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I Want To Go On An Art Date With… 9 Amazing Artists

Being a part of this wonderful online community of artists means being continually inspired by the people around me. There’s a wealth of people just doing their thing, making their beautiful art and sharing it with all of us to see and let it enrich us.

Art dates are one of my most favouritest things in the whole world, but I definitely don’t get to do enough of them. So I thought it would be fun to share with you my ultimate art date wish-list! I’ve chosen these people not just because I love their art, but also because they really appeal to me as beautiful human beings. Their being, messages, humour and individuality resonates with me on a deep level.

Go check them out, I promise you will be super inspired! And don’t forget to let me know in the comments who would be on YOUR art date wishlist!

Tamara-LaporteTamara Laporte – Willowing Arts

To me Tam is like an art celebrity (heehee!) who I feel so lucky to be able to call my friend for many years now. She is such an inspiration and example for me in art, life and business! I have wanted to organize an art date with her in forevaaaaa but circumstances have conspired against us until now. This year it’s gonna happen!

Sara-The-Rosy-LifeSara Torbett – The Rosy Life

I met Sara through an online group and I felt an instant connection to her due to her awesome attitude and us both having young kids of similar ages. Every time I read Sara’s blog I get so inspired, not just by art but by life itself. Her site is so aptly named, because she is able to see the rosy in everything. I have this dream of visiting her farm in Arkansas with my family and Sara and I will make art and chat while our kids run around and get muddy in the garden!

Marieke-BloklandMarieke Blokland – Bloknote

I came across Marieke’s quirky videos several years ago and I was an instant fan! She evokes such a sense of cheer through the dolls she draws and the way she edits her videos with uplifting music. We’ve actually become good friends and accountability partners (she kicks me up the butt when I’m slacking off on my goals lol) and she helps me keep my Dutch up to scratch. Although we live in different countries our art date is imminent, I just know it!

Donna-DowneyDonna Downey

Who doesn’t love Donna Downey? She’s totally my kind of silly. I discovered her YouTube series Inspiration Wednesday and she always has me in stitches with the way she expresses herself. I think an art date with Donna would be hilarious fun! Plus, she might even love turquoise more than me (might) so we’re on to a winner here.

Erin-Faith-AllenErin Faith Allen

I had the absolute privilege to attend a workshop facilitated by Erin Faith Allen. Wow. If you can ever attend a workshop with Erin in person DO IT, DO IT NOW. Her art is not so much about technique, it’s about releasing the TRUE YOU in art. She is wise and it comes across in a way that brings out your own wisdom. She’s simply a master facilitator. Creating art in her presence is a soul changing experience and I can’t wait to do it again someday.

Jane-DavenportJane Davenport

I recently encountered Jane in a Life Book lesson and as soon as she likened drawing arms to drawing sausages I was sold! She seems like such a fun and laid-back person (sorry is this me just using an Australian stereotype…? Lol!). Her art is so colourful and always includes faces which is totally up my street. Having an art date with Jane would be such a lot of fun!

Alena-HennessyAlena Hennessy

When I watched Alena’s lesson in Life Book 2014 I just got goosebumps. I felt I found someone who was speaking my language, someone who could really help me access a part of myself that I was ready to uncover. Her calmness and intuitive way of working are so soothing. An art date with Alena would be so immensely inspiring.

Effy-WildEffy Wild

Have you ever encountered a person who writes things where you think: omg how were you inside my mind?! Effy is that person for me. Often I read her blog and my head about falls off from the fervent nodding that I find myself doing. Her approach to life, self-care and self-development (all with a wonderful arty flavour) are so close to my own.

Flora-BowleyFlora Bowley – Brave Intuitive You

I love watching Flora paint. She paints with her whole being and you can see it’s a process of letting things emerge, letting things go, intuition taking over. I love her message of braveness and intuitiveness, they are both things I am seeking and practicing. I watched an interview with Flora in which she advocates being brave on your canvas as a way of practicing so you can be brave in life. I love that! I do hope to someday take an in-person class with Flora and learn from her face-to-face!

Now tell me, who would YOU like to go on an art date with?