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Exploring Our Feelings

I’ve been on this journey lately (maybe all my life, but I just didn’t know it yet?! Lol) to incorporate ALL the feelings into my life, not just the ‘nice’ or socially approved ones. I really need that, and from looking at my kids and wanting the best for them: I think the whole world needs that.

We have these feelings whether we like them or not and it’s our job to give them space, let them exist and let them teach us. And preferably not bash people over the head when we’re really angry, if you know what I’m saying (but not suppress the anger! Because I think it’s the suppression of feelings that makes you feel like bashing people. I’m being funny but I hope you get what I’m saying).

So, this was the starting point when I developed my new mixed media workshop The Duality Of Life. It’s a mini course that teaches you straightforward mixed media techniques, but also explores more deeply the conflicting feelings that are inside us and encourages you to allow them room to breathe.

I’m very excited about sharing this with you and I hope you will enjoy learning the techniques and it will be a truly enriching experience for you!


What This Course Will Do For You

Techniques you will learn

  • working with a variety of art supplies
  • creating a textured background
  • sketching & shading a front facing portrait

Concepts we will explore

  • finding harmony in conflicting emotions
  • exploring your inner emotional landscape
  • embracing imperfection & finding joy in the process

What is included

  • one hour of detailed video footage with voiceover
  • in-depth PDF walkthrough with photos
  • printable template of the face
  • supply list with suggestions for alternatives
  • all materials are downloadable and yours to keep
  • no time limit: access course at any time & work at your own pace
  • access to Facebook group to share work & get feedback
  • automatic instant access upon payment & signup

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Celebrating the launch of a new workshop wouldn’t be complete without a giveaway!! One lucky person will win a spot on The Duality of Life!

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31 thoughts on “The Duality of Life – Mixed Media Workshop & Giveaway!”

  1. This looks like a super course Iris. I need to spend some time working through all of the emotional “stuff” you plan on covering. As always, I will support and encourage you in any way I can! Kitty xx

  2. hi Iris I have been following you for some time and i love the way you explore the inner depths of your being through art. I would so much love to win this course with you. I am already signed to your news letter much love Willow.
    p,s, sharing this offer on my art page

  3. Hi Iris, Sounds like another great course! I love the topics and the black and white imagery with a little color for pop. I’ve not worked with only black and white so that would be a fun new thing to try and I’m sure the emotional aspects would be beneficial to ponder as well. Best wishes, Julia PS – Just dropped my boys off at art summer camp and working at the library to catch up on watching classes and editing videos. πŸ™‚

    • Ooh how exciting that they’re going to art camp Julia! I’d love some library time myself, finding it hard to get things done today. Hope you have a fun and productive day!

  4. I would love the opportunity to take your workshop. Ive recently been diagnosed with another chronic illness that I have had to make a lot of life changes for. Art has always been very healing for me and your workshop has come along at a time when I need to learn to channel even more feelings into my art. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win a spot in your workshop.

    • Oh Beth I really empathise with how hard it is mentally to deal with chronic physical problems (on t of the physical of course!). I hope your art can help you with this. Big hugs. xx

  5. I would love the opportunity to win a spot in your class because lately I have been in a creative rut. I feel so down about it and can really use a fresh new approach right now.Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. What a wonderful opportunity, Iris, thank you! I’m sure this workshop would give me fresh perspective and inspiration for dealing with life’s challenges. As a long-time mixed media artist, I am always looking for ways to keep things new and interesting. Best of luck to you with this endeavor! Hugs! Joanna

  7. This course seems to be an answer to the duality inside me… I struggle to give a voice to my emotions, I am trying in my art, but it’s hard. I love to learn new techniques and exploring all the opportunities! I love yor artwork Iris, and it would be a great honour to learn from you!

  8. it would be so amazing to win a spot in one of your classes. I love your art and your sweet heart is so giving. I would love to take this class because dealing with depression it’s quite often difficult to get motivated and having a class structure helps push me.

  9. It would be wonderful to take this course. Too often, I have to push my feelings out of the way and keep going. Then everything good, bad and in-between is internalized… Which in turn, causes stress and anxiety- at times manifesting in actual physical illness. I’d love to learn to use my creativity as a healthy outlet where I can more freely express myself and feel better for it.

  10. For me I feel this course would help me feel more heart centred. I have blocked my feelings for so many years in order to stop the hurt but it is time to let them out but I do seem to be struggling with that.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot on your course Iris ????

  11. I hadn’t done art since high school until a friend was shocked at my life challenges and bought me an american based art online course. I could never afford it otherwise. It honestly changed me and shifted my ability to cope and stay motivated. Thats two years ago and ive stayed art pottering but lost my braveness for being creative. Its a fabulous opportunity to return some art zest, and as with everything in my life get my daughter mucky and painting alongside me too. Our favourite times πŸ™‚

  12. Thank you for a chance to win a place on your workshop. I have so much to learn, and your techniques and advice would be just wonderful.
    Much love
    Vanessa x

  13. For me it means help with making art. I Am trying to make art but many Times i have no clue about how to! Learning to express my feelings trough art seems wonderful to me

  14. i would love a chance to win your new course. I am always looking for new ways to keep being inspired to try new things.

  15. Right now i’m working really hard as you know . I did not make Art for over 4 weeks now.. I just need a Iris course to calm me down haha.. Your art alway’s calm me down.. You know i am a big fan and you and your art have the gift to make me smile and give me the feeling that it all will be OK.


  16. I always love these little chances to try and when one of your courses! I am so excited and I hope I win!
    Thanks Iris!!

  17. Thank you Iris for offering such a wonder gift! Creativity, specifically art journaling, has helped me deal with turmoil in my life, most recently becoming a widow at the age of 48. However, if it were not for the hardships, I may not have been drawn to the creative arts. Thanks again. PS, I tweeted… https://twitter.com/KimBuerman πŸ™‚

  18. How wonderful of u to offer a freebie to a lucky soul! I am diving into online classes that would really matter to me, that would not only teach me the techniques to explore with mixed media…but also to really dive into emotion and those things we stuff away deep down. I’ve never really done that with my art. I feel like those who reach that level of awareness and who tune into that with their art truly achieve such beauty. Thanks for the chance to explore!!

  19. I would love to win this course. For me it will mean a chance to express myself creatively, release and explore conflicting emotions, and deal with difficult things I have going on in my life. It will be one of the best kinds of self-care. I’d also like to share what I learn with my daughters, ages 3 and 7, and we can all do mixed media projects together. Thank you, Iris!

    • I love hearing that Heather! Doing art with our kids is so good for us and them. Really pleased to hear you’re both enjoying my inspiration guide!

  20. I’ve had a rough few months between having major neck surgery and not being able to be in my studio to create much. Creating is how I learned to cope with a lot of my chronic pain issues that go along with my disease. This workshop would help me get back in touch with myself and my emotions so that I can get back to some of my normalcy in life while learning some new techniques along the way! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in your workshop!

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