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Life Book Giveaway!

Hey lovely art friends, I’m so excited to be part of Life Book 2020! This will be my second year teaching on Life Book and it’s going to be amazing. I’ve got so many ideas already for my lessons, there’s definitely going to be a yummy in-depth lesson by me on making your own junk journal! I really hope you will join the course.

Registration opens on 1 October, so please put that date in your diary! You’ll be able to use discount code LOVEBOMB2020 for a very special 20% early bird discount.

Win a Spot on Life BookFor now, I’m here to tell you I am giving away ONE FREE SPOT on Life Book 2020!

To enter the giveaway please do the following 2 things:

1. Click the link to the Life Book registration page and bookmark it

2. Leave a comment below

The winner will be picked on 30 September and will be contacted via email.

By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

351 replies on “Life Book Giveaway!”

Hi Iris

my mixed media journey began this year and I’m loving it.
I would love a spot …keeping my fingers crossed for a year of creative Lifebook discovery xx

Bookmarked the registration page! Would love to win a spot on Life Book 2020. Thanks for the opportunity.

I wold really love to win a spot on this amazing course, i did the 2018 course, but not this one, and really miss the amazing community and learning from the teachers on the course <3

I have loved learning about all the different artists from Life Book this year and it’s exciting to see the styles and stories they each offer, including you, Iris. I love it! I bookmarked that page several times actually and I’m excited to see what is coming. Thanks! 💕 – Jeanne

Excitement! I realize that probably sounds strange given how little I participated this year; I’ve had to move several times and haven’t had access to my art supplies almost at all, and it’s been very sad. I’m hoping so much that next year will be settled and better! And of course I’ve bookmarked the page. 🙂

Thank you for this opportunity. I would love to win a spot on Life Book 2020. The Summit has been terrific and Life Book gets better and better each year.

Hello Iris,
I liked you videoblog a lot and especially when you played the Ukulele and sang. Being vulnerahlemas you said. And it was great!!would love to hear more of you and also a place inthe life book would be fabulous.
All the best

I can’t even describe how amazing the last week of the life book summit has been. It has reignited my creativity and improved so many areas of my life. I would love to continue this momentum throughout the next year. Thanks for this opportunity!!

Hi Iris!
I’ve not heard of the Life Book class until recently as I signed up for the Summer and am enjoying it immensely! I’ve been dabbling in art journaling for a few years now, but having a hard time letting go and just “doing” it without worrying about the outcome. I would love to take the Life Book 2020 course as it sounds like an amazing opportunity to dig a bit deeper and be exposed to a variety of artists, teachers, art styles and projects. I’m really enjoying the summit so far and am glued to it each morning to see what new lesson is waiting for me! I even got inspired and spent some time in my journal tonight! I’ve book marked the Life Book registration and will cross my fingers for an opportunity to participate in the Life Book 2020 🙂 Cheers!

What an awesome thing…to win a spot on LifeBook 2020! Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Might I say how much I enjoyed your conversation with Tamara…so much enthusiasm from each of you – it just oozed out and was so inspiring. I look forward to finding out if I was blessed with a free spot. 🙂

I hope the person who wins this spot is one who will grow as much as I have this year from Lifebook. Congratulations on being invited to be a guest teacher this year. You are in excellent company.

I would love to win a spot. I am absolutely new to art, a bit late perhaps at 63 years young but I am finally starting to colour outside the lines.

Big life transitions – would love to win a spot in Life Book 2020. Bookmarked and signed up for your newsletter as well. Thanks!

Loved your segment but can’t afford the full year class. Would be so grateful to win the spot you’re offering…very generous offer. Thank you!

Hi Iris,

Thank you so much for this oppertunity.
I really liked your summitvlog and I hope to learn more fron you during lifebook next year☺️

kind regards Natasja

I have had some much fun in the summit and it would be a dream to win a spot in Life book. Here’s hoping!

Oh….hope I win this giveaway!!! Thank you for the activity you suggested for the Summit….loved it!

Hi Iris thank you for the opportunity to win a place on Life Book 2020. I hope this could be the project I need to help me focus on progressing my art practise further.

I enjoyed you in the day with Iris, summit project! It’s so exciting to work with all of the other great teachers as well. Thanks!

