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Must Read Articles From 2015


Do It For Fun, Do It For You

I think a lot of us feel held back by the thought that whatever we do (and especially whatever we share) needs to be somehow GOOD or MEANINGFUL. We think it has to be WORTHY. And then we attach a load of restrictions on ourselves in terms of what fulfills those criteria. [Read more…]

Are You Scared of Making Art?

This is for you if you’re feeling scared or intimidated about making art. If you’re having trouble getting started. If you get so deep into the not-good-enough-itis that creating seems impossible. If you need some gentle loving encouragement. [Read more…]

Art Journaling, There Are No Rules

Do you feel held back by the ‘rules of art journaling’? [Read more…]

Tips & How Tos

5 Reasons You’re Not Happy With Your Art

Do you feel unhappy with your art but don’t know why? These tips will help you understand yourself and hopefully find ways to feel better! [Read more…]

5 Tips to Develop Your Own Unique Art Style

Finding your own style is the holy grail of any artist. These 5 tips will help you get there. [Read more…]

How To Price Your Art?

How to price your art (at a level you feel good about) and how to avoid common pitfalls when pricing your art. [Read more…]

Art Supplies & Artists

9 Artists I Want To Go On An Art Date With

These 9 amazing artists inspire me so much. Check them out & let me know who your favourites are. [Read more…]

My Art Supply Bag

Curious what I have in my art journal bag? These are some of my favourite supplies both when I’m in my studio and when I go on holiday. [Read more…]

Art Journal Reviews

A series in which I review all the different art journals I have used. [Read more…]