago and really loving the summit so far. Even though I most likely won’t have the “space” to actually do any art, it’s all happening so fast and I’m a sloooooow kinda gal, lol, that’s why a years course would be perfect for me 😀 Been stuck in a place where there’s no creativity for far too long. It’s time to let flow. Just need a wee nudge ^_^

Hi Iris. 🙂 I haven’t done Life Book before, but I’ve been finding the summit to be a very meaningful experience as I try to grapple with the loss of my mother a few weeks ago. She was an amazing artist, and I’m doing my best to try to cope and channel the immense feelings of grief that are with me every moment through creative pursuits and to honor her and her legacy by following in her footsteps. I have other online courses that I am really looking forward to pursuing (one of them is yours, actually), but I think having life book is a different thing both because of its focus on wellness and because it is a year-long community-based process. I am slightly hesitant to admit it, but it is hot been hard for me to envision continuing to live life forever without my mother, so I am actively seeking out grounding activities that are on going to help build as meaningful life as I can manage without the person most to me.

I am sorry that this is almost certainly overly forthcoming; I am entering giveaways on several of you wonderful teachers’ pages, and each time I answer about why I’d mike to be a part of Life Book, I know that what I am writing is more serious and sad then what is probably appropriate, but it’s also what’s honest, and right now that is just how I need to be.

In any case, thank you for being a part of the summit, and if nothing else, I look forward to eventually starting your Rainbow Journal course, which was specifically recommended to me as good for someone who is processing a lot of different kinds of emotion. Best wishes. <3

Hi, Iris. I have not taken Life Book before. I am new to mixed media and would like to explore the techniques offered by all the course artists, but mostly, I would like to immerse myself in the well-being aspect of Life Book. I need that healing. A year of healing…that would be a gift. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the give-away.

I haven’t taken a Life Book course before, I had been so busy that I never had the chance. Life is going by super fast, I have lost a few very dear friends and my mom this past year and I decided that I really need to slow down, make some time for me, get in touch with who i was supposed to be before I got so busy. I need to release my creative, inner child and let her play! Time to enjoy!

Hello Iris! Nice to meet you! I have not taken Lifebook before, but its been something I have wanted to do for years. Unfortunately, I always put Lifebook on the back burner and let other life stuff command my attention. For the last 2 years or so I have been focused on running my own business. It seems like its been a non stop grind, and although its been wonderful working for myself, my happiness level has dropped considerably. My work has basically taken control of my life, and thats not healthy. I need to find a way to play, to have fun, to forget about the stress of the day and just be in my own world for a bit. I need to find my “joy” again. I think Lifebook can help with that. I have been taken the summit courses, and I have already found it helping my stress level. I know look forward to carving out 30 minutes or so of my day to play, even if its just to toss some paint on a piece of paper, or use a few stamps. I can only imagine what doing Lifebook for a whole year would do. 🙂

Hi Iris, I really enjoyed your Creative Day video for the summit. Your energy and enthusiasm is so infectious, you have such a nice family and a very exciting life. I am new to art and find that there is so much to learn, if I won a place on Lifebook 2019 it would give me such a boost. Thanks again.

Hi Iris, I’ve never taken Lifebook before. The Summit lessons have been wonderful. I’ve always dabbled in art projects but mostly self taught. I feel like I’m emergin from a rut with all of this new information and techniques. Everyone is so supportive too. I would love to continue growing and learning. I would love to be able to draw and paint a portrait that looked like a real person! Thanks! Jo Ann

Hi Iris: I’ve been really enjoying the summit and realizing that I, too, can become an artist. I have learned so much in just a week, but now I want to continue learning. The teachers and the community of Lifebook 2019 are really impressive and I would love to be a part of it. Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

I have not taken lifebook before.
I would so appreciate a spot on life book to heal, and find my creativity again. I was in a bad accident 20 years ago and have struggled ever since. The pain this year had gotten to a point where I felt completely crushed. Then I found the summit and started to paint. The pain has gone down quite a bit since I picked my brushes back up. I truly believe that lifebook will transform this old, worn out body to something worthy again. Thank you for the opportunity,
Heather Nelson

I’ve never taken a Life Book class. I would love to take a year to dive back into art. My art. My journey.