Thank you for your blog. Lovend it. I can’t wait to start life book 2020. Now I will go on to watch more summit. Thank you.

I bookmarked the page. I am so excited about the opportunity to win this class. I have so wanted to join but it is not in the budget right now. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you so much

Can’t even describe how much I would live this. Have never done anything like it. And btw have simple loved your videos on the summit so so much the most of all I’ve seen so far. You are such an inspiration to me! Pick me, please!

Picked up a brush for the first time a couple of months ago and it is now my escape from the restricted life my illness gives me. In art I can venture out into the world in my mind the way my body now can’t. I loved the summit and thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in lifebook 2020, that would be a dream come true to help me keep my spirits up . Have a wonderful day!!!! Best wishes Veronica

Would love to win a spot just for the joy of winning, but I’ll be there irregardless. If there is someone who could not participate because of finances, and I won, I’d be happy to donate it.

I have recently been in hospital for almost 3 months after a major breakdown and discovered art again. The current free sessions have brought so many old patterns out and replaced it with new thoughts, feelings and believing. Love this and would love to be able to attend the 2020 Life Book but can not afford it at this stage as I lost my job in the process. Art has opened so many new doors for me and I absolutely believe that the Universe has forced me to change direction, to do what my soul wants and to be happy.

Thanks for a chance to win. It would be lovely. I wrote lively, but then corrected it to lovely, but it would be both. Am intrigued to see what you would be teaching! 💜

Hi – I would so so so love to win a spot on life book 2020
I only found life book last year in october in the 2nd week of the summit – Oh boy did I find a life changer – i was just a beginner and have been challenged (in a good way) to be out of my comfort zone. I found this when I really needed to find it –

I would love to win a place on the lifebook. You and the other artists Tam has chosen are so inspiring and generous in your teaching. Fingers crossed.

A “food for the soul” opportunity to learn from so much talent. I would appreciate winning more than you will ever know!Sally

I absolutely loved your vlog as a part of the summit. It was so relatable. I would love to win a spot on lifebook 2020.

Hi Iris, Thank you so much for this opportunity.
I love your art, really wonderful. Thank you for the chance to win a sit and learn new techniques with you and some other great artists.

I would truly be thankful for such an opportunity. Thank you for getting up every day, trying hard, and doing your best. ❤️ Shawnta

I just learned about LifeBook through the summit this year, and it sounds amazing! Wish I could afford it, but maybe I’ll win a free spot! Thanks for doing this!!

Wow. Just wow. It’s like you read my mind, discovered exactly what I need and want, then brought it to life! I would love nothing more than to join for LifeBook 2020! I adore crafting new things, following tutorials, getting messy, and making art! Thank you for the chance at this! Cheers, Alisa!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a spot 🙂 It has been my dream to be able to do Life Book for a few years now, I hope I am the lucky one this year 🙂 thanks a million

I would so love to do life Book in 2020. Please pick me 🙏. Beg beg. Lol. 😀👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️💕

Thank you for this opportunity! LifeBook 2020 would be an amazing experience of creativity and growth. Have you heard it pointed out that the year 2020 is a perfect time for focus and vision (like 20/20 vision)?… I’m looking forward to running with that as inspiration!

When I watched your summit vlog, I laughed and thought “I love this woman’s honesty and vulnerability. I have to follow her!” I immediately went to your website and downloaded your free course. I would love to see what you have to offer in Lifebook 2020!

THANK YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH FOR THE CHANCE!!! I would absolutely love to be able to do Life book!! I just did your class on the creativity summit and i can’t thank you enough for it!! It was so what i needed right now & was wonderful to learn more about you in the interview THANK YOU!!!

It looks great. It would be my first time on lifebook, Just discovered it recently. So this is the give away I was waiting for.

I’m loving the Summit. Winning a place on Life Book 2020 would be the cherry on the top of the sundae of life 2019!
Kindest, Carly

Live love love your work. I feel so inspired when I watch and work with you and the other artists. It’s how I wake up each morning! Thank you!

Have seen snippets of this wonderful course. Would be so inspiring to be able to do it. I look forward to being able to join

Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a spot. I have so enjoyed this little taste of what we can look forward in the 2020 summit.

