This Week In The Studio – pushing my boundaries & playing

This Week In The Studio

This Week In The Studio (TWITS, teehee!) is an ongoing series in which I share what I’ve been working on recently and give you a sneak peek into my process and works-in-progress. Click here to view all posts in this series.

Recently the theme of my work has been to push my boundaries. I am trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone. I have pushed through years of creating work I didn’t like and now that I’m finally creating paintings I like, I want to keep learning, keep growing, trying things, not be afraid to experiment!

I still very much feel like I’m finding my own voice, my own ‘style’, and in order to do that I just have to create, create & create!


^ Playing with paint. Choosing colours and doing everything loosely and without thinking (well, trying to anyway!!).


^ This was a Life Book 2014 lesson taught by Traci Bautista. It is about being in the moment. Again playing, being free, not thinking too much and working fast. I absolutely LOVED the techniques I learned with this and it was also very satisfying to do. It’s a direction I very much want to go in but I’m meeting some resistance from my thinking mind. I’m definitely going to incorporate these techniques into more work.



^ Two progress shots where I’m trying to achieve a similar effect as in this painting from the other week. I’m loving the whole grungy, shabby feel of this. I’m doing lots of smearing with paint, using glazes and metallics.

My computer kind of imploded yesterday, the operating system just went completely kaput. I may have lost all my files. Having to breathe deeply and accept this and move on (or if files can be recovered, which I’ll know tomorrow, it’ll be expensive, in which case I’ll have to accept that!). I go between wanting to swear/have a tantrum and feeling like I should use this as an opportunity for growth. Definitely a big challenge whichever way I look at it! Anyway, because I couldn’t do the computery things I had planned (writing this blog post, submitting some art, adding some links to my blog) I finished the painting above.

I will try to post pictures of the finished piece later this week. I really want to explore this shabby style more and experiment with different techniques and materials. The above painting is on canvas board which is so lovely to work on. Next time I do a painting like that I will either do a tutorial video or step-by-step photos as I’d love to share these techniques with you!

What have you been working on this week?

5 thoughts on “This Week In The Studio – pushing my boundaries & playing”

  1. I hope your files are retrievable! I have my computer backed up with Carbonite and I just rececently purchased MyCloud because my computer storage was practically full, but I still need to figure out if that is backed up anywhere cause I can’t back it up with Carbonite since it’s a network drive. Sometimes these kinds of things are so confusing!

    Pushing your boundaries is great. I’ve been doing that as well. I love the shabby look as well.

    • My husband is getting some time capsule thing which will work to hopefully back up everything on every computer on our network. I definitely realise I’d been a bit lax on the backing up front!

      Yay for pushing your boundaries too Lisa! What have you been doing to push your boundaries?

      • I usually draw in graphite and charcoal, but the past couple of years I’ve taken some ecourses, like Flying Lessons and Soul Food, which has gotten me to try new things. I’ve done a few paintings, am learning more about photography and finding my “why”.

  2. I am on a “push my boundaries” type of quest at the moment as well. I really love the colour and the movement in your pieces. Oh, I really need to back up my hard drive. I think I would die without my computer. * hugs* Hope your computer turns out OK.

    • Thanks Carlie. I think it’s great to keep pushing our boundaries, keeps things fresh and it’s basically where the magic happens, even if it feels uncomfortable at times.

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