I’ve never taken a Life Book class before and I think it’s my only hope of fighting insanity, hah! Just kidding…about the ‘insanity’ bit.. I think 🙂

I have not taken Life Book before, but i did art journal summer school, and i liked it, so i think this is even more fun.

Good morning Iris.
I would absolutely love to have a whole year to devote to learning ART. I am a newbie to this but have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Life Book Wellness and Creativity Summit.

I have not taken a whole year Life Book class but it would be simply AMAZING 🙂 I hope to learn and experience all kinds of art from different people who love art and the process that goes with it. I would love to be more freer (if that’s a word lol) in expressing myself and not be so – tight.

Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in Life Book 2019. 🙂

I did Lifebook the very first year Tam offered it and only managed to come back this year. I think my favourite feeling really has been that sense of coming home to myself and realising just how much I had been missing it, rather than any particular lesson.

I have not taken Life Book before. After experiencing the summit…I am sooo excited to try Life Book. I want to improve my Art Journaling skills and express myself more. I love how the art all comes together and I am constantly surprised. Thank you for the opportunity.

I’ve never taken a Life Book class before. I just shut my creative side which I would loved to connect with again. What I hope to get out of the course is to connect me with my true self. To give me something that I look forward to even when things get me down.To express my feelings. Even the dark one because I am mostly mental person and sometimes it’s hard for me to express myself verbally.I started to write journal but it’s also to mental. And art is perfect.In art you can’t control what you put in like you can with words.

I have taken lifebook before and loved it. It really opened something up in me emotionally. I felt connected and peaceful, and sated. Thank you for offering this opportunity.

I have not taken LifeBook before, so this is all a new experience for me! I hope to push myself to a new level of art and understand
, and hopefully heal a few broken pieces of myself. Thanks for sharing. Xo

Took lifebook 2018 and learned so many new techniques and really expanded my art knowledge I would love to win a spot on lifebook 2019 so I could continue with learning more, and become more confident in my artwork.

I have not taken the Life Book course before. I have periods of depression and art helps. Life Book would be an invaluable resource for me. Thanks for the chance!

I love! Life Book and I find it a most restful, nourishing, inspiring place to be. The guest teachers’ lessons are so inspiring, And, the bonuses. A whole other world awaits, all Positive. Hopefully I can continue.


I haven’t taken the Life Book course before and really would like to win a spot in the 2019 session. I want to get inspiration, support, friends and joy and this course sounds exactly right. Good luck everyone.

I have taken Life book when it first started and found that it motivated me in expressing myself in my art..thank you for the chance of winning a spot…

I have take Lifebook for the last two years (although I haven’t finished all the lessons) what I love though is knowing that the lessons are there when I am ready to do them. The course has definitely helped me to grow as an artist and given me so much more confidence in my creative ability

I have been taken Life Book before and the best part of it, beside all fabulous new art knowledge and techniques, was listening Tams meditations and embracing all teacher˙s positivity, which was so tangible!!! It all helped me a lot during some harsh times 😉

Hi I haven’t joined life book before but have loved the summit
The opportunity the fantastic mix of artist has definitely inspired me to venture into new areas and use my art to help myself. I really would like to carry this on though the life book experience gaining the confidence to explore more x

I did take lb in 2018 and twice before. I have always enjoyed the variety of teachers that tam includes. There is something for everyone. This year she also includes yoga. It is a great workshop and I have learned many new techniques.

Hello! I have never done life book before, but the summit has really opened up a whole community of artists for me…I’ve often felt like I don’t fit in and to hear the experiences of other women that I could relate to has been amazing and so uplifting!! This includes you!😍

I have never done Lifebook before but it has always been a fond wish of mine to do so.

