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01 Dec 2015

Day 16-30 from NaNoJouMo #15minsnanojoumo

So, confession time: I am so done with NaNoJouMo The 15 Mins Edition! I don’t mean just literally, I mean I’m tired of it, glad it’s over. When I started it was mindblowing, I learned so much, felt completely freed up and discovered lots of things. Then as time went on I felt more and more held back and blocked. I can’t say for sure whether it was the act of doing this challenge, or whether it was for other […]

17 Nov 2015

Day 1-15 from NaNoJouMo #15minsnanojoumo

NaNoJouMo is in full swing and I’ve been LOVING my own challenge: 15 minutes of speed journaling a day. Lots of people have joined me and are doing this challenge too! You can join in here. I knew I needed a challenge, but I had no idea how good this challenge was going to be for me and my art. It’s pushing me to work quickly, let go of perfection and trust myself. I expected those things. What I didn’t […]

22 Oct 2015

NaNoJouMo – The 15 Mins Edition

You’ve all heard of NaNoWriMo right? It’s where you challenge yourself to write a certain amount of words every day for the month of November with the objective of having a rough draft of a novel written. Doneski. In the bag. Some people grow a moustache for November, but I thought it’d be much more fun to grow a journal! Cue NaNoJouMo! Journaling every day for 30 days during November. I’ve been wanting to set myself an art challenge recently. […]