Trust {it will come} – Art Journal Video

Trust It Will Come | Art Journal Video by www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

Trust It Will Come | Art Journal Video by www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

I’m so excited to share a new art video with you all! I really want to create at least one art video a month, but I’ve been struggling to do it because it’s just so time consuming. But hey, tell you a secret, I’ve noticed that I’m getting faster at doing them. Who knew, practice makes me perfect speedy!

Watch me create a happy cheerful art journal page!

There are two specific reasons I’m so excited about this journal page.

ONE I received an email the other day from the lovely Lisa at Artist Cellar telling me I had won a giveaway for a set of stencils!! I love free stuff as much as the rest of us, but omg I WON something (I never win anything, not even at the funfair!) and I won STENCILS!!! I was literally jumping up and down. I think Andrew (my husband) really didn’t understand why I was getting so excited about this, but please tell me you understand. Art supplies are totally worth getting excited about lol!

So you can see me using these stencils in the video. They’re a joy to work with. Very sturdy and I just adore the patterns. I love stencils that can add texture to my backgrounds without being too much someone else’s style. It makes them really versatile.

TWO I actually really like this page! I’m getting to a point where I’m starting to enjoy my own art more and more. Big departure for me as my inner critic used to go completely rampant (before creating, during, after, in between, while I was asleep etc). I was trying to just be quick & free and it WORKED.

For me the meaning of the quote is that I need to trust that things will come along (not that trust will come, but you could read it that way if it resonates better with you!). I find it so hard to trust that my journey is ‘right’ and that I will get the ‘results’ I want. I’m always doubting and doubting some more. So I need to trust that things will come as long as I work hard, and they will come at the right time, and they will be in line with what I need. TRUST.

Trust It Will Come | Art Journal Page | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

Trust It Will Come | Art Journal Page detail | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

Trust It Will Come | Art Journal Page detail | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

Trust It Will Come | Art Journal Page detail | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

Supply List

Dylusions Spray Inks (yellow, orange & red), Golden Fluid Acrylics (yellow & orange), Blick matte acrylics (yellow), Americana craft paint (red), Golden gesso, Artist Cellar Quasi stencil, Sharpie paint marker (black), Uni Posca paint marker (white), walnut ink, stamp ink pads (brown & black), letter stamps

What have you been journalling lately?

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14 thoughts on “Trust {it will come} – Art Journal Video”

  1. Hi Iris, shall I comment in Dutch or Englisch? πŸ™‚ Your website and blog are both wonderful and inspiring. My answer on your question on “What have you been journalling lately?” is “I have been journalling about a quote. I love journal-ling with a quote as a kind of center of the journal page and where all my thoughts are about!”
    Thank you so much, by the way, for taking time to leave me a comment on my latest post! I am glad that you understood the Englisch πŸ™‚
    Greetings from the Netherlands!
    Deezy recently posted…Art 101 – 101 Artworks in 101 Days ~ challenge!My Profile

  2. Iris – LMBO about the jumping up and down over art supplies….I totally relate to this. I am always talking to my husband about all the excitement of art, I get a similar reaction. Thanks for the inspiration to #livejoy ….I see a freedom coming through in your art….trust does come.
    Robyn recently posted…Scatter GoldMy Profile

    • Thank you Robyn! I love what you said about ” I see a freedom coming through in your art” that’s a big compliment and very encouraging!

  3. That was really enteraining Iris! I loved watching every second of it. It had the right speed and was informative too. Liked the parts in the beginning and end too where you explain more about your goals with this page. Well done!

    • Yay thank you Marieke for letting me know exactly what you liked! I did your I Am Free workshop the other day!! I’ll be posting the result this week when I next get a chance to blog.

    • So glad you are here sharing the journey Jaybird, it’s so exciting isn’t it? I LOVE our little tribe we’re building, it’s so encouraging.

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