I would love to do Lifebook as it feels like such a nourishing environment to learn new skills in and to make new friends. Who could ask for a better experience 😀

Thanks for the opportunity to win 😊

I have not taken Life Book before but have enjoyed the free event. I hope to learn everything I can about Mixed media techniques and art journaling

Hi Iris,
I haven’t taken a full course in Life Book yesterday but this summit has wet my appetite for more more more❣️ This past 11 days has been perfectly wonderful and to loose myself in my creating has been a real gift during a time when I am waiting. Waiting to move into a renovated flat and finally make a space to call my own. What better way to celebrate that then a place on LB2019🙏💕. Thank you to You, Tam and all the amazing teachers I have met on the summit. I am so grateful to be on this journey with all of you and the amazing students❣️💝

Hi, Iris.
I have not taken Life Book before, but I’m definitely looking forward to it this coming year. Last January I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma so all of 2018 was dedicated to healing physically, and thankfully I’m cancer free. This coming year will be devoted to healing my mental and spiritual selves, so Life Book will be the perfect guide to help me learn who I am again.
I really loved your summit class and created some pages that I’m very happy with. Thank you.

I have not taken Life Book before. I have just started painting again after 40 years of not going near a paint brush. I suffer with depression and a multitude of allergies. At 61 I needed something for me. Art helps me escape into a wonderful place where depression doesn’t exist. I can’t afford the course as my income is low. Be fantastic to learn for a whole year and produce a wonderful book.

I have taken Life Book before. It was one of the first years it was offered . I have a very harsh inner critic. It often leaves me with the inability to create anything. With a different teacher each session, it inspired me enough that I was able to create a lot of art during that year. I haven’t been able to afford to take the classes again, so it would be wonderful to win a spot!

I’ve never had the treat of Life Book before, but I would love for it to teach me to have a daily art routine that builds on my skills.

I have participated in Lifebook twice, and love it! It has opened up my mind and my soul to different art styles and mediums. More importantly it has opened my heart to who I am as an artist and as a person. I joined only for the art, and have gotten so much more from the experience!

I have not taken Life Book before, but I hope to gain peace within myself and learn more art techniques.

Hello Iris, I would like to win a place in the Life book 2019 because I already adore everything that is proposed in the Summit, it enriches me and nourishes my creativity. It would be wonderful to live all this for a whole year!

I’m a newcomer to Life Book. I hope to learn new ways of expression and relaxation through art. I’m looking forward to also learning new techniques. Thank you!

Hi Iris,
I have not participated in Life Book before, but I would love to this year. I hope to receive inspiration,skill,connection,clarity, adventure and fun from it!
Thanks, Rachel

I am so excited to be part of this summit. I am new to mixed media and art journaling. I am loving all that I am learning through the practices. I loved your ‘day in an artist life’ vlog! I enjoyed all three of your practices! Thanks for this opportunity to continue this journey in 2019!!!!!

I haven’t taken life book before, but from what I’ve seen of the wonderful free sessions so far, I think it would be a great opportunity to grow as an artist!

I have not taken Life Book before, I have only just discovered the world of online art courses but am particularly drawn to LB as I love Tamara’s style but more importantly love how she uses it with meditation and actively for dealing with emotional issues (love the idea of writing down the negative and then doing positive art over the top)…..I would be over the moon to win a spot on LB2019

I just discovered LifeBook this year and am loving the free introduction to the course! I would love to win a spot in LB 2019.

I am at the beginning stages of my art journey. I have recently retired and now have the time to explore the things I love art and music.I have been learning so much since the summit began and I would love to win to develop more as an artist. I take away a little something from each artist that I have watched during the summit. I love trying new techniques and want to learn more. A year of classes would really be a dream come true! Thank you for this chance to win Lifebook 2019 classes.

I have never taken Lifebook of any class similar to it. I would love to broaden my knowledge of the different creative techniques and learn to accept that I’m worthy of taking time for me. I want to learn how to center myself to be a healthier, well rounded woman. I want that to reflect in my art as well as my daily life. Thank you for the chance to make that happen.

I have enjoyed many LifeBook’s . I enjoy learning from a wide variety of teachers. Their tips, techniques, styles and outlooks on art and life. LifeBook has seen me through the ups and downs of life.

I took LifeBook this year for the first time. I love being exposed to so many new artists and experiencing different styles of art. I would love to continue my art journey with LB2019.