Hi Iris,
So great you are back on LifeBook again next year. I’ve enjoyed the past years sooo much, love LifeBook! I’ve bookmarked the page via your link, but it would of course be awesome to win a spot for 2020! Thanks for the chance and really enjoyed your summit talk to Tam and your vlog!
Thank you and wishing you a lovely day,

Bookmarked the registration page. Thanks for offering a chance to participate in Life Book. Fingers crossed!

I am ready for registration day! Thanks for a chance to win a spot – I’ve been doing LifeBook for many years now, and look forward to each new year.

The one thing that I have loved about this summit , since it’s my first year , is meeting artists that I have not experienced already. I am over the moon that the summit has connected me to your work. I can totally relate to the 30 something year old geek artist mom role just trying to get their feelings on the paper. Either way I’ll see more come lifebook 2020 yay!

I love your style of art so much! I would so love an opportunity to participate in LifeBook soo much. Thanks for this possible opportunity!

I have book marked the page, I would love to win a spot on the Life Book course for this year. I have been enjoying the summit very much.
Thank you,

Thank you so much for the opportunity! I love LifeBook and am looking forward to the classes from these amazing artists next year. Keeping my fingers crossed to win a spot, since you’ll be picking a name on my birthday!

Just retired and getting back into creativity, it would be amazing to be part of this!!! thanks for the opportunity.

Thank you for this opportunity. Loving the summit at the moment and would love even more being part of the LB2020 to develop my mixed media skills and hopefully discovering my own signature. ❤️🎨

I have been trying to learn to paint, and create with mixed media. I fell in love with your art during the Sketchbook Revival lessons. When you mentioned the Life Book Summit lessons I was like yes!!! another opportunity to learn from such wonderful, beautiful people.
Tamara is also a great teacher and artist. I would looove to be picked for the free Life Book 2020 learning opportunity!!!

I’d already had that page book marked! Been loving Lifebook this year and would love to give it another whirl.

I really enjoyed your LifeBook Summit video Iris. I’d love to win a place on the 2020 LifeBook course. Hopefully I would get me painting again!

I would love to be able to participate in the 2020 LifeBook class. I want to improve my art journaling but could use a little more guidance.

Don’t know how to bookmark it, but I did add it to my Pinterest page. I already get both your and Tam’s newsletters. I am enjoying the Life Book summit, but would love to win a spot on the year long sessions for an even more in depth set of lessons. Thanks for the chance.

Summit has literally changed my life and perspective. Would be honored to win a spot to 2020! Thank you for the offer.

💕Love the Summit and would be very thankful for a free spot. It’s so wonderful to be with all those people and try out new painting styles and discuss and get inspired💕

Hello Iris, I would be so thrilled to win a spot on 2020 Lifebook. I joined the Summit because of how I feel about you and your art. I am grateful for the opportunity. Thank you so much. As, a shy & reserved individual, I feel participating in Lifebook would be such a great experience and a real ‘boost’ to my art world. Congrats to you for teaching!

2019 has been a hard year for me… I lost two members of my family with terminal illnesses and I had to take months off of work due to depression. My employment this year has been negatively affected because I was on medical leave. I’m still struggling with becoming healthy in body and mind again.
Art has been the only thing that has helped me get through it.
My learning in the Lifebook summit has started to help me to heal the scars from that experience and I know that the Lifebook will be instrumental in my journey towards becoming well again.

I loooooooved your interview on the Life Book Summit – you are a joy to listen to and learn from! You are inspiring.

Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot on Life Book 2020. I know it will be a wonderful surprise for anyone who wins.

Art feels no boundaries. It makes no difference on who you are, where you come from; all stories are welcome. Life Book connects people from all over the world and has not only brought me closer to the art inside me but also taken me closer to world itself. My home is no longer just Sweden ,-)

Hi Iris, Congratulations on teaching in LB2020!! I really enjoyed your lesson from this year. I have a bad case of FOMO if I didn’t partake in LB2020 that’s for sure. I have learned soooo many techniques from so many talented artists from around the world by taking this course. I would absolutely be thrilled to win a spot & it would make the best birthday present, as I just celebrated my birthday!! Thanks for the chance! xx

2020 has such a nice ring to it and I can already feel that it’s going to be a life changing one for me – maybe Life Book will be the catalyst 😁

I am excited and looking forward to another year of lifebook. Congrats on teaching again next year. I have loved every year I have done LIfebook! Someone will be very lucky to win a spot!

