Life Book 2019 open for registration & your discount code

I’m super excited to let you know that Life Book 2019 registration is open!

When you sign up, remember to use the code below for 20% off!

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Life Book is joined by thousands of students each year who love:

  • the sense of community
  • learning new art techniques
  • gaining more self-insight
  • discovering new teachers
  • experiencing increased physical & mental wellbeing
  • feeling inspired all year long!

I know many of you already know the ins and outs of Life Book, so if you can’t wait to sign up (YAY!), click here to register your spot (remember to use your discount code!).

If you want to find out a bit more about Life Book 2019, keep on reading!

Everyone is creative, creativity is a gift

“Life Book, a celebration and honouring of YOU”
is a year-long mixed media art class
organised by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts.

Tam is joined by 32 incredible artists, crafters and healers who are all gearing up to share their art, crafting and personal growth techniques with YOU! With a holistic approach to creativity, self-development and healing, you’ll be creating several loose mixed media art journal pages per month which by the end of the year you will bind into a glorious journal (a Life Book)! This year you will also be able to try out other art crafts like art doll making, photography and jewellery making and we will also provide you with nurturing and nourishing personal development activities (like yoga and conscious dancing) to support any personal development you’re undertaking. Your final book with your art work in it will function as wonderful keepsake that you can treasure for the rest of your life!

I am a guest teacher on Life Book and will be creating several lessons for youI hope that many of you will join us on this fabulous journey (over 20k people have joined Life Book since its inception!). Imagine a year of weekly art lessons, inspiration, encouragement and a safe group of like minded artsy people and YOU all together making art, growing and developing your skills and soul while being guided by some of the most talented artists and wellness experts out there!

The best thing about it all is that you get over 85 offerings throughout the one year for £99GBP (approx $130 USD)! The course/ content is valued at well over $3000 USD – so you’d join it for only a fraction!

I’m super excited about the lessons I will be creating for you. If you know my teaching style (you can check out a free sample lesson here), you’ll not be surprised that it’s going to be all about self-expression and self-discovery. Mixed media art is a wonderful way to get into those facets of being human, experiencing and understanding ourselves.

Art journal page with my art style

Registration opens on October 16th 2018 and the class begins on January 1st 2019. So if you want to start the year with a fabulous creative BANG and spend 2019 with a wonderful creative community of like-minded souls, learning more about art and how to be kinder and more loving towards yourself, be sure to join now by clicking here!

Sign Up to Life Book 2019 & Find out More Here!

Life Book with person wearing colourful apron

I can’t wait for the course to start and I really hope you will join me on this artful journey!

PS When you register for Life Book 2019 use discount code LOVEBOMB2019 for 20% off!

Full disclosure: the links in this email are ‘affiliate links’. This means that if you sign up to Life Book 2019 via my link, I will get paid a percentage. This doesn’t cost you anything extra and is how I get paid for teaching on the course. It means a lot to me when you sign up through my link, thank you for your support!

One thought on “Life Book 2019 open for registration & your discount code”

  1. Hi Iris, this was the first time I did the free art summit. I loved it. I love creating and I have gotten so busy with life. That I forgot about what truly makes me happy and that’s creating. I truly enjoyed your interview because I could really relate. Most of the drawing or the quick sketches I draw are based on my mood. If I’m happy or feeling down it’s seen in my art. The reason why I liked your video in the summit was because you were real. You didn’t just show the end result. You showed the whole process and how some times you don’t always feel happy. It made me feel better about myself and that’s it’s ok if life gets a bit crazy and I feel down. I wanted to thank you for that. I haven’t done any of the life book. After the art summit I enjoyed so much hearing other artists and learning new thing. It lifted my mood and I sat down to do something for myself and created some art. If I won a spot on the life book 2020. I would want it for my mom. I believe she would learn a lot from other artists and have something to look forward to. Thank you ❤

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