I have not done Life Book before, but I have loved the interviews and activities on the Summit so far. I have only recently started on my Art Journey and these have been exactly what I needed. I’m so excited to think that I can keep going with the motivation and ideas I have gained so far, and hope to experience lots more of this by doing Life Book 2019. Thank you for the opportunity to win a free place in this course.

Hello Iris,
I haven’t participated in a Life Book before and I only recently found out about it by reading one of my favourite artist blog. I know through my own experience that creativity and wellbeing are correlated – I’m at my happiest when I’m making, creating, generating mess, splashing colour around and getting my hands dirty. I also absolutely LOVE LoVe love learning, and if i do win this fabulous prize (I don’t think I can afford it otherwise) I’m going to learn and create as much as I can and hopefully find my own true artistic style. Plus, I’m guessing that the inspiration each participant will get out of Life Book 2019 experience will be out-of-this-world exhilarating! Thanks for the opportunity!

I have taken Lifebook once and the thing I loved was the teaching and inspiration of so many teachers! I saw different styles and techniques! This is a wonderful opportunity!

I took Lifebook a few years ago. I’ve been working on a few courses since then and it would be fun to circle back around and take it again. Thanks for all the fun tips and images! ~Hobby

Hi, I havent done LifeBook before but judging from the summit it will be packed with interesting lessons and artists. I would love to explore different art materials and let go of part of my perfectionism and learn to work more intuitive..

Oh, my! I guess it doesn’t hurt to try! LOL
I’ve never done LifeBook. I can’t say as to what I hope to get out of it.
I cannot afford it. Simple as that! Winning a spot or scholarship would be my only chance.
Thank you!

I have taken Lifebook previously and loved the deep meaningful expressions shared. I love learning new art techniques and seeing the creativity people come up with. It is such a generous and loving community. I am never able to complete all the projects but I am able to choose the ones that most resonate with me. I just love the energy I feel from each artist.

I have taken Lifebook a few years ago and enjoyed it very much. I promised myself that 2019 would be the year I really connect with my creative side. Winning a spot would help me do that. Thank you for the opportunity.

I am enjoying the well ess summit and think the class would be amazing! I am a teacher and having a positive outlet would be awesome!

I been a part of Life Book since 2015. I love the variety of teachers and it allows me to explore lots of different techniques and mediums, to try them on to see if they fit, without having to invest a lot of time.

Thanks for the chance to win this year’s offering!!


Life book is an opportunity to get a taste of many flavors of creative experiences. Things you have never thought you would try and others that add spice to what you already enjoy. It is a wonderful inspiration to exploring creativity

I have never taken a Life Bookcoutse before, but I think it’s amazing!! I am a beginner in this field, and I love it. I would be fascinated taking it.

I have taken Life Book before and loved every part of it. I didn’t do it this year, and missed it very much!

I have Taken Lifebook 2017 and 2018 and I love it so much. My life is getting so much full of creativity and color, I have learned so much from all the amazing teachers and I hope so much to win a spot for the next year, to let the craetive journey start again.

I would love to win a spot in LB 2019, one of my favorite yearly classes. I have followed you for awhile and enjoy your teaching style and your authentic voice! Thank you for this opportunity!

Hi, Iris! I thoroughly enjoyed your interview during the Life Book Summit. I have not taken Life Book before, but have recently been incorporating art journaling into my meditation practice! This course seems to be synchrodestiny!! Thank you for the inspiration, and the chance to win a spot!

My favorite thing about Lifebook is knowing that each week there will be a new project for me to work on with something new to learn artistically! If I’m stuck artistically, I just participate in a session project and then the ideas start to flow! It’s magic!
I’ve been in Lifebook for two years now and the excitement just keeps growing!

I have taken Life Book before, including currently. There are so many artists to love and admire and they show you how to create something similar. Since there are so many things to love, I am going to say my favorite is that you can take this at your own pace so you can enjoy and retry lessons over and over if you want and when it is convenient for you. There’s no stress of getting it done so you really can enjoy not just the beautiful art and lessons but also the process.