This will be the first year I won’t be joining Lifebook in four years because of finances. I would LOVE to win this! Thanks for the opportunity, Iris.

Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win. Would love the opportunity to learn from all the amazing teachers this year.

Wow, so many have already entered this giveaway, so exciting to see all the interest in Life Book 2020!!! Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

Hi Iris! My mixed media journey began just a few years ago, a little later in my life. But I am so excited to continue growing and learning as an artist. I would love to take part in this years Life Book!

If this really opened the door for you what a tribute to be able to win a spot and continue the journey! Plus, I just found out about “Lifebook” out of the blue so I am being guided by the universe. I feel it opening that spot for me. What a wonderful adventure it would be!

Congratulations for once again being part of LifeBook. I loved watching your interview and summit activity – great vlog <3.
2019 has been my first Lifebook year so I am extremely excited for 2020.

A chance to win a place on Life Book 2020….. what’s not to like. 1st timer and loving the summit ❣️

It would be great to win a spot and start a new year with some new beginnings that we plan for our family, along with expressing them through art:)
Thank you for the opportunity!!

Luv what you share about your krazy life no offence lol krazy is the new normal thats my life as well would luv to take the next journey with yourself and amazing other instructors and our lovely Tam to keep working on me time cheers and ty for opportunity

I would be so honored to recieve a placement. the Lifebook 2020 course could help me on so many levels, personally,emotionally, spiritually and creatively. The thought of doing it excites me and I think itwould complement treatment I undertake for my illness which prevents me working or I’d buy a spot on Lifebook 2020 asap. Winning one would make my year!

Life Book sounds amazing! I would love to win a spot to jump start my creativity and find my creative voice! Thanks for the opportunity!

I’m really enjoying the summit but am having a hard time keeping up. I’m grateful for the opportunity to join Lifebook 2020 and have access to all the lessons so far and to explore this great mixed media.

Hi .. am loving the Life Book Summit and would love to win a place on the Life Book Course next year – it looks amazing and very inspiring

Iris… So lovely to see you are teaching in Lifebook next year. I love to win a spot in the course.

I love Lifebook – it’s helped me so much in many different ways. I totally blame Lifebook for my current obsession with inks! It’s a medium I never imagined using but once I tried them I was hooked!

Thank you for the great opportunity to stand a chance of winning the 1 spot available in Life Book 2020. I would love to be able to take part in Life Book 2020, joining a great community of artists, inspiration and learn to really set my artist soul free in my art as I have been painting for 19 years and in all the years never learned how to let go and just be myself in my art.

I loved youre vlog on the life book summit (great to see how en when you make art) and the summit in general
I hope I win so I can enjoy a hole year of art lessons.

Cant wait for Life Book 2020! I’m happy to see you are teaching and, as always, look forward to your lesson.

Hi Iris, after a couple of years of life book i still have many things to learn, so i would love to win a free spot in Life Book 2020

I would love to win this very generous offer. This is my first year on the summit but I have been following tamera for quite awhile now. Thank you for the opportunity. Hugs to you

Hi Iris! Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I would absolutely love to win a spot and learn more from you and the other teachers! <3

Hi Iris! Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in Life Book 2020. P.S. I really enjoyed watching the outtakes from your video “Get Inspired!”. Together, your husband and you, are so sweet and your love for each other is so obvious. So happy you shared this. Cheers!

What a fantastic chance to win this very unique competition I know I would certainly benefit from this on many levels the chance to develop myself to improve my art and to become part of a positive supporting community not to mention the benefits as an addition to my ptsd therapy so thank you for the chance and good luck to everyone x

Thank you for such an amazing opportunity. Life book has brought me through a very bad time in the past 2 years. I don’t think I would have survived without it. Being able to continue the journey in 2020 would be the best gift ever. Learning from all the amazing artists is the most precious gift anyone can get. I’m crossing fingers and toes for a spot in 2020. Sending much love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

Bookmarked – Done!
Left Comment – Done!
Crossing fingers and sending out positive vibes – Done!

