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Now – Art Journal Tutorial Video

In my free art & inspiration guide there are several sections with art supply ideas, colour schemes and tutorials so I thought I’d create a video series in which I basically follow my own guide and show you the process!

The other week I went on a bit of an art supply binge at Atlantis (big art supply store in East London). I got a good haul!

I got some black gesso which I’ve been experimenting with a bit in my art journal and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

In this video you can watch me create a journal spread using just black gesso, a white paint marker and neon gel pens.

Follow along and show me what you create!

Now | mixed media in A5 journal | @rrreow
Now – black gesso, white paint marker & gel pens in A5 journal

Now detail | mixed media in A5 journal | @rrreow

Now detail | mixed media in A5 journal | @rrreow

A couple of other pages I’ve created recently with black gesso:

Fireflies In The Garden Of My Mind | mixed media in A5 journal | @rrreow
Fireflies In The Garden Of My Mind – black gesso, white paint marker & gel pens in A5 journal

Do You Know What You Want? | mixed media in A5 journal | @rrreow
Do You Know What You Want? – charcoal pencil, white & black gesso in A5 journal

It is so freeing to use a limited number of supplies (and to know what you’re working with when you start). These are some of my favourite journal pages lately despite being a self-professed art supply junkie!

Have you created anything with a reduced number of supplies or a limited palette?

By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

9 replies on “Now – Art Journal Tutorial Video”

Great video, love the black gesso. Can I ask what your journal is? as in the paper type, is it a dylusions or another make? At the moment I am struggling with a sketchbook type I have to glue pages together to use paints, so could do with tips on what to use next especially that we can purchase in the UK. Loved your PDF too, perfect inspiration.
Look forward to you next video.

Glad you liked it Lynda!! Great question about the journals, my quest continues for THE PERFECT journal haha. This one is an A5 Daler Rowney with 150gsm paper. The paper is just about thick enough for mixed media as long as you use gesso. You know that portrait I did in green/yellow the other day with Dylusions sprays that has the little flower on the cheek… I had to put the flower sticker there because the paper tore… (I hadn’t used gesso because the ink reacts so differently with it). I’ve also heard good things about the Seawhites of Brighton paper which is the Cass Art line of paper/journals. Haven’t used it myself yet though but once I finish this A5 journal I might try the Cass Art one.

You may have heard Tam talk about a great journal she found in her local art shop that has 300gsm hot pressed watercolour paper. I managed to find it online, it’s made by Falkiners (scroll down to the section with the sketchbooks, I have the one called “Sketchbook – A4 300gsm HP” black cover with green spine). It’s effing expensive lol but it is really good. Very thick pages though. It’s lovely because it can really take a beating with wet media but it’s a heavy book and in bound form the pages are almost too thick/stiff. I think 200gsm would be awesome if I could find a journal like that.

Hope that’s helpful! Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know, I can talk about this stuff all day =p

I really liked your video and the tutorial you shared. I am doing ICAD at the moment at daisy yellow and did a card in the style. Would like to share but I don’t know how. Hope to see more tutorials soon.

Hey Pam, I’m glad you liked it. And that’s awesome you did an ICAD in this style!! I’d love to see it, can you try and post it on my Faceboook page or can you send me a link to where I could see it? Hopefully another tutorial video coming up next week!

Hi Iris, loved the tutorial. Great effect with the black Gesso. Another product on my wish list. In the meantime, do you think this would also work with black acrylic paint? or would Gesso be better?

It was on my art wish list for nearly a year before I finally bought it!! So glad I did now.

I think in terms of result it would definitely work with black acrylic. There are two issues I can foresee:
1. Gesso is matte, acrylic tends to be more glossy and therefore sticky. Something to bear in mind if working in a journal as the pages might stick together. Possible solutions would be to add some water or clear gesso to the paint. Or use black gouache instead if you have it.
2. It’s harder to write on acrylics with paint markers in my experience, but following tips above might also solve that

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