I have not participated in Life Book before. I would love to be a part of Life Book 2019. A series of life events over the past few years along with an awakening of my inner self have put me on a sometimes difficult journey to healing and art has been one of the best tools in dealing with this emotional journey. Thank you for the opportunity.

Hi Iris!

I’ve taken Life Book two years and absolutely loved the variety of approaches and techniques that were shared and taught. There was not a single lesson presented that I didn’t learn something wonderful from. I’m looking forward to Life Book 2019!

Than you iris for the opportunity to win a shoe. I joined Lifebook 2018 and must say that the entire course to date has been an amazing experience. In so glad your going to be a teacher next year. I loved your interview and your session in the summit. Thank you again.

I take part at the Life Book Summit for the first time. It is a completely new experience for me with so many new lessons and inspiration. I hope so much to be a Part of it !

I love the new wellness and wellbeing aspects of Life Book. It brings another dimension to the creative flow.

Life Book has helped me come out of my shell creatively. I look forward to getting a new lesson weekly because I have a chronic illness that leaves me sick, sore, and fatigued most days. Having new inspiration delivered to my inbox is my favorite part of Life Book. There are diverse projects to choose from and teachers that I love and respect. I want to wish everyone lots of luck because this is truly a generous and wonderful prize to win!

Hi, I have not taken the Life Book class. I recently retired and I believe that I need more structure in my day and a guide to help me improve my art work. I believe that your class would help me immensely. Thank you for considering me.

I have taken lifebook before thanks to my mom gifting it to me. Being ill from Lyme has been challenging & being able to take part in lifebook really helped me be able to work on healing & develop my creative abilities. It gave me something to look forward to & I’d be so grateful to be able to have that oppertunity again. Thank You & best of luck to all…

Have taken Life book several times and always find it not only creative and intriguing but also life changing and inspiring for my art, heart and soul. Tam and her teachers have taken me to a higher plane by sharing how they use art to inspire others in the world, and now because of them I do it too on a higher level then before. They made me see I could be a missionary (a desire in me since age 5)through art and healing and now the dream is real life. God uses people like angels sometimes. Would love to take a class and right now am spending most of my money on the children in Africa so to win a class would be such a joy for me!. Thanks for the opportunist! Sanna

I have not taken the course before but would love to take it for new inspiration and knowledge, I love mixed media work. Thank you for the opportunity. Lisa

Hi 🙂 I have not taken the life book course before, but I would love to be able to do it next year. Not only would I love to learn new art techniques or to try supplies that I haven’t used before, but art for me is a big part of me keeping my mental health in check. Taking part in the life book summit has been so refreshing and has really helped me to make time for self care and painty hands during a difficult time in my life.

I have been in lifebook 2 year! My creativity has grown and i tried so many new technic and supplies! And now i draw faces again !!!!!! Love it !

I have not taken the Lifebook course before. I love to try new things and I feel this course would certainly show me a lot of new things.

I have done ‘Lifebook’ twice before and thoroughly enjoyed it, It’s an exciting experience like no other. I would love the chance to do another one! All the teachers are inspiring, and you Iris are one of my favourites. Thank you for this opportunity.

Hi Iris,

I am head over heals with the Life Book Summit. I have been so amazed and awed by all the wonderful artists Tam has showcased, including yourself. I want the juicy-ness to continue! I want to continue learning and growing as an artist (I want to dare to call myself that – an artist.). I want exposure to talented people who create and who have lessons and skills to teach. Winning a spot would be so incredibly incredible! (seriously!)
Thank you for your lesson. I’ve signed up to your website and your YouTube Channel and I am enjoying all that you offer.

Taken lifebook 2018 and learned a lot of techniques. I was told when growing up that I could not draw and that I didn’t have any talent for art. Well I believed it for a long time. Once I retired I decided to try and found tam and her lessons nd well I now have more confidence and would like to continue learning and expanding myself in art. You never know what could happen

Hi Iris,
I have not yet taken Life book, but had been following the course for many years. It looks very encouraging, looks like a creative boost that would make life a lot more colourful and packed with joy.
Fingers crossed – perhaps this time I’ll be the lucky winner and will live through the adventure of art making process for 2019.
Thanks for the inspiring work you all do!

This will be my fourth year with Life Book. I can’t pick any one thing that I love the most. I love the teachers, I love the joy and I love the warmth and support of the amazing Life Bookers who take the course along with me. This is a fabulous course and I’m looking forward to all the amazing lessons to come.

Waving “hi”! I enjoyed your creative day video that was part of the summit. So fun and inspiring! I’ve not taken LifeBook as of yet. I would hope to enhance my creativity as an art journaler, musician, writer, poet, and plant-based cook. I find that one aspect of creativity affects others and I love that. It would be great to further my mixed media skills, which I’ll admit have been a bit rustic. As always, personal growth is a wonderful thing. I love getting to know myself more, as well as releasing the old. I also would love to pay it forward by making small pieces of art that others can find in random places. Thanks for the consideration and having this giveaway for Tamara’s wonderful class.

Hi Iris,
I loved your session on the summit. I haven’t had the privilege of doing Life Book yet. This summit has been amazing, it’s reconnected me with practices that I have neglected for far too long due to a chronic pain disorder and depression. It’s shown me how to combine things I already know about but have kept separated in my life and opened up a whole lot of new and exciting processes for well-being. I would love to continue this journey of creativity and well-being next year and experience a deeper connection. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot on LB2019

I took lifebook 2016 and 2017 and i think it is one amazing course so much hard work by tam and the lifebook teachers goes into it x my favourite experience and the thing i remember is looking forward each day that a new lesson was uploaded it gave me something to look forward too, actually it was more than just looking forward to it, it was a god send to me in my time of need, and thats what i love it brings people from all over the world together to create art x the love and support u get from total strangers is amazing xxx

I have not taken the Life Book Workshop. Reviewing the Summit is amazing, the artist so willingly to give of their knowledge and skill to a beginner like me. I’m a senior on a fixed income, I really would like to take the workshop. Hopefully, I will win the free course.

I have found it very difficult to get started on art journaling and learning mixed media techniques, even though I have lots of supplies and love color and art! The course would give me a real boost into learning and practicing and creating. I think doing artwork consistently would also help very much with emotional healing!

2019 will be my first time in Lifebook. I’m drawn to the focus on wellbeing and my hope is to experience that and explore my inner world more deeply through creative practice. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a spot.

I have taken Lifebook for two years and the best things are discovering so many wonderful artists and so many ways to make art, and also hearing all those artists share their little tips about how they get their muse to come out and play. I have learned so much already and it’s a fresh new experience every year.

I have taken Life Book before and it is amazing. I especially like Tam’s mediation and mindfulness exercises which have helped with my anxiety. I have learned to be in the moment and be more confident in my art process and not worry about the end result. I really enjoy abstract art activities.

LifeBook 2018 is my first experience with an art class online. I haven’t had one favorite experience. Each experience stands out on its own because I am continually learning something I didn’t know before. It’s nice just gradually adding to my field of knowledge.

I loved your Day in a Creative Life with Iris vlog post. You come across as very real and like a friend sitting down to do art with me. I like your style. Thank you. And of course, anyone with a kitty that rubs said kitty’s belly and holds kitty up to the camera is A-OK in my book!

Hi. I have been intrigued for the last 2 years re Life Book. a girlfriend of mine had done it and recommended it to me. I think I am at a time in my life where I can now attempt it. I love learning online and am developing the focus in participating in this type of course. Thank you for the opportunity.

A couple of years ago I signed up for LifeBook and I enjoyed watching the sessions and all of the inspiration but I was too hung up on worrying about being new and not being able create wonderful art that I didn’t do any of the lessons, I just collected the art supplies, lol. But now I am in a better headspace and I am starting to actually USE the art supplies I have and try new techniques, even if I don’t do them well.

Hello! I am going through Life Book Experience right now, 2018, and let me tell you something: it’s one of the best things I could’ve done for myself! Being more creative is helping me on daily tasks.
I just love the opportunity of doing Life Book again next year.
See you soon!