Have a great day all. Lots of love from South Africa 🙂 xxx

Thank you for such an amazing opportunity. Life book has brought me through a very bad time in the past 2 years. I don’t think I would have survived without it. Being able to continue the journey in 2020 would be the best gift ever. Learning from all the amazing artists is the most precious gift anyone can get. I’m crossing fingers and toes for a spot in 2020. Sending much love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

I would love to win a spot on Lifebook 2020! Thanks for the chance! I would definitely dive deeper in the wellbeing aspect of creativity and art, or to nót make art, but enjoy the process and explore my own personal learning curve about me versus ego/inner critics.

Thank you for offering up this opportunity! I’ve been enjoying the summit so much that I would love to continue with Life Book 2020!

Love your work and your authenticity, Iris. I have enjoyed your past classes. Thanks for the opportunity to win this year

Would so love to win a spot. Life has had so many challenges of late and art just helps in so many ways.
Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Iris.
Yours in art 🙂

Thank you for the chance to win a spot on Life Book 2020. I love to learn new art techniques and work alongside others. I would love for you to pick me. I turned 60 this year and I feel like it is time to concentrate on nurturing me!!!

You had inspired be so much because you have not much space for creating your great art! Love it 😍 I would be exciting to win a free spot 😉😄☺️

I would love to win a spot on Life Book this year. Art brings so much healing. Love your summit class. Thanks for the opportunity Iris.

You are so raw and honest about your journey and life and a true inspiration regardless of where our art is at. I love that and i love how it shows in your art xx

Thank you for the opportunity to win a seat in life book and thanks so much for you submit class, it was so enjoyable to have a tour of your space before creating cheers Lucy

Thank you so much for offering a spot on lifebook. That is an awesome prize. Thank you for your time and lesson for the Summit.

I would love to win a spot in Life Book 2020.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a place. <3

I am so looking forward to LifeBook 2020! I started “arting” 3 years ago, after a lifetime of, “I have NO talent—I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler”. My creativity was killed by a teacher when I was about 8 (I’m now nearly 73!]. I have learned so much in the past three years—including, “Who needs a ruler!”, and I can’t wait, each day! to get painting!

Page is bookmarked! Enjoyed your, and everyone’s summit activities. So many great people to follow! I would love the chance to participate in 2020 😉 Thanks for offering a place as a giveaway and good luck to everyone who enters 🙂 *fingers crossed*

Thank you Iris for the opportunity to win a place, for offering a class for the Summit event 2019 and for being one of the many talented artists who have given up their time to share their skills and experience in any and all of the Life Book courses over the year.

Thank you for your free video on the summit. I would love to see more. I’ve never participated in LifeBook and I’m curious to find out what it can do for my creativity!

I would love to be able to buy a place in the Life Book course but it is just out of $ reach for me. I have been following many of the artists for some time and think it would be amazing.

Winning a spot with Lifebook would honestly be a big blessing for me—that would be the ultimate for me to have the best year of my life through art and artist people—–

Art makes the world spin round with a lot more flare and color~~~~~

Thank You—-

Have heard so much good things about LB! Would love to win a spot, eager to learn so much more from all these fantastic teachers!

Thanks for the opportunity!! Good luck everyone!

I would love to win a spot. I am really interested in learning more about art journaling and expanding my skills.

Lifebook 2020 is definitely what I need with so much crazy change going on in my life💖 *fingers crossed I get picked*

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to win a spot in Lifebook 2020. I have done Lifebook 2019 this year and I can’t believe the growth in my art work and in myself in letting go and just enjoying the process and learning new techniques. It would be wonderful to do another year of Lifebook and see how much my art practice and kindness to myself and the world can grow. Thanks Iris.

Thank you ever so much for this awesome opportunity to win a spot on Lifebook, Iris! Good luck to all, and may the one who needs it most and can’t afford it win.

I have loved every minute of the ‘sample’ Lifebook 2020. It has given me some much needed relief from my chronic pain which I have been dealing with for8 years. I would absolutely love to be able to continue with lifebook 2020. Thank you for the opportunity 😊

I bookmarked the page. I enjoyed your Summit class and would love to take your Life Book class next year.

I would love to win a place in the upcoming Life Book 2020, as I am so inspired by all the beautiful artists and lessons we are doing in the Summit and it would be wonderful to continue the learning and regular art practice over the next year.

Thanks for offering a free space on Life Book 2020.
Having had two years of rubbish health, and still going through another set back, I am finding art and being creative is helping me cope.

Hi Iris ! What a wonderful opportunity to do creativity with you ! Congratulations on participating on Life Book 2020 ! Hoping I get pocked, lots of love, <3 Mo

Hi Iris thanks for reminding me.
Loved your lesson at the Creativity Summit.
Like to see more off you.

Greetings Jannet Huisman

Registration page bookmarked! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity, Iris! Winning would be a dream come true.

It was just my birthday so this would make a great present and addition to my awesome birthday month. Thank you for this opportunity

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win a spot in 2020 Lifebook! I participated in the the 4 week Summit and got a yummy taste of what a deep dive would be like for a whole year!!

Woohoo! I enjoyed your activity, and am working on my inspiration cards. Would love to win a spot on LB2020. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Thank you SO incredibly much for the chance to win! I recently did you summit exercise and listened to your interview- Im unbelievably grateful to you for being so lovely, sharing with us all, and YOU HELPED ME START CREATING AGAIN!!! I would love to be able to do life book and continue to create with the help of you all

Thank you for your newsletter reminder for your giveaway. I would love to win a spot in Life Book 2020.

I would love to win a membership. This tutorial are so engaging and helping Express and a work through some inner emotions and pain that I just don’t have words for.

Iris, I really enjoyed making a set of inspiration cards along with you during the Lifebook Summit. Would be grateful to receive this gift of Lifebook 2020.

Would like be a chance to win this great course. Need something to help me get out of my rut and open some new ideas and opportunities

I am finally allowing my heart to lead the way. I am 71 years young and have always considered myself an artist yet I am just finding my way. I was always so afraid of not being perfect or “doing it right” that I made everything else more important than my art and used it as an excuse to resist.
Finally, through this community and artists like you, I am opening up and able to play and feel my creativity.
I send my heartfelt gratitude for consideration of this scholarship.

Hi Iris, I would love to win a spot on life book 2020, I have been introduced to some new artists and learnt many techniques. I use art as therapy and I love to play with colour and learn new twchniques. Thanks for the chance to win

I really enjoyed your conversation with Tamara, the summit has been very inspiring. I also love your tiny art corner, its great to see others with little space that enjoy creating art.

Thank you so much for a chance to win a spot in Life Book 2020! I am already learning so much in the Summit. Would love to keep this journey going all year long.

I am so excited by the possibilities life book has to offer! I think it could quite literally change my life!

Hi Iris! Really loved your lesson in the LB Summit. I never thought of making inspiration cards that way, but now I’m hooked.

I’m an artist at heart, but don’t really let myself pursue it. I need the inspiration that Life Book 2020 will fill me with! I’d love a spot on LB2020. Thank you.

I would love to win a spot! I live in a small town in El Salvador, we moved here 9 years ago from Canada. Somedays it is very lonely and then I found this online art/ healing community and could very much identify with all the wonderful people involved. Winning a spot in Life Book would do so much for my mental and emotional health.

It’s Bookmarked. I would love to have the opportunity to be apart of Life Book 2020! I discovered art journaling in 2015 after my husband passed away and have been working on my new life story by being more positive and developing my creative style through many art mediums.

I’ve enjoyed the Summit offerings that I’ve had time to view and would love to have a year to spend time with all these wonderful artists, you included, Iris. Consequently, I’d love to win this free spot.

Life Book page bookmarked. It would be an honor to win a spot on Life Book 2020. Thank you for gifting the opportunity to one fortunate winner.

Hi Iris

The summit has been exceptional – so many unique perspectives!! I would love to win a spot in Life Book 2020. I turn 60 in May 2020 and want to make it a year to concentrate on my own art adventure. I retired 4 years ago and have been teaching art journaling classes but neglecting to let myself explore! Crossing my fingers and toes for luck!! Cindy in Canada

It would be an amazing opportunity to win a spot for Life Book 2020. I’ve been watching as much of the summit these past two weeks as I could and I have been inspired to pick up my brush again and paint…which has been so fabulous. Thank you for the amazing chance to win and congratulations on being a teacher!!!