Dear Iris,
Lifebook is part of my life since the beginning,
Life is har nowadays ILove art and creativity because it is like I jump to an other World when I’m painting. Everything became colourful and forget about pain and sadness. 
Thank you for this fantastic opportunity to have a chance to win a spot.
I would love to see your lesson very much.
love and hug from Budapest
my fingers or “brushes” crossed.
Ildy 💜💜💜  

Hello:) I have not done a Life Book before, but I am enjoying the Life Book Summit and have been so inspired from all the wonderful artists. I don’t want it to end. What I hope to gain from Life Book is mixed media techniques to infuse my artwork with new life. I love all the nurturing encouragement and creative inspiration from the summit and would like it to continue. Thank you for your Art and Inspiration guide.💕

Hello:) I’ve not done a Life Book before, but I am enjoying the summit and all the encouraging inspiration from all you wonderful artists. I don’t want it to end. I would love to continue to learn more about mixed media technique and how to infuse my artwork with new life. I believe Life Book can help me achieve this. Thank you for your Art and Inspiration guide. Kindly 💕

I have not taken Lifebook, but I stumbled across the promotion material about 4 years ago and kept going back to it. That was the opening to the rabbit hole for me and I started “following” some of the artists and trying my own thing. Very slowly, I’ve accumulated supplies and a full journal since then and working in a couple of others, but I still yearn to see and hear the beauty of this program and develop my own shape.
It all just seems so dreamy 🙂

I would love to learn new techniques, I am great at collecting supplies…..then I get stuck on how to use them. Thank you for the chance!❤

Hello! Thanks Iris, for the chance to win a spot. I took Life Book in 2016. My favorite thing about it was the many inspiring teachers that came together for it. Unfortunately, back then I was so new to all of this that I was fixated about doing everything “perfect” and ended up paralyzing myself from getting much done. I am finally over that. I just want to have the Life Book experience both as an internal tune up and an artist. 🙂

I have not taken lifebook online but I do have the create your lifebook. Which I love! I’ve learned a lot from Tam and the other artist and would love to grow as an artist and create more self care.

I never took a life book class before. It’s time for me to dive into mixed media and art journaling. This would be a great way to begin`Thanks for the opportunity to win…

I have never participated in any Life Book course before. It looks very interesting. I have enjoyed this summit and would like to continue building my creative side. To tell the truth I have been so angry I felt like I was blocked creatively. Taking these class have helped me unblock and create again. Thank you.

Good Morning, Iris. Thank you for participating in this 2 week intro and being part of Life Book 2019. I have not participated in Life Book yet but have been salivating at the thought for the last few years. Never seem to have enough “disposable” income to join. Plus my long 12+ hours at work often wipe me out but I am hoping to cut back a little and have more energy to participate.
I am looking to be exposed to other forms of art and hopefully unclench my nether cheeks to start being more creative with different mediums and help to mature my work in the medium that I am most currently comfortable.

I haven’t taken the lifebook before. But I would really like to try, as I have had a lot of effect doing other art therapy for the different things I am struggling with. Thanks for the opportunity.

I did Lifebook 2015 and loved it. I would never consider myself an artist but I was very pleased and surprised with myself for what I did create. It gave me so much inspiration and motivation to create art.

I am on my fourth year of life book. I must say my favorite is learning so many new techniques, and being able to use so much of what I already had available and finally, learning of new artists who all become my new and most favorite artist, until the next lesson comes! I love binding at the end of the year as well. It is proof that we did a lot during the year and looking back is very satisfying. I am happy you are teaching!

I am blessed to be a LB2018 participant. What I love most is the sense of community and support everyone gives. We all have different talents and strengths. We are all at different skill levels. I love that LifeBook encourages and motivates us to try new things, experience new emotions and know all is good!
I have been loving the meditations and yoga as well as the more traditional art forms.

My favorite experience was in creating Tam’s compassionate bear. Her lesson helped me to believe in myself. I have loved many of the lessons from Life Book 2018 which is why I want to continue my art journey by including Life Book 2019 by winning a spot. Thank you for the opportunity to win! <3 ~Patti

I have never taken an art class online or in real life. I would love to learn new skills and connect with like minded people.

I participated in LifeBook 2017. I loved that I had a new class to look forward each week, which kept me inspired to create. I love learning from so many talented artists. I ready for LifeBook 2019!

1) I’m participating in the Life Book “warm up” and it’s been eye-opening to experience this one day at a time, 1 project at a time art journal practice experience. I’m a newer artist, and each day my head explodes (nicely) with new ideas, visions and real possibilities to explore. It’s like having a brand new daily lens in my glasses. Thanks.

I have taken LB before and it keeps getting better and better! I live the integration of art lessons and spiritual creativity. Thanks!!

I’ve never been able to participate in a LifeBook course but would love the opportunity to do so. I hope to learn and grow creatively, personally and spiritually throughout the year by participating in the many courses and sharing with the other students. I’ve heard so many wonderful things from people who have participated in previous LifeBook courses and would love the opportunity to participate myself.

Although I have not yet participated in the Life Book Art program, I love the concept of bringing a group of diverse artists together to share their skills and knowledge with fellow artists and fans. What a generous gift! Being able to learn from such a group would be a privilege and give me the opportunity to figure out which genre of art I would like to pursue full time. I am currently a jewelry artist but have been drawing, sketching and painting for the past year. Thank you!

I am doing LifeBook this year. My family all out in last Xmas so I could join in and it has been sooo worth it. I have dark times with my chronic illness and limitations but doing Lifebook has made me so happy. The feeling of community and getting inspired every week. I look forward to a new class every week more than I can tell you. It has enriched my life this year so much. I feel sad the year is going by so fast and it will be a huge loss in my life when it ends 💕

I have not participated in Life Book before. I recently have rediscovered my art. I am currently going through a difficult divorce, after sharing 32 years of my life with him, and art has become my therapy as I venture into a new chapter of my life. This summit has been wonderful and I can only imagine LB being even better.

i have never taken life book before and i would absolutely love to!!! it looks like it would be a lot of fun and i am always up for learning how to create art

Sooooo happy to have discovered you! Your work is beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I have been drooling over the idea of doing lifebook for a couple of years now. Art has become such a huge passion of mine, I want to soak up as much as I can. I love the inspiration I feel as I discover more artists, styles of art, and talented and wonderful community members that I get to know via social media. It’s such a nice world to live in. The positivity and passion I feel from everyone is just awesome. I know lifebook would expose me even further to all this amazingness. Thank you!

I have been looking at life book for two years now and havent had the funds to do it. If i win what i hope to gain from the course is more confidence in my art as well as self discovery!

I have done Life Book before and for me it is the most wonderful experience I’ve had. The richness of all the artists, the inspiration, creativity… It’s a journey into myself but also a journey of redefining what art means for me. Thank you for a chance to win a spot!

I participated in the Lifebook course in 2016 and loved it so much. My favorite part of Lifebook was learning new art skills and tips on how to use supplies. I use the Lifebook Manifesto as my spiritual reminder of the importance of creativity and self love. I was always calmed and felt good after the meditations. Another important element of the course is mindfulness. Coming into connection with ourselves. Bringing our awareness to our current experience without judgement. I want very badly to take the course again.

I’ve taken Life book a couple years and my favorite part was all the different personalities of the teachers and their own artistic style that they taught for each lesson. I learned so many different techniques from the same materials! Loved Life book!!

I have not participated in a previous Life Book. I’m actually new to the world of creatative art. I would love the opportunity to creativitely express, learn and expand my abilities through an emotional healing journey. I stumbled across just within the last couple of months and it was perfect timing to participate in this sample Summit. It’s great exposure to a newbie like myself.
Thank you for this opportunity.

Hi Iris
I was lucky enough to do Life Book last year; unfortunately not this year. I would LOVE to be able to join in again next year, so thanks for the opportunity.
Along with, of course, the fantastic learning experiences, artwork, and community that come with Life Book, my favourite part was being introduced to so many different artists, with their different art styles